Hakeem Nicks absent from Giants OTAs

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The Giants were pretty sure that wide receiver Victor Cruz wasn’t going to join the team at Wednesday’s organized team activity, but they expected Hakeem Nicks to be there even though he wasn’t slated to go 100 percent as protection against the knee injuries that limited him last season.

Nicks was a no-show, though, and that left Giants coach Tom Coughlin both unaware of the reason for Nicks’ absence and unhappy about it.

“I don’t know,” Coughlin said when asked where Nicks was on Wednesday. “He should be here.”

Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News spoke to Nicks at a charity event in Manhattan on Tuesday night, where Nicks said his knee felt “as good as it has in a while” and talked about stepping into a leadership role for the team this season. How those two things fit into his absence on Wednesday are unclear.

The workouts are voluntary so the team can’t take any punitive measures against Nicks, who is entering the final year of his contract at the same time that the Giants are trying to strike a long-term deal with Cruz.

15 responses to “Hakeem Nicks absent from Giants OTAs

  1. Ruh-Roh! Lol. These are voluntary. Maybe he just doesn’t want to rush it…even if he is feeling way better than he has in some time. Not that big of a deal.

  2. Please don’t listen to Coughlin…. He doesn’t need to be tearing knee his in May.

  3. The dude rushed back last year, and it ruined his and our season. I’m actually glad he isn’t there – rest up.

    On top of that, this gives Randle and Murphy a chance to really learn/thrive in our scheme. The chances of our WRs staying healthy for 16+ games is a fat chance, so this is good for our # 3,4,5 and 6 WRs.

  4. If coaches/players/owners keep commenting when someone doesn’t appear for VOLUNTARY practices, they should just change them to mandatory.

    Until they are, there should be no stories about who does or doesn’t show up for these activities.

  5. “Why show up to something voluntary all though the rest of the team is there? I mean..come ‘on.. I’m bigger than the team. It’s about me before them; That trumps all. Plus..why should I even have to explain anything to anyone about why I’m not going to volutary OTAs?” ~ Hakeem Nicks

  6. Simply, if you are not going to show, voluntary or not, be professional and tell your employer that you are not attending for whatever reason. The Giants coaches and FO might not like it, but at least they know.

  7. WAKE UP – voluntary is a loosely used word. All players are expected to show up. Nicks does have a lingering knee issue as did JWILL who practiced on the side as Hakeem would have too. He SHOULD have been there and hopefully we find out why he wasn’t soon.

  8. I actually think pulling a D. Rose move here would be a good idea. Wait until opening day if you have to Hakeem as long as you can stay healthy for an entire season

  9. For those going on about the “voluntary” aspect here, it’s like this. You get an invitation to a party of and you have to RSVP to it to get your spot saved and your name on the list. For whatever reason, you can’t make it. But you didn’t tell anyone you can’t make it. So at the party, everyone notices your not there, and you become a topic of conversation about how you said you’d be there and now your not, which tends to label you poorly.

    Nicks was on the list and didn’t call anyone about not showing. I’m more curious about the reason why though. Maybe he just got a flat tire, maybe its the knee again. Or just maybe he’s starting HIS holdout early…

  10. Cause he is unhappy with his contract…Nicks has said so himself.

    Giants fans were unhappy with his contract as well. He made more then he deserved last year with his injury plagued bad season.

    For Nicks, good timing. Now they have to choose you or Cruz. They can’t sign you both to huge contracts or it will tie the whole team down.

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