Michael Crabtree suffers torn Achilles in workout

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The 49ers suffered a major blow during OTAs, as wide receiver Michael Crabtree suffered what could be a season-ending injury.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Crabtree tore his Achilles during a workout Tuesday, and will need surgery to repair the injury.

While players such as Terrell Suggs and Da’Quan Bowers have come back in the same season from such injuries, those cases are rare.

The 25-year-old Crabtree emerged as a threat last year, with 85 catches for 1,105 yards and nine touchdowns, and an impressive postseason.

Without him, the 49ers offense doesn’t look nearly as potent.

They haven’t shown any interest in bringing back Randy Moss, and though they acquired Anquan Boldin in a trade with the Ravens, they now lack a proven downfield threat.

171 responses to “Michael Crabtree suffers torn Achilles in workout

  1. Huge loss for the Niners wishing him a speedy recovery! The niners will need Patton and Jenkins to step it up now.

  2. some have come back faster from this injury (said in a clearer way, some have used performance enhancing drugs to be able to come back faster than anyone else ever with this same injury).

  3. I still think Randy could have had a bigger role last year. With Anquan taking off some of the heat he could be good again.

  4. Wow. This might tip the scales to make the Packers the NFC favorites again…

  5. That is a rough blow to the 49ers. as a Seahawks fan this is good news, but I’d rather the niners be at full tilt when we play them. Tough loss, sorry Niners fans.

  6. Did you see A. Boldin last year?? He’s a viable downfield/short yardage/sideline/screen/anywhereyouneedemtobe threat you can imagine.

    The deal for Boldin looks that much better.

  7. Not to worry, they still have three other number one receivers on the team–just ask Jim Harbaugh, he said so last year that they had five number one receivers. So no Moss, and no Crabs? No worries. Plus they picked up Boldin, so it is like they have four number one receivers!

    In seriousness though…it’s crazy when players can go down with such drastic injuries in OTAs of all things. Not even training camps yet–OTAs?

    Think they might throw out a one-year vet minimum incentive-laden contract to Moss? I mean he does already know the offense. Moss and Boldin would be quite a sight to see. 9ers’ fans shouldn’t worry so much–that Patton kid is going to be good I have a feeling. Just depends on how quick he comes along. Sadly, I think he (a fourth rounder) ends up better than Jenkins (the first rounder from last year). JMO.

  8. Can somebody say “uh-oh”?. That sound you hear is 49er fans jaws dropping. Still a great organization so I’m sure they will find a way to still be in the hunt, but I’m sure “Seaderall Seahawks” fans arent upset one bit. (sorry Seahawks fans but I had to get that out just once)

  9. As a Seahawk fan, man this sucks, just because the 9ers are our rivals doesn’t mean I wish this on them or any team, other than Dallas. Hope he pulls an Adrian Peterson. Good luck MC.

  10. As a 49ers fan I hope he uses all the HGH or PEDs he can get his hands onto…….unfortunately from a medical perspective, as a tendon has limited blood flow, any PEDs will have a pretty minimal impact. Yes, it will help, but not as much as 1 would think.

  11. I understand this may come off as childish, and a bit of a low blow, which makes me feel more comfortable doing so as a seahawks fan: hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, whoa! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,…..oh ya, thats awesome

  12. This really, really, really, really hurts the Niners chances this season. Crab and Kaep are (were) in lockstep. Huge blow to the Niners 🙁

  13. I’ve torn my achilles and how some of these guys came back within a year is beyond me. Being that he is a Wideout I can’t see him coming back in the same year.

    Torn achilles are routinely season ending injuries regardless of when they happen.

    He should be good for 14′ season though!!!!!

    Get well soon Tree!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Easily the most painful thing I have ever experienced!!!!!

  14. Very unfortunate news for Crabtree and the 49ers. Just as he was emerging into a major threat. Pressure will be on Manningham, K. Williams, Quinton Patton and especially A.J. Jenkins to produce. The silver lining is that perhaps Crabtree might be healthy enough to return with 2-3 weeks left in the season. We’ll see. It will be interesting to see how Kaepernick and the offense responds this season.

  15. Yeah I definitely see this being a step back year for the 9ers. It is tough to play at that high level without injuries for more than 1-2 years. Just ask the Packers about injuries.

  16. As a Hawks fan, that sucks. Hope he comes back 100% – the SF/Sea rivalry is going to be great for many years.

  17. Looks like we will see in JENKINS is any good if he isn’t starting now just cut the chump… step up or shut up time for him!!

  18. .

    The perfect example of why all the offseason, ” my team is better than your team ” is meaningless.

    I prefer to know who’s in uniform come December.


  19. Time for Jenkins to be the 1st rounder he was drafted to be, Patton to be the “General” we need him to be and Lockette to be the presence we need him to be.

    Q……you just be you!

    Keep your chins up #49er nation….still a lot of talent on that roster…A LOT of talent……

  20. Ha! Here’s hoping DHB has a great year and makes Crabgrass look like the bust he was until last year.

  21. That’s too bad – you hate to see anyone get injured, especially a potential season-ending injury. And I’ve never had one, but a torn achilles sounds terrible.

    Fortunately, according to 49er fans, they have the best players and backups at every position and the best draft ever, so they should be OK.

  22. ram fan here but still feel bad for the guy my rams kept getting hurt the last few years and I read the niners had no injuries or at least IR type to either side of the ball last year the odds dictate that aint supposed to happen

  23. devastating for me because I saw the chemistry he and Kap developed last season, Crab was also huge on 3rd down, this hurts bad, its a huge blow

  24. rublestiltzkin says:

    I understand this may come off as childish, and a bit of a low blow, which makes me feel more comfortable doing so as a seahawks fan: hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, whoa! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,…..oh ya, thats awesome

    Thanks for making us Hawks fans look awesome. After the past week of bad press the Hawks got, we have no place to mock another team even the 9ers or their fans especially for an season ending injury.

  25. FOLKS…. Boldin is NOT a deep threat. He is not fast. He has issues with separation. He is a slot guy. So to those saying “good thing for Boldin” realize that his inside game would have no bearing on the outside game. They need a deep threat. PERIOD.

  26. Did you see A. Boldin last year?? He’s a viable downfield/short yardage/sideline/screen/anywhereyouneedemtobe threat you can imagine.


    I love Anquan Boldin, but part of the reason the Ravens wanted him to take a pay cut is because they need him to be a downfield threat and he’s simply not, even if he is a threat all of the other ways listed.

  27. Niners have been EXTREMELY fortunate the last two years in terms of injuries. They’re starting to catch up now.

  28. Who’s Kaepernick going to throw to 4 straight times with 1 minute left in the Super Bowl.?

  29. I can’t stand the 49ers but I also can’t stand to see this thing happen – especially at this point in the year. Best wishes to Crabtree for a speedy recovery.

  30. sampsonswag01 says:
    May 22, 2013 2:14 PM
    “….Patton brought his big boy shoes from LSU.”


    You mean LA-Tech…..


    Yes, I did. 🙂 Matt Flynn on my mind I guess. 😉

  31. Week 1 for the Pack just got a little easier. Harbaugh will no doubt say something stupid about next man up, we’re a team, blah blah blah. America, feel free to jump off the 49ers bandwagon anytime now…

  32. Man that hurts cause Crabtree was becoming the impact wr we drafted and was expecting a big season this year. Also Crabtree was looking for a extension and I’m sure this will hurt that and to u Seattle fans hating atleast he didn’t get suspended for drugs.

  33. And the Chargers trade Robert Meachem to the 49ers for Daniel Kilgore.

  34. Bummer. I do so hate the niners, but I hate to see this too. Sad for him, he was just getting to the point where he was productive.

  35. Damn, that sucks guys. He was just starting to come into his own. Just rotten luck. I thought it was bad for my ‘Hawks when Greg Scruggs went down, but this is a whole different level.

    Oh, and for logicalvoices if he shows up, get out, this is a serious thing that the redskins have no business in.

  36. Even as a Seahawk fan I hate to see this. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

    As someone who plays fantasy football, I was thinking Crabtree was going to be a great pickup this year. Bummed about that.

  37. A collective hug for the Niner Nation. Now, lace up, suit up, and bust up every opponent you face.

  38. How do you tear an achilles tendon during no contact, half speed OTA’s? What a wuss. And where are the trainers?

  39. Too bad, no matter what team you hate to see a good player go down this way. last year the 9ers sailed through a season with little or no Injury, I think they led the league in games played by their starters…..I guess now we’ll see how they handle the adversity.

  40. HUGE blow to the 49ers offense. The QB change to Kaepernick really showed his potential. Thought this was going to be the year that solidified him as a top WR.

    Tough injury especially for a WR. Any other WR’s who have torn their achillies recently? How did they recover?

  41. Hawk fan here ; here’s hoping he recovers soon , torn achilles could be career threatening , and you never want to see that . Manningham will have to step up for them . Knowing that team , they’ll work around it and be fine – still a huge blow .

    Someone posted a comment about the Rams winning the division ; I wouldn’t take that team lightly either . Welcome to the NFC West , where you’re probably going to get your ass kicked if you’re a team outside the division . Toughest division in the NFL .

  42. Good thing they have all that “depth”.

    Maybe they can get the guy they drafted that never played American football to replace him.

    But in all seriousness congrats to SF on getting the superbowl. It will make history as the first superbowl city to have more homeless people than football fans.

  43. Actually, Boldin can be a downfield threat, but not in the traditional sense. He doesn’t get separation at all, and his speed is average at best. But when he’s deep, and one on one with a CB, and it’s a jump ball situation, that dude will make the catch.

  44. This is one reason why analysts should never pick a SB winner during the off-season. I believed some already crown the 49ers as champ.

  45. The NFC West just got even more interesting. Kaepernick, get your running shoes back on.

  46. Terrible day for Crabtree. Sorry Niner fans.

    I had a season ending injury one year when my NFL Sunday Ticket subscription was cancelled for non-payment.

    That was bad enough.

  47. As Packer fans, we know firsthand that despite the collective panic attack when teams lose high performing starters to injury, solid teams make the adjustments and continue to play at a high level. Packers will more than have their work cut out for them going to San Fran for the opener.

  48. This really sucks.. Crab is my favorite player and he will be missed! Hope and wishing for a speedy recovery! We got your back Crab come back stronger!

  49. Oh man…that really sucks but at least it’s early and hopefully, with immediate treatment and quality rehab he’ll still play this year. In the meantime, the 9ers need to sign a high caliber player like Victor Cruz, Randy Moss or even TO to fill the bill in the interrim. I could see Cruz fitting right into the 9ers and both Randy Moss and TO would have the opportunity to kickstart their careers into a possible comeback. Not a 9ers fan but love what they have done with identifying and signing talent to build a team of elite players capable of winning the SB this year!

  50. Brandon Lloyd, Randy Moss, Brandon Stokely, or Steve Breaston could all possibly be serviceable as a replacement. That said, they will need their rookies to step up. Also hurts them even more now that D. Walker signed with my Titans, as that is one less pass catcher for them.

    Crappy timing as it seemed that he was starting to finally “get it” and the offense was starting to “gel”. Two cliches, one sentence…booya

  51. Is it a confirmed tear or is this another of his annual attempts to not go to training camp?

  52. A blow for the niners. But sf is deep with talent.

    And all those saying sign cruz are crazy. Niners can’t afford him. Besides he’s a slot reciever not a #1

  53. For the man… I feel terrible for him, but as a player, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer organization.

  54. First off know one should ever cheer for the injury of a player regardless of how you feel about the team or their fanbase..

    Niner fans one thing is face from last year your team was injury free except for justin smith at the end of the year.. Time to see what your team is made of.

    Once again i hope mr crabtree can resume his career at full strength.

    Niner fans welcome to the realm of adversity. Teams you beat last year such as green bay played withour 6-8 key starters most of the year since you love ripping on them because of one playoff victory and well deserved will see what kind of team you have when 1 of your only two playmakers goes down..

    lets see how good kapernick really is with no true number 1 wideout

  55. Stay Faithful My Friends. We are still a threat and something else is going to develop this year.

  56. If Eagles start slow, Niners overpay in a trade for Desean Jackson. Chip gonna start dumping Andy’s guys for pics if wheels fall off.

  57. Tough week for the Niner’s and Seahawks. I think people need to start looking at the Ram’s seriously. This is no 2 pony race IMO

  58. Feel bad for him even as a Hawks fan.

    But after all that trash talking about Carroll cheating, Karma is a bitch, ain’t it 49er fans?

  59. Sorry to hear this news. Really am looking to see the NFC West dominate this and next few years. Hope he comes back to form and helps keep the fun rivarly that is starting to develop between SF/SEA going.

  60. Dang I really wanted this guy as a high end sleeper in fantasy!

  61. Not saying I am happy about this because I want to see the best team out there. 49ers have not faced key losses up until last year. This is reality of nearly every team out there to have players step up when key player goes down. AJ Jenkins?? Manningham?? Looking very very thin behind Boldin.

  62. Hello, yes, Randy Moss?

    This is San Fran, we were thinking of giving you a second chance…

  63. niners fans should know what boldin can do
    sure torched them in super bowl. going to
    need someone else,good luck.jim needs to ask john how suggs came back so fast..

  64. Sucks niner’s, now your receiving crew and passing game will just be a lot better than the cheathawks instead of “a million miles ahead” of them. I’m sure you will still win 12 games and edge out the rams who will be a close second in the division.

  65. Huge loss for the niners. The trade for Q was fortuitous, but he is not and really never has been a big downfield threat. I didn’t think Crabtree was that fast either. Their best downfield threat is Vernon Davis. Harbs will help them overcome but this is a big blow to the development of their qb. He needs his #1 receiver to take the next step

  66. Man, that sucks tough.

    When the Eagles lost Jason Peters last year due to a torn achilles, it was an awful feeling.

    I imagine 49ers fans are feeling just as bad right now.

    Im not sure how equal losing an all pro LT is to a very very good WR, but it still sucks either way.

    Heal fast Crabtree, Im pulling for you!

  67. Real simple. Next man up. Crabtree’s injury happened early enough for the coaches to get it figured out.

    Crabtree is in the last year of his contract. How does this affect his market value after this season? Could this give the Niners a better chance of re-signing him, or will he still go to the Cowboys as planned.

  68. not a 49er fan or anything, but as a fan of football and the intense competition and excitement that is building in the nfc west, as well as someone who can understand the pain behind such an injury….I say, this SUCKS.

    sorry 49er fans. this is a major blow, and it sucks for crabtree who at 25 was finally finding it.

  69. For the mad scientist known as jim harbaugh this just gives him more of a reason to use a 3 headed back field with Boldin and Davis on the field. And for NBC deleting my first comment LOL dont be sensitive just write facts. Crabtree is not a downfield threat his yards came on YAC not long passes.

  70. Time to bring back Braylon ‘Hands of Stone’ Edwards.
    He would be a real threat to the 49ers!

  71. Because of his rookie holdout, he will have missed 1 1/2 seasons of a 4 year deal. This puts his big money second deal in jeopardy.

  72. Boldin is a possession guy, catches almost everything. But he is not a replacement for Crabtree. He doesn’t have the speed for a vertical downfield threat.

  73. Yeah, we’re screwed because all we had was Crabtree……it’s not like we have Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, Mario Manningham, AJ Jenkins, Quinton Patton, Kyle Williams……seems like I’m forgetting someone……oh yeah, Colin Kaepernick!

    …..and don’t forget the best all-around running game in the league with Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James, Marcus Lattimore Anthony Dixon.

    ….oh wait, we DO have all these players along with the best defense in the game?

    Yeah, we’re screwed all right….

  74. mackcarrington says:
    May 22, 2013 2:00 PM
    Wow~! Now we’ll see if HGH is all that it’s cracked up to be.


    Or Deer Antler spray

  75. if HGH or “deer antler spray” could help repair this injury, would it really be a problem? i don’t see anything wrong with taking a so called “banned substance” to come back from injuries.

  76. I was selling 49ers stock even before this happened. Kaepernik isn’t going to sneak up on anyone this year, and the 49ers are going to be the game that every team puts an asterisk by this year.

    They’ll be lucky to win a playoff game this year. Too tough of a gauntlet to run with Crabtree out and Kaepernik such a big question mark.

  77. Boldin is a possession guy, catches almost everything. But he is not a replacement for Crabtree. He doesn’t have the speed for a vertical downfield threat!

  78. Finally the injury bug hits someone in the division besides my rams. I hope it hurts whiner fans, cuz its about time you get a taste of what it feels like. Hopefully Russell Wilson is next!


  79. KMA to all the posters who thumbs downed my comment yesterday about OTAs being a dumb waste of time and not worth the injury risk.

  80. Why is Kapernick a question mark? Cause he out did every other so called 1st year QB, in only 10 games? Niners will just be a run heavy team again like they were with Smith 2 years ago and guess what they still made the NFC title game that year too lol.

  81. It’s not usually the loss of one player that kills a program — the loss of depth is the real killer. One more main guy at that position goes down, and it’s lights out, no questions asked.

  82. Crabfoot is not a proven downfield threat as much as he is a possession receiver.

  83. SF is loaded. They will find a replacement somehow. This is unfortunate since Crabtree is a good player and a key to their offense. They have Boldin now and believe me he will step up. Go Niners!

  84. That’s a shame. It appeared as if the lights had finally turned on for this young man last season. Bummer

  85. Just don’t think this is a huge loss. I believe he is incredibly overrated.

  86. This sucks for Crabtree, but the Niners need to look more veteran help at wideout: Boldin, Manningham, and ______? (fill the blank)

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