Dennis Allen: Charles Woodson brings swagger to Oakland


Charles Woodson’s return to Oakland has excited plenty of Raiders fans and it sounds like coach Dennis Allen is pretty excited about the chance to coach the team’s 1998 first-round pick.

Allen told Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group that he enjoyed seeing fans lined up outside the facility waiting for confirmation that Woodson would be returning to Oakland and that he likes what Woodson brings to the table as a leader for the defense. He also sees Woodson as a player whose experience in the league can bring something of value to the offensive side of the ball as well.

It’s not a return to playing wide receiver, something did on the way to a Heisman Trophy while playing for the University of Michigan.

“You want to play this game with a swagger, with a little bit of an air of confidence,” Allen said. “Charles . . . he’s got that swagger and I think he can bring some of that to our team — not just defensively, but to the whole team in general.”

Confidence can’t take the place of a roster stuffed with talent, but it isn’t a bad thing to bring into a team trying to break a long string of years without a winning season. That streak may not end in 2013, but the Raiders obviously hope Woodson can help grow the Raiders team that finally finds itself back on happier ground come the final standings.

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  1. Ouch, bringing in a 14 year vet? I guess this is good if he is better than what you have. But what does that say about what you have? He should rightfully retire as a Raider though, I always thought he didn’t look right in a Packer uniform.

  2. Love this pickup for the Raiders, Woodson can still contribute on the field, and as Allen said bring a swagger to a defense that needs it badly.

  3. Oh, the Raiders are definitely NOT winning more than 8 games this season. What matters, though, is Woodson’s influence on Oakland’s secondary, namely Tyvon Branch and DJ Hayden. If he can show those kids a few tricks, and help the team remain competitve in games, Woodson will totally be worth it.

    The team needs a leader on defense, and hopefully they just found one.

  4. I love Dennis Allen and his knack for understatement. “A little bit of an air of confidence”? The guy attacks like a starved wolf. He loves holding that football.

  5. Classy move by the Raiders bringing back Woodson. Slowly but surely the Silver and Black will be back. It may take 2 more drafts but by 2015 they’ll be ready to roll .

  6. This is a very good signing by Oakland. Woodson is on the downside obviously but has an incredible wealth of knowledge that he can pass on to the young DB corp that Oakland now has, and still play a little too. He has played at the highest level for years and has rings. Can’t think of anyone else on the Raiders that can say that. Seems to me they did indeed need some “swag”.

  7. Ya the only way I see this working is getting more people to buy tickets and jerseys. when you have starters D. Moore and R. Streater sorry had to look these guys up. with matt flynn tossing the ball. I only see wins week 2 at home vs Jacksonville, and at New York Jets week 14. So please enjoy your 2-14 season. Side note:( Odds makers have the raiders at 5.5 wins for the season over /under)…..Because with the first pick in the 2014 draft the Oakland Raiders Pick???……….

  8. always neat when a guy can go back and play then retire with the team that drafted him. I wish more players stayed their entire career with a team. take urlacher, I credit him for not going all emmitt smith and taking a deal in a garbage situation just to play another year. instead, he goes down as a bear, and a bear only.

  9. McKenzie has done some good things this offseason and some others not so good. The secondary is much improved but without any semblance of a pass rush it’ll be tough to tell. McKenzie needs to figure it out because having no pass rush is what F’d us in the A last season.

  10. Wasn’t excited about this move until it happened. Now that Charles Woodson is back at safety for OAK, it’s clear our back 7 will have to be the strength of this team. Not just the defense, but TEAM.

    Defensive line isn’t going to give us much so it’ll have to be coverage sacks and blitzes. But Wood’s leadership and on-the-field coaching will be his most valuable contribution.

  11. Congratulations Raider nation, I’ve said all along the only place I wouldnt mind seeing Charles go to is back where he started. Hopefully he retires as a Packer though, I mean I know its a new regime in Oakland now but the Raiders said Woodson was done. A Defensive MVP a bunch of Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl ring later, I guess they were wrong.

  12. People forget that the Raiders starting corners last year were gone by week two of the regular season, and we had no depth at safety either. Barring injury, this should be a much improved secondary, and Charles brings leadership to a very young and new cast of defensive players. I think the Raiders will blitz a lot more this year in hopes of the secondary making a difference in games. I just hope the D-line brings it better than they did last year. Both the secondary and the D-line were horrible. It can only go up from here.

    Hey, with Palmer gone and not throwing a pick6 in the fourth quarter, the Raiders should be a much improved team.

  13. Just a one year deal, hopefully the kids will learn something. Obviously the Raiders won’t make the playoffs, might as well fail for Clowney!

  14. I’m a Raider fan Period. We haven’t played a game and everyone has us at 5, 6 wins. Wow ! I see the this team as being greatly improved. We are younger and the secondary is overall impressive. If Manning gets injured I could honestly see us winning the West. Take Manning off the Donkeys and they are well……..the Raiders.

  15. What happened Broncos? Woodson didn’t actually want to join your Superbowl Juggernaut? No Dumervil, no Woodson, the D is gonna hurt you again this year.

  16. There’s just so many haters out there that will scrutinize whoever Oakland signs. If we picked up Aaron Rodgers people would find a way to say there was something wrong with it. Guess what the Raiders season isn’t hanging in the balance based on C Wood. He’s not gonna come in and shut down #1’s or be defensive player of the year, he’s gonna help a D that needs help. He’s good for the fans and he’ll contribute on the field as well as help make the younger guys better. In my opinion the Raiders have a solid defense now…not a great D but a solid one. The offense is my bigger concern and is what will determine how well we do. What will we get from our QB’s? Can DMAC stay on the field? How about the receivers etc

    Impartial fans or fans that can call it honest know this is a decent pickup. The rest of you are just the typical Raider haters spouting the same thing on every piece of Raider news

  17. He’s obviously going to retire after this season. I bet he goes nuts for 8 weeks–and then blows a something and goes on IR

  18. If Denver signed him you same minded limp wristed biyatches would be saying how great it is to have him and Chump Bailey, who Jerry Porter insanely torched when he was in his prime, whata great idea!!!!! idiots…

  19. That’s cool and all. But you didn’t exactly upgrade when you traded away Carson Palmer. He might not be mobile, and he might cause picks trying to make things happen. But he can still throw it on a dime and somewhere Larry Fitzgerald is smiling 🙂

  20. Sorry dudes, I love me some C. Wood as a lifelong Packer fan, he’s one of my favorite players of all time, but he can’t run anymore and all he did was mug guys last year. He is living breathing pass interference. If you’re bringing him in to be a dime back / half coach, fine, but he’s done fellas as much as it pains me to say it.

  21. The word “Swagger” is effing ridiculous. Perhaps you could summarize the possible ramifications that the added individual could have on the game. No, this ridiculous society and world likes terms such as “Swagger.”

    I’m moving to Costa Rica. I’ll get my Niners games on satellite. You can keep this silly media.

  22. The same people that like Swagger are offended by “Redskins.”

    I propose an entire league full of offensive sounding team names….

    Use your imaginations…..

  23. Salary cap for 2013: $123 million. Amount of dead money the Raiders are looking at for 2013: $49 million.

    Woodson can bring all the swagger he wants to the raiders, but it’s not going to even come close to the impact 4 or 5 pro bowlers they could have signed if they weren’t forced to eat 39.9% of this years salary cap would have had.

  24. spellingcops says: May 22, 2013 5:31 PM

    No he doesn’t. He brings age.
    He’s younger than Manning. Woodson isn’t going to turn the Raiders around this season, but he’s not going to hurt them. The Raiders are sitting on enough dead money to pay both Manning’s and Rodgers’ salaries this year, but next season they will have enough cash to buy the players they want instead of the ones they can afford. In the meantime, a guy like Woodson adds some veteran leadership.

  25. I think the raiders are going to come out guns blazing this year they have a very easy schedule and dont be surprised if they get the wildcard this year because the AFC is weak I’m telling ya if these players decide to really play. I still think the raiders are lacking the receiving core I say add one more veteran and they should be golden for this season

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