Michael Crabtree has Achilles surgery, out six months

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Just hours after news broke that 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree tore his Achilles tendon on Tuesday, Crabtree has already had surgery.

Crabtree had his surgery today, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports.

According to multiple reports, doctors believe Crabtree will be out about six months. That would put his return in late November, around Week 12 of the regular season.

For the 49ers, losing Crabtree for that long is a major blow to the offense. Last season Crabtree was by far the 49ers’ top weapon in the passing game, with 85 catches for 1,105 yards. No one else on the 49ers had even half that many catches or receiving yards.

With Crabtree out for most of the season, the 49ers will need the newly acquired Anquan Boldin and last year’s No. 2 receiver, Mario Manningham, to step up. They’ll also need some production out of last year’s first-round draft pick, A.J. Jenkins, who did nothing as a rookie, and from this year’s fourth-round draft pick, Quinton Patton.

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  1. He will be missed but we have 6 WRs that should be able to pickup the slack! I also think we should have a chat with Moss but that’s just me.

  2. Even after he comes back I doubt he’s very effective the 1st few weeks – maybe by the time the playoffs roll around.

  3. 6 months would be a huge win for this type of injury. I’m going into the season assuming he is out the whole season, any games at the end he can play (at full strength) are just bonus.
    If he does end up on IR, the 9ers could have a pretty solid IR line up with Crabs, and probables Tank Carradine and Marcus “THE best RB in the draft” Lattimore.

  4. The 49ers will win the divison regardless if Michael Crabtree plays or not, their only competition is the PEDhawks but half of their team is already suspended so there’s nothing to worry about

  5. This may eventually turn out to be a good thing for the 49ers. One man’s misfortune (Crabtree) may be another man’s opportunity (Lockette/A.J/Patton?). Even if one of those emerge, by the time Crabtree is back the niners could be rolling in December and beyond.

  6. Terrible luck for a player who really came on strong last season. And terrible luck for the 49ers.

    Crabtree, may your recover be swift and complete.

  7. This may eventually turn out to be a good thing for the 49ers. One man’s misfortune (Crabtree) may be another man’s opportunity (Lockette/A.J/Patton?). Even if one of those emerge, by the time Crabtree is back the niners could be rolling in December and beyond.

    Completely agree. One of these young guys is going to step up. My money’s on Patton. As for the other guy who wants to talk to Moss, if you actually watched him immediately drop to the ground in an effort to avoid contact after every catch last year, when he actually made the effort to make the catch, you probably wouldn’t be so high on having that conversation.

  8. This will hurt SF more than most of u think. Boldin is old and slow but he’s still a decent wr, Manningham is streaky, and after that is a bunch of unproven guys. Kap will miss crabs out there for sure.

  9. BIG blow for the Niners. Crabs was the key to their passing game. Kaep will need to find a new favorite guy to throw it to. I expect he is out for the year. The good news is they have the OTA’s and preseason to find a replacement.

  10. The Packers made the Superbowl with the most injured team throughout the regular season.

    The Giants made the Superbowl with the most injured team throughout the regular season.

    49ers – you’re up.

  11. Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Randy Moss??? bring Terrell back to San Fran…..He can run those routes Crabtree ran…..

  12. this guy is damaged goods..made out of glass..he has been hurt every year in the league…

  13. radrntn says:May 22, 2013 4:36 PM

    this guy is damaged goods..made out of glass..he has been hurt every year in the league…

    He has only missed one game due to injury before this season.

  14. Randy? Yeah Jim here. Hey, uh, if you aren’t doing anything tomorrow you want to come out here and run around a little bit? Catch some balls?

  15. mtchainsmoker says:
    May 22, 2013 4:20 PM

    He looks like Mario Van Peebles.


    That IS Mario Van Peebles. He just signed a deal to play Crabtree in “The Michael Crabtree Story”.

  16. You guys that are yelling for Lockette to shine are dreamers, a cut 6th rounder.its jenkins that needs to man up, or get packing

  17. Sounds like there is hope he’ll be back for the playoffs, and it’s hard to imagine the 49ers not making the playoffs (or winning that division) even without Crabtree. They’ll just have to try to beat the Packers in Lambeau in January instead of getting them at home.


  19. This may eventually turn out to be a good thing for the 49ers. One man’s misfortune (Crabtree) may be another man’s opportunity (Lockette/A.J/Patton?). Even if one of those emerge, by the time Crabtree is back the niners could be rolling in December and beyond.
    This is brilliant! Of course it’s good to lose your #1 receiver. Why didn’t I think of that?
    You just came off of a Superbowl loss which makes it 100x more likely that you won’t be returning and this injury could be just what this team needs right now…to be experimenting at wide receiver with a qb who hasn’t played a full season , all the while dealing with that California sized bullseye on your back.

  20. This is a big blow. He meant alot to this team as well as Kaep. However two things, trust this organization they will have a plan and work through it. The other is this is going to force Kaep to look at other guys. Years ago Sterling Sharpe was Brett Favre’s sercurity blanket. Sterling got hurt and it forced Favre to look at the whole field because the guy he focused on was out. Not saying they are better without Crab but there could be something long term good that can be reached from it. The difference in that situation is Sterling Sharpe never came back in this case Crab is back in ’14 and fits into an offense with a bigger playbook. For this year, hopefully he can contribute in a perspective playoff run and still be a factor in January.

  21. Better plan on him being out all season, not easy to come back that quickly for WR. Too bad for him/team he really got better last year.

  22. Wow. Way bummed when I read this today. I still think the Niners have a playoff-caliber roster without Crab, but Seattle has to be the favorite to win the West now. I will be satisfied with a Wild Card spot at this point.

  23. We all know Boldin is a fine possession guy and great clubhouse leader. But I will be surprised if he can physically fill Crabtree’s role.

  24. Wow. This is a HUGE loss for the team. He and Kaep had built an undeniable connection. These rookies are now going to have extra pressure placed on them to step in and perform right away. Hopefully Patton can catch on to the system quickly and Jenkins can actually contribute this year. Getting Manningham back and hopefully up to the level he was at with Eli would be a boost as well. If the coaches think McDonald is progressing well enough, don’t be surprised to see the two tight end set of he and Davis used a lot, similar to how they are doing it in New England. Still, its going to be hard to replace the (only) true #1 wideout on the team. Are there even any #1’s available for trade? Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a Lloyd-9er reunion, dude has aged, yes, but he has made some of the most amazing catches I have ever seen

  25. if they absolutely must add on to the regular season like we all know they will, then just dump OTA’s, add a few walk through practices and let the sloppy play continue. its why the defense is so bad now, not enough practice. so just get rid of it all together, then when they add the 2 games, players at least get hurt in time that matters.

  26. Don’t forget the 2012 ravens when you talk about teams that won with a massive amount of injuries.

    Suggs had the same injury around the same time, and despite an amazing comeback from the injury, he was far from effective until around the time playoffs rolled around.

    Tough injury to come back from, especially at that position.

  27. I’m not a 49er fan by any means but this kind of news is sad to hear about.

  28. Tough blow. Unfortunately, there is no way to replace his production. He finally had excellent chemisry with a Qb and poof. How hard will he train to getback on the field. Crabs was likely a 90+, 1,300 yd, 12 td receiver with the chemistry he had with Kaep. Somewhere that will cost 9ers 1 game and will put more pressure on Kaep. Tough loss for 9er fans.

  29. I love how people here are calling Jenkins a bust. What did you think the 49ers would do last season with a crazy veteran corps of Moss, Crabtree, Manningham, Ginn and Kyle Williams last season? That doesn’t even include Davis and Walker. The rookie takes a seat, carries some helmets, and learns to play the game like they used to.

    Get over it. Jenkins will be fine.

  30. Ouch hate to see a loss like this. One heck of a football team out there though so don’t expect them to miss a beat

  31. Of course the evil at ESPN opens their show with the Crabtree injury (who gives a crap). What a joke. Then of course they follow that up with the typical double standard with Sergio and Tigress. And guess who narrates the story. Pitiful!

  32. Crab getting hurt is a big blow but we are deep at every position and we have good WRs. Boldin, Manningham and Jenkins will be the top 3. Stop calling Jenkins a bust he basically redshirted his rookie year because we didn’t need him. Don’t forget we got Kyle Williams who is very explosive and Patton who is ready to work. Not to mention one of the best TE combos in the NFL Davis and McDonald. SF will be fine. With the OL and the depth at RB we will still cruise into the playoffs!! I wouldn’t be mad if we signed Llyod tho or made a trade for Kenny Britt. 49er Faithful!!!

  33. Some delusional 49er fans talk about how deep they are WR and they list of Ginn, Williams, Old Man Moss as the excuse why AJ Jenkings sat on the bench. Outside of Crabtree – put any of those WR stats up and tell me which one is a legit number 2 or 3rd receiver for any team?? Oh yeah, 6 months recovery time for that injury is a pipe dream….HGH and Deer Antler won’t do the trick boys.

  34. I live next door to one of the 49er coaches and he tells me that the 49ers were most likely not going to re-sign Crabtree after the 2013 season anyway. Crabtree’s agent told the 49ers that Crabtree wanted to test the free agency market before entertaining any offer from the 49ers. Time for another receiver to step up. From what the coach tells me, Crabtree will not wear a 49er uniform after this season.

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