Geno Smith signs with Jay-Z’s firm

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As expected, Geno Smith is now a member of Roc Nation, but he insists it’s not a sign of looking for the biggest splash.

The Jets rookie quarterback said Tuesday he hired the firm headed by rap mogul Jay-Z. Agent Kim Miale, who represents two inactive players who have never played an NFL game, will handle his contract negotiations.

Smith said the presence of Jay-Z played “not that big of a role,” in his decision, and he’ll have to pardon us since exactly no one in the world believes that.

“I think it’s just his agency,” Smith said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “When you talk about being in New York from a standpoint of what they can do in the city, the connections that they have, I think it’s a good move. My mother and my family were comfortable with it. I’m comfortable with it. . . .

“I’m just going to move on from there. It’s not going to be a big deal and just remain humble and keep focusing on football.”

It would seem that he might have gone with one of the agents who has actually negotiated an NFL contract if that was his goal, but that didn’t happen.

Smith insisted, as he’s had to since being ripped throughout the pre- and post-draft process, that his image was “not that important to me honestly.”

“The only thing that’s important to be is the image that is perceived around this locker room, the guy that I am to my teammates, to my coaches and the work that I put in on the football field,” Smith said. “I’m all about football. I’m all about getting better and that’s the one thing that I’m focused on: Better myself daily and prepare myself to be there when the time comes. . . .

“I don’t worry about the outside world’s perception. I’m comfortable with who I am, strong in my faith. I know that this isn’t because of an image thing or trying to market myself. It’s just being comfortable with the guys who’s going to represent me. That’s ultimately why I made that decision.”

The move is going to cause howling within the agent community, considering the appearance that Jay Z is effectively his own runner. Then again, the agent community howls a lot anyway.

89 responses to “Geno Smith signs with Jay-Z’s firm

  1. My man HOVA – dude conquers anything he touches.
    He has never been an agent and already taking over the industry.

    Screw those old 65-70 year old agents, its time for some new blood & Jay is that.

  2. Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson spent a lot of time with Jay-Z. How did that work out for him? Geno is going down that same path.

  3. So apparently “oh I like his songs” is good enough for athletes to leave their professional careers in this guy’s hands…..

    Who said football players weren’t smart?

  4. This might be a good look for your first rookie deal thats probably 80% done just due to the fact that the last collective bargaining agreement slotted this money firmly. She can use the deal from a prior year as a template. However, you might want to get a tenured agent IF he makes it to his second contract. Also, given the fact that Geno’s a QB, he may be in line for a premium deal within that slot, a young agent probably WON’T have the rep to pull this off.

  5. Jay Z is not the agent that handles the contract negotiations. The article makes it sound like Jay z is gonna pull a MasterP/Ricky Williams incentive laden contract negotiation.

  6. Let’s see how long it takes Cam Newton to jump over to Jay-Z.

    Cam’s in deep danger of Geno beating him to cultural icon status, and it’s going to take more than a new clothing line to overcome the lead Geno’s taking in free publicity so far this spring.

    Too much ME involved here, Geno. Way too much.

    It sure looks like the Jets’ Circus now has the summer opening act.

  7. In related news, ESPN reports that Mark Sanchez threw three INT’s in practice.

  8. signing Geno Smith = conquering anything he touches?
    Let that marinate for a moment.

  9. A mistake in my opinion. He’ll be making commercials and doing public appearances instead of being in the film room

  10. Why can’t he just be honest & say “It’s Jay Z, of course I signed with him. I look up to the guy & he’s someone I would love to be like.” I mean Master P back in the day showed they all know how to handle a contract for an athlete.

    A smart move would have been to look who has handled his business with true skill not 2 inactive players & someone learning the ropes. If you wanted to be taken seriously Geno you would have been serious about the decision & not jumped at the attempt thru Jay Z.

  11. The glasses are a good look on Gino. His agent would be doing Gino a real service, though, by letting him no there is no Grammy Award for best mouth breather.

  12. Wait a minute – this is the team that ripped Tim Tebow???

    Holy smokes. Good luck with this guy, New York. I don’t want to say you deserve each other, but if the shoe fits…

  13. His old agents are laughing right now….

    …. but they’ll be crying in a few years.

  14. Perfectly logical. Man with a proven tendancy to pout when things get tough as well as a false sense of entitlement signs with a mega-ego agent who will fill his head with more entitlement. Based on Jay-Z’s role in the Cruz fiasco, this makes perfect sense if you’re delusional!

    Epic fail

  15. Lol. The Jets are a joke at this point. If any NYJ fans think this kid is going to lead them to the promised land, you’ve got another thing coming.

    Thank god we’ve got the historical Jets back.

  16. Nothing surprising about that. Hope it works out for the both of them. (seriously I do)

    I just don’t think Geno’s going to be very good.

  17. This comment tells the story:”When you talk about being in New York from a standpoint of what they can do in the city and the connections they have, I think it is a good move.

    Sounds like someone who is more interested in his endorsements than winning games.

  18. “Smith said the presence of Jay-Z played “not that big of a role,” in his decision, and he’ll have to pardon us since exactly no one in the world believes that.”

    Funniest, most accurate line ever written on PFT

  19. I just wish musicians and actors would keep their grubby hands out of my football. That statement by Gino sounded like a bunch of b.s. If it were some guy named “Ray-Z ” , he wouldnt even be having this discussion. I hope he does well on the field , but the more he is in front of cameras , the more I have doubt.

  20. Oh, great. Now we have to endure constant camera shots of Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting in the luxury box at the stadium.
    @ hedleykow: That’s not Geno with the glasses in the picture. That’s Jay-Z.

  21. mtchainsmoker says:
    May 22, 2013 1:52 PM
    In related news, ESPN reports that Mark Sanchez threw three INT’s in practice.


    But zero butt fumbles. Success!

  22. Great. Now all the uptight geeks who want to tear down this young for insignificant reasons have another insignificant reason. Yay!!!!!

  23. Choice A: proven agent–years of experience negotiating NFL
    Choice B: no experience at all,but works for a rapper who has no
    experience negotiating NFL contracts

    Wow! Something tells me that the Jets and Geno Smith are a perfect match. Can’t wait to see that team fall apart again. I am so glad the team I root for didn’t pick this guy. Definitely going to be high maintenance.

    However, we may be wrong. Probably not. Don’t you remember when Master P was a sports agent and he negotiated a horrible contract for Ricky Williams?

  24. It’s hilarious people doubt the business decisions and moves Jay-Z has made. The man is worth over $500million and is married to Beyonce!! He OBVIOUSLY knows what he’s doing!!

  25. It’s amazing how some people can’t wait to hate on Geno Smith….the guy hasn’t played a down yet and he’s already a bust? Stop it…

    If there is anybody who can teach a young black kid to be a man it is Jay-Z who came from the projects and is worth damn near a billion dollars AND that is not just because he made a “few songs”….Jay-Z is a business man first and a rapper second…

    This is the best thing Geno Smith could have ever done for his career off the field….now on the field that remains to be seen

  26. Geno won’t be involved in your contract, why should you be involved in his? Get over it!!!

    I wanna see more minority involvement in the business side of things. That’s progress.

    Status quo – move over!!!

  27. Sanchez part 2. Glad to see it. The Jets have been horrible for most of 40+ years. Why change a working formula?

  28. Love all the giants fans trying to make a joke out of this while their 2 best receivers are holding out…while the system player (Cruz) who wants to get way more than he is worth, just signed w/JayZ’s group a couple weeks ago. Btw, a lot of the actual agents (JayZ isn’t one of them), are very reputable agents who have been in the league for a long long time. Know your facts losers.

  29. Wow, how can he quite possibly set himself up to be a bigger bust?? Who is advising this kid?? I was on the fence before, but now I actually want to see this diva fail.

  30. Nope. Jay is just a product of the times. No offense, but his music sucks. He made a ton of money off tasteless music and white kids who wanted to be allowed into the urban culture movement of the late 90s early 2000s. Granted I like some of his work but let’s not pretend he’s a genius…hes protected. Beyonce is the female Jay Z.

  31. The agency represents more than just the two “inactive” players mentioned.

    Robinson Cano and Victor Cruz are also repped.

    I guess those guys are clowns too?

  32. Sounds like Geno over the last couple weeks has taken a crash course in learning the professional football & media lingo… dare I say it from A to ‘Z’.

    More power to the kid! Hope he’s very successful on on fronts!

    Getting an inexperienced negotiator is suspect of course that is if Cough.. Cough.. someone with the last letter in the alphabet is his name is really behind the scenes pulling the strings.

  33. How can you rip Geno after reading what he said? He sounds like a humble kid. I have not detected one iota if arrogance or diva like behavior, yet alls everyone does is tear him apart!! You do know that JayZs business has qualified agents working for them, no? You do know that professional Athletes have gone to JayZ, for business advice for years…that where he got idea to start business? I’ll take the word if Dilfer and Jaws who both rave about him, over you Jets haters

  34. name one ‘diva’ thing he’s done???? I so set if any of this Geno bashing is all because he’s a Jet…or if there isn’t some racial reasons behind it. All I hear is diva this punk that…this kid graduated in 3 years!!! Wasn’t a one year wonder!!! Calls the plays for a comex iffense at the line! threw 7, 7 and 6 INTs in last 3 yeears…Went to Dilfers qb camp as a Counselor, and was the only college quarterback that showed up to help the HS kids,that had the playbook mastered on first day!!! Dilfer said he was shocked, because they army required to do that, and that Geno spent the week teaching the playbook alongside him! Not Barkley, not Nassib, not Manuel…only Geno!!! Again, where’s the diva behavior??????

  35. Guy sold crap to a “culture” that loves buying crap, more so then paying bills. Jay-Z a genius? Hardly. Opportunistic? Extremely. All it takes is money to open a sports agency and hire a fleet of sports agents to do the work. He has a lot of money.

  36. Jay Z looks perplexed in that picture, like he’s reading Curious George or something.

  37. I bought a Microsoft computer one time, but some Asian kid sold it to me, not Bill Gates. Jay z is not going to be representing anyone. Startups need multimillionaires to pay the overhead, take care of hiring and real estate and whatnot, but that’s the extent of his involvement.

    That’s not a defense of the quality of hov’s firm or geno’s decision-making; just that it’s stupid to criticize under the asdumption that jay z himself will be representing geno Smith, and the simple fact is that, while he is not a contract lawyer and is not capable of actually representing an athlete, he is a very capable businessman and is more than capable of running a very successful firm.

    More importantly, his brand standing behind the label will be an extremely effective recruiting tool for up and coming athletes, just like having a “cool” coach like calipari or motta is a more effective recruiting tool than having an older “boring” coach.

  38. Geno & Tebow

    Throw in some Jay-Z and some Je-Sus and we have ourselves the next ever-lamest reality show to never be produced.

  39. Another dope. I forget the guys name that gave him bad grades before the draft but he was spot on. Same with Cam Newton. Guy will be broke in 2 years. They think going with guys like jz and master p will take care of them. They are in it for themselves. And that is a rap!!!

  40. What’s the over/under on this kid lasting 3 years in the NFL? On a normal team, his chances would be worse but even a joke of a franchise like the Jets can’t wait around forever just because they wasted a high draft pick on him. And I am talking about Geno, not Sanchez.

  41. @packerbackernj

    Did you live in Green Bay and moved to Jersey, or did you bandwagon?

    I’ll bet the latter .

  42. Who didn’t see this coming?

    If Weeno wants to be successful in the NFL then by all means he should hire an agency that has had long term success representing real NFL stars with long careers and contracts to match………oh, wait…….

  43. “Geno Smith is now a member of Roc Nation, but he insists it’s not a sign of looking for the biggest splash.”

    So he fires his agent for not being taken number 1 overall in the draft, yet he doesn’t want to make the “biggest splash”.

    Yeah right.

    If you believe that I’ve got several bridges I’ll be happy to sell you.

  44. I think lawsuits against Jay-Z by his clients are inevitable. They’re all going to have sky-high expectations which he’ll be happy to feed, and they’ll blame him when their unrealistic expectations aren’t met. And that’s assuming Jay-Z hires quality people and actually fully commits to being an agent. If he treats it like a hobby, expecting everything to work out because he’s Jay-Z, it’s going to be far uglier.

  45. This kids decision making skills are without a doubt questionable.

    Buffalo dodged a bullet by passing on him in the first round for E.J. Manual!!!!!!!

  46. Love reading all the comments left by the haters.

    Jay-Z has been pretty successful so far: Robinson Cano, Victor Cruz, and now Geno Smith.

  47. Did he just say “try to stay humble”? As if he was humble to begin with…

  48. Geno might be the first rookie to get booed the first time he steps on the field.

    I’ll hold judgment on the Jay-Z firm cause we don’t know too much about them, excepts Victor Cruz almost signed with them.

    But man Geno is making all the moves that just put him in a bad light. Course all can be forgiven if he performs on the field

  49. “bigj7769 says: May 22, 2013 2:35 PM
    It’s hilarious people doubt the business decisions and moves Jay-Z has made. The man is worth over $500million and is married to Beyonce!! He OBVIOUSLY knows what he’s doing!!”

    Yeah, he knows how to sell entertainment to urban teens and wannabe white kids. It’s quite a different thing to negotiate with crusty old white
    men who have been negotiating their whole lives.

  50. HAHAHA these haters are crazy! So because he signs with a company owned by Jay-Z he instantly becomes a ME person?

    Jay-Z will NOT be the agent! He just owns the company! Jay-Z CAN NOT negotiate player contracts.

    Also, what is so wrong about Jay-Z owning the company? The man is just trying to do more in life and having a few young talented players signed to his agency isnt a bad thing. You all just wish you could be in such a position – which explains the hate

  51. another idiot had a bebop boogy boy negotiate his contract….Ricky Willliams….. a years supply of Marijuana and a bag of M&M’s it was a JOKE!!!!

  52. Okay. The guy has finally made a solid decision. Can we all get off his back now?

  53. Geno Smith amazes me. Every time in the fast few months he has had to make a PR decision he makes the wrong choice. And people really wonder why so many think he will be a bust? I hope he does well but his decision making off the field doesn’t make me think his decision making on the field will be much better.

  54. This could be a wise decision on his behalf to plan ahead for his post NFL career.

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