Niners mum on plans to replace Crabtree


With receiver Michael Crabtree out indefinitely due to a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered on Tuesday, the 49ers now must decide how to replace him.

Coach Jim Harbaugh has opted not to disclose whether they team will consider adding players not currently on the team.

“We don’t comment on anybody but the players that we have here on this team,” Harbaugh told reporters on Wednesday, via quotes distributed by the 49ers.

It sounds like the 49ers initially will hope that players currently on the roster will step up.

“You look at the young receivers on our team that will emerge, because they have to emerge,” Harbaugh said.  “So, [I’m] excited to watch them compete for that spot.”

Asked specifically whether Randy Moss could return to the team, Harbaugh reiterated his non-response response.

“We’re excited for the young receivers that we have,” Harbaugh said.  “Really feel that somebody’s going to emerge there because they have to.  And competition will create that.  And we’ll look forward to watching that.”

At least Harbaugh used more than a few words to evade the question.  Asked about the possible return of Moss, quarterback Colin Kaepernick simply said, “That’s not my decision.”

Harbaugh explained how the injury happened, and he emphasized that the 49ers don’t anticipate the injury will end Crabtree’s season.

“He was coming in motion and just was planted and started a route,” Harbaugh said.  “And [it] felt like somebody kicked him in the Achilles, which sometimes people say it feels like.  But, good news is he woke up from the surgery and first thing he asked [the doctor] how it went.  So, he talked about the success of the surgery and that didn’t anticipate that he’d be out for the year.  And his comment to that was he’s got no choice but to be back.  So, every day now is a healing day.  And that starts today.”

The effort to find an internal replacement starts today, too.  And possibly the effort to find an external replacement.

49 responses to “Niners mum on plans to replace Crabtree

  1. They’re NOT going to replace him. Like any great organization they know this will put the pressure on their young corp of receivers to be the next man up and gain great experience.

    Crabs will be missed. But there’s A LOT of football left to be played.

  2. I’m an Eagle fan and I could see Jeremy Maclin being traded to San Fran. I don’t think the Eagles will start 2 small receivers. ” Big guys beat little guys”.

  3. Kenny Britt for a 4th in 2014 (Titans aren’t likely to keep him after this season anyway). Britt is likely a step down from what they had coming into the season, but not a huge one. Guy has skills.

    I think Britt, Boldin, Vernon Davis with Jenkins and Patton sprinkled in makes for a strong WR corp. And if Crabtree IS able to come back mid-season and work his way back to being healthy come playoff time ? Look out !

  4. Not even a Niners fan at all and got to say, that sucks for Crabtree. He is needed and will be missed.

  5. They must be hiding something if they are mum. He’s been out of surgery for hours now. How can they not have a replacement already?

  6. TO is available, he can’t get to the phone right now because he’s doing sit ups in his driveway but leave a message and he will call you back.

  7. If you prepare how Jerry does the Cowboys, injuries shouldn’t slow you down. Do not be afraid to deploy to the starting line up some of your scrubs. Jerry is good at this for example Romo, Austin , ect, ect, he laid the blue print out for everyone to follow as usual.

  8. Ricardo Lockette… Fastest guy on the team? And Kap’s roomie. And has been working out with Kap all off-season.

    This is his chance

  9. Now is the time to make a deal for Cruz. Giants are loaded on receivers (Nicks, Randle, Murphy and Jerigen) and I’m sure with all the smoke and mirrors in NY there ready to trade him.

  10. Credit to most of the Seahawk fans who responded with positive comments regarding this issue. Injuries are always a tough blow to a team, and most never want it to happen to gain a competitive edge.

  11. miles austin? ya know the guy who burned your team a couple years ago.
    sure we could use him, (nice threat) but his contract and hammies make him trade able. not to mention we have talent at that position. im sure jerry will listen, we need dline help.

  12. Randy Moss will not be coming back. The dude is allergic to contact at this point in his career.

    When your #1 YAC contact guy gets injured, Randy Moss is exactly the type of guy that you DON’T replace him with.

  13. Not sure who they would pick up. Moss knows more about the offense and he had some great blocking moments last year. AJ has put on more weight and he’ll have a chance this year to show if he was worth the 1st round. Since he has been working with Colin this offseason combined with the weight gain he should show a lot of progress. One of his criticisms during the draft was a concern of adjusting to the NFL since some experts thought he might need more time to learn than they would like, but he had the benefit of being around Moss and Crabtree as well as the coaching staff so I’m hoping he does indeed break out.

  14. Because they have no answers. They went from a potential elite WR group to a old and unproven group.

    Injuries will happen except to the niners as of lately, expect more, no teams been luckier than the niners.

    Lucks run out.

  15. Crabtree? Really? He’s decent but damn, they get to play the Rams and Cards twice a year, kind of back in the day when that division was atrocious when they were guaranteed to win six games easily. Until they played you-know-who.

  16. Why does harbaugh always looks likes he wants to start crying like a little girl?

  17. AJ Jenkins was their first round pick last year and his stat line for the season was 1 drop. Thats it. He was only active for three games. Unless Jenkins was a complete waste of a draft pick, I think Harbaugh has to feel just fine about his WR corp. Only a team as deep as the niners could afford to shelve their first round pick.

    Sucks, though. I thought Crabtree could have continued his steady production increases and been a consistent 1,000 yard receiver.

  18. Our luck of not having injuries did not just run out … we’ve suffered injuries just like every other team but we’ve overcome them because that’s what good teams do but hey I’m not gona lie, most teams don’t have the luxury of sayin crap our number one wide out just went down but o wait lets just replace him with that receiver we took in the first round last year

  19. That’s some good grass you be smokin out there in sf thinking we’d trade you Cruz.

  20. Sucks for crabs but please don’t bring back randy or look a TO. I don’t want any of them washed up wr. If we look to add a wr there plenty of young guys with speed for cheap. boldin going feel the gap as a number 1 wr with manningham we got a slow outside wrs and the unsureness On Jenkins u makes it where u gotta look for some spd treat.

  21. Shucks / that’s a shame.

    I don’t have any statistics on this, it just seems as if injuries are a much, much greater factor now than they were decades ago. Perhaps my memory is weak, but back in the Lombardi days at Green Bay, seems like the number of times someone would end up unable to play for the majority of a season was very small compared to what teams are experiencing in this century. What do other older guys reading this remember?

    I think the number of times police got involved in changing a starting lineup was lower back then too, but that’s a different thing.


  22. Harbaugh always looks like he can’t decide if it’s just a fart, or something more…
    As for all you guys clambering for Lockette…
    Yup, the dude is really fast…
    Yup, he catches a lot of passes in practice…
    Yup, he drops a lot of passes in games.

    Go Hawks!

  23. Crabs and Kap was an elite combo last year, this will hurt SF a bit. Although they do have some good WRs still. Boldin, Manningham, Williams, Jenkins who basically redshirted (not a bust, if he doesn’t produce this year then ill entertain the bust scenario) now Patton and don’t forget we have arguably the best TE in the NFL Davis and a new TE threat Vance Mcdonald. I can see them not trading or signing any WRs although I think we should give Llyod a shot! Also if the tirans will trade Britt he would be a great pick up for SF. I think we will be fine tho and please no more Moss talk dude is old and looked so stiff last year. Crabs will be back mid year anyway, I’m sure he is stocked up on HGH and that will increase healing time and he will come back stronger and faster than before. Just look at what HGH did for Adrian Peterson.

  24. Carl Lewis ?
    Cris Carter?
    Any one on the USA Relay team ?
    Bolt ?
    Times Square pickpockets ?
    Holder? He is chasing all those guns that went missing to Mexican Drug Dealers ?

  25. Quinton Patton in the 4th round was already one of the best value picks in that round just got a little better. If the NFL level light comes on he should help on a lot of the tough underneath routes. He played in quite the quirky college system where the QB got rid of the ball as soon as the shotgun snap hit his hands. Which meant Patton caught a ton of balls in traffic. He has a better chance then most rookie WR’s coming from a non pro style offense of making an immediate impact.

  26. Two words–Braylon ‘Hands of Stone’ Edwards!
    This will put fear into the hearts of all 49er fans!

  27. Trade Crabtree for Fitzgerald.

    It would pain both clubs which means it is a fair deal. Arizona gets a young guy that is very good with the potential to be excellent although he is hurt this year. This is not the year they should be expecting to be in the playoffs anyway.

    49ers are ready to battle for a championship now and can use Fitzgerald for the possibly three years he has left.

  28. Losing Crabtree is obviously a huge loss, but why are people suggesting going on a spending spree (Cruz) or burning bridges with existing players to get an average WR (Meachem)?
    The only reason why the 9ers would need to go the trade route or FA route is if they think Mario and/or Kyle will not be healthy. Prior to this injury, Mario looked like the odd man out, with two draft picks in the last two years, Kyle, Crabs and Q all looking like locks. This injury just forces the 9ers coaching staff to keep Mario and hope that the combo of Q, Kyle and Mario is as good or better than Crabs, Moss and Kyle (seems like it should be pretty equal). If Jenkins or Patton can contribute at all, then the WR corps should be at least as productive, if not more productive, than last year. And don’t sleep on Lockette as a possible ‘out of no where’ contributor.

  29. “When your #1 YAC contact guy gets injured, Randy Moss is exactly the type of guy that you DON’T replace him with.”

    I guess you missed Boldin being on the team. Pretty obvious he would take over that role.

  30. I think (hope) our young receiving corp can step up and fill some of the void Crab leaves, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them try to sign Lloyd or Britt on the cheap to give us some veteran presence. Britt is a big-bodied end zone threat, but his injury history and off the field issues are a big risk. Any contract with him would have to be performance/playing-time stipulated. It would be wise to wait through some training camp to see if the receiver group is grasping the offense quick enough, but that also means chemistry time with Kaep is lost if they wait to sign/trade for someone else…

  31. C’mon Jim, “Tebow”..he used to be a wide reciever right…plenty time to learn the routes….and when Kapernikle gets hurt …badda boom dude…got a QB with lots of experience! Perfect fit!

  32. something tells me we’ll be running the ball even more in 2013…you look at the 85 touches or so that Crab got, and at 25% of those touches go to the RB’s…i’d say 30% can go to Vernon Davis…its the touches that moved the chains that are the most critical, thats the part thats not easy to replace but Vernon Davis can easily be a 70 catch guy if incorporated properly, we drafted a blocking TE so you might even see more two TE sets on 3rd and 4ish.

  33. What’s wrong? I mean SF did get Bolden which based off the overwhelming amount of Flacco haters is the SOLE reason the Ravens won a single game last year…right? So why worry??? After all he is the burner in his prime everyone is making him out to be and not a aged possession receiver with trouble getting separation…right??? How come no ones mentioning “it’s all good we got Bolden remember”?????

  34. 23chameleons says:
    May 22, 2013 10:18 PM
    Kenny Britt for a 4th in 2014 (Titans aren’t likely to keep him after this season anyway). Britt is likely a step down from what they had coming into the season, but not a huge one. Guy has skills.

    I think Britt, Boldin, Vernon Davis with Jenkins and Patton sprinkled in makes for a strong WR corp. And if Crabtree IS able to come back mid-season and work his way back to being healthy come playoff time ? Look out !

    If there wasn’t a such ting as the salary cap Kenny Britt would be great….

  35. SF will be fine. No need to panic. No lopsided Hue Jackson-esque trades that damage the franchise for years. Next man up. Let’s go! All that “drafting for future” stuff that people laughed at? THIS is why. This team is LOADED with talent! Losing Crabtree makes life more difficult, but NOT impossible!

  36. Vegas line 2. You want to change up the odds of San Fran returning to the Superbowl?


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