Rex calls Sanchez’s OTA interceptions “unacceptable”


Jets coach Rex Ryan says quarterback Mark Sanchez made too many mistakes at today’s Organized Team Activities, and he simply must improve.

Sanchez threw three interceptions in his 11 passes during today’s OTAs, and Ryan told reporters afterward that he considers that “unacceptable.” Ryan said Sanchez also made some good throws, but that Ryan feels the need to be candid enough to tell Sanchez when his mistakes are glaring.

“This is OTAs and things, but yeah, that’s going to be the pressure that we’re putting on him,” Ryan said. “He did a lot of great things. It’s not that you try to cover up the fact you had some bad plays — no, no, no you flat tell him. We can’t have these and all that type of stuff. He knows.”

Ryan liked the way his defense played, but he’d prefer not to see his quarterback throwing that many passes to the guys in the different colored jerseys.

“It’s a good thing defense makes the plays, but no, I’d rather him not turn the ball over once,” Ryan said. “He did a lot of great things, and then those negative things, at the end of the day, that’s what gets you beat. And so we’ve got to to do a better job of eliminating those turnovers.”

If Sanchez doesn’t do a better job of eliminating those turnovers, Geno Smith will be starting in Week One.

93 responses to “Rex calls Sanchez’s OTA interceptions “unacceptable”

  1. i see ol dirty sanchez hasnt missed a beat……jets=just end terrible sanchez

  2. And most Jets fans think its unacceptable that Sanchez is even on the roster.

  3. This “added pressure” will just cast him, Rex, and the Jets into the spotlight even more. I’d rather hear about good players doing good things in practice.

  4. 3 out of 11? It only proves what everyone knew, except you Rexy. Maybe now you’re waking up.

  5. After reaching AFC Championship 2 years in a row I always figured Sanchez was a baller. It’s obvious without a run game and a defense he’s just a mediocre quarterback. Lets see what the Jets have for all NFL fans this year.

  6. Lions fan here so I’ve seen a lot of bad QBs in my time. What the hell happened to Sanchez? He seemed serviceable his first two years. Is it just mental from the stress of playing in the big apple?

  7. I never thought I’d feel bad for Rex Ryan but I do now. The poor guy is shackled to maybe the worst QB in the entire league because of the stupid contract and blind faith the previous GM had in him. If Rex gets canned because of another horrible season with Sanchez under the helm, it’s not right. It’s clear both parties need to move on, just do like Oakland has done and eat the money now for a chance to improve later. Look for any backup QB with a pulse who gets cut and just use Geno Smith for this season.

  8. “When you’re under the kind of pressure you face from an all-out rush in OTA’s, throw it away, man. Just throw it away!”

  9. Fifty turnovers in 2 years is more than enough reason to move on from Sanchez.

    There’s not excuse for that regardless of the surrounding cast, and there are much worse situations in the NFL where QB’s didn’t put their team at such a decided disadvantage like that.

  10. As a 36 yr. longtime suffering fan of gang green, I am very, very happy to hear Rex calling out Sanchez in fact this is the first time he has done this. As much as this is meant to motivate Sanchez to perform better, I take this as a salvo that the road is paved for Geno Smith to assume the starting QB position very early in camp if he is up to the task.

  11. sanchez will fail then geno will get to play. he won’t be remotely close to ready, and then rex will get fired. the new coach who is hired will want a new QB, and geno will be in competition next year with a new guy. geno will lose the competition and soon be a malcontent number 2.

  12. If I were Sanchez I would update my resume. I did not like the choice of this guy when he was drafted by the Jets. Plus they traded up to get him. He only had 16 starts at USC before he turned pro-come on-are you kidding me!

  13. Yeah, if he throws all his interceptions during OTAs, he won’t have any left over for the regular season.

  14. People don’t even know what unacceptable means anymore especially not in the sports world.

    Obviously Ryan accepted Sanchez’s play because Sanchez is still on the team. Just a pet peeve.

  15. I really think Sanchez would be better if he had a good coach. Ryan is a defensive coach. Sanchez needs a offensive coach and he would probably be better but still not great.

  16. In a way Geno needs to go back to his old agents and thank them…what other team could he basically take over from the veteran without the veteran getting hurt. Geno could stink the place up as a starter and know he is still favored more than Sanchez.

  17. Mark Sanchez could throw an interception even if there was no defense opposite him.

  18. I’m not a Sanchez apologist or a jets fan at all. But who Sanchez is throwing to is unacceptable. The jets have a Terrible cast of skill position players that is probably the worst group in the nfl. When you draft a QB in the first round you should surround him with NFL talent WRs.

  19. Some things change. Some things remain the same.

    He was hit or miss in his first two years enough to where the run & ‘D’ could pick up his slack, but he’s progressively gotten worse in his inaccuracy & fumbling. Looks like things haven’t changed much. He’s not even suited up fully!!

    I think he has the athletic ability, but its that he’s just too ‘mentally fragile’ to be a franchise or even starting NFL QB!

    I see him carrying a clipboard for the rest of his career.

  20. What is unacceptable is the failure of Rex, Idzik and Woody to sign and develop pro-caliber offensive linemen and pro-caliber receiver help.

    No quarterback is going to win with this group. We’ll never know what Sanchez, Smith, McCelroy, or even Tebow is capable of when they are surrounded by guys who wouldn’t even be invited to training camp for a team like the Giants or Ravens or Packers.

    This is the same reason the Pats have had a free run to the playoffs for 13 years – no offensive talent to contend with in the division. When was the last time one of their division opponents had an all-pro level qb or receiver? Marino?

  21. This team is insane. Why you ask?

    Because “The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.”

  22. Forget Sanchez NY. He’s not your biggest issue. Your coach and ownership absolutely sucks. Have fun with GS-JZ. You’ll wish that Tebow was back in town by October.

    End of story.

  23. The funny thing is that sanchez and his 3 INTs is gonna be week 1 starter. Smith is not much better right now

  24. Wow, here we go with the smith starting crap. You’ve got to be kidding me, he’ll be lucky if he even sees the field this year. This idiot has been a new york trainwreck and it’s just ota’s. Good luck ny, you’re going to need it till rex is gone!

  25. Head coach bagging on the guy he anointed as the starter last season. Says as much about Rex as it does about the Sanchize…

  26. Obviously there is going to be a short leash on this guy and everybody just wants to put Geno in there. Lets face it though, as bad as Sanchez seems he doesn’t have much help on the offense. All Rex cares about it is defense. Find a solid RB, a decent WR1 or at least TE and hopefully for their sake Geno can limit the turnovers. It’s getting close to that time to cut both Rex and Mark loose though. This should definitely be Sanchez’ last year and if not much positive this year Ryan’s also

  27. Rex acts like he is disgusted with Sanchez. But his bad passes never seemed to bother him during the games. Time for both those guys to go!

  28. As a dolphins fan I hate the jets as much as they hate the dolphins. But after two seasons of chad Henne and Tony S I have to say I feel your pain. But we got rid of both of them. Jets need to do the same thing and get rid of those guys and end the fans misery.

  29. Just quit already Rex. You are a clear example of the “Peter Principle.” People are promoted to their level of incompetence. You are no head coach. Go back to being a defensive coach. You traded up to pick Sanchez remember.

  30. I think this all goes back to Rex being too busy writing books and making movies instead of having the “pulse” of the team. Everybody else really isn’t surprised Sanchez looks like Sanchez. I wonder if he had any butt fumbles today?

  31. Any other fan of the other 31 teams not named the Jets have a hard time buying the ‘dejected sick of Sanchez Jet fan’ card? Lets not forget a short few years ago after the back-to-back AFC championship losses when every Jet fan was loud obnoxious bragging about how good they were and how they weren’t going to be “anyone’s little brother”. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a loser franchise and its loser fans suffer through Mr. Butt Fumble and company.

  32. Over under on lame Butt Fumble references on a Sanchez story- 5

    Over under on lame foot jokes for Rex Ryan stories – 6

  33. The papersack business should do very well in NY this year if Sanchez keeps playing. Rex Ryan is terrible, better off hiring someone in the stands.

  34. I’m not sure if I feel bad for the Jets or if I should make fun of them? Does anyone on that team have a clue what’s going on? At this point I think Rex might be doing sexual things with Sanchez because I can’t see any reason why this dude is still their starting QB lol ! Come on guys just freakin put Geno in and let him get as much practice as he can in before the start of the season! It’s time to give up on the Sanchez train Rex the dude isn’t any good! And no Rex i’m not talking about that train! ; )

  35. Hopefully he remains the starter for the Jets. I love to see them play like garbage and watch ol Rex with that patented scowl on his face.

  36. Revis intercepted one all the way in Tampa-Cromartie got one-and the other was intercepted by the waterboy-who couldnt resist.Get lost Sanchez.

  37. I call drafting Sanchez unacceptable, I call playing him when your season is over unacceptable, and I say Rex Ryan being a head coach unacceptable

  38. What is sad is that the Jets said, “Sanchez, oh yea, hes good enough to be our starting QB”….but with Tebow they said, “Tebow, are you kidding me?? NO way.”

    Is there any rational football fan/coach out there who wouldn’t hink that regardless of Tebow’s football/throwing skills, their team would have a better chance of winning a game with him at their QB position than Mark Sanchez?

  39. If he had a butt fumbled, would that be a violation of the rules regarding contact at OTAs?

  40. If the jets would use more cameras like the Pats then he could be the next Tom Brady.

  41. Why didn’t they fire Rex Ryan? That seems like the first thing that team should have done

  42. It sounds like Rex is laying the ground work for the Sanchez benching, or hopefully dismissal.

  43. The jets are such numbskulls aint they? They get rid of the Tebow-side-show and turn right around and draft the Geno Smith side show. Ha Ha. Glad i’m not a Jets fan. Geno is a me me me me give me a bunch of money guy yet he will NEVER produce a championship. NEVER. And he hires the Jay-Z side show to boot. What a joke of a franchise! Keep on losin boys. Geaux Saints!

  44. You guys are riiidiculous—So many people dump on Sanchez – Let’s do a comparison between 2 QB’s that are opposite ends of the spectrum as far as public opinion goes. First 4 years:

    Mark Sanchez – first 4 years in the NFL:
    Games Started – 64
    Career record reg season in those 4 years – 33-29
    68 TD’s – 69 Int’s
    43 Fumbles in 64 games
    Career Playoff record – 4-2 with come back wins in 2009 & 2010 in the playoffs – 2 straight AFC championship games – in 2010 beat Brady & Manning in THEIR buildings
    Durable – has started every game since being drafted health wise – not counting McElroy starts last yr.

    Mike Vick – First 4 years in the NFL:
    Games started – 36
    Career record in those 4 years – 23 – 13
    36 TD’s – 26 Int’s
    36 Fumbles in 36 games
    Career Playoff record – 2-3 – One NFC championship game – Beat Favre in his building
    Constantly hurt – rarely plays a full season. Also has been benched in his career due to non-performance
    Sanchez had ONE losing season in his career – Beat Brady & Manning in their building in the 2010 playoffs.

    The team they put around Sanchez last year was not a Pro team. After Holmes got hurt, all Sanchez had was Keller (not an all pro). He had a BRUTAL O line, Shonn Green as a RB who was so bad, the Jets let go elsewhere after spending a first round pick on him.

    Vick is still being treated like a guy that can lead a team with people fiercely loyal to him even after he had players like Jackson & Maclin at WR & maybe one of the top 3-4 RB’s in the league in Mc Coy.

    Popular opinion is that Sanchez is horrible & Vick can still play. Vick had all pro talent around him at 3-4 positions in 2012. Sanchez had NOTHING around him last year. Vick’s problem was “coaching”, Sanchez can’t play despite 2 AFC championship games & in 2012 having less help than most arena league teams.

    The abuse Mark takes is horrid when others have all pro talent on their teams & have people making excuses for them. No one brings up how bad Sparano was & what a mistake it was firing Brian.
    Lighten up guys.

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