Wilf talks Vikings new stadium


Last week, the Vikings unveiled the design for their new stadium.  Since PFT Live was on a temporary hiatus last week, we weren’t able to talk about it.

This week, we’re back, and Vikings president Mark Wilf (pictured with Vikings chairman Zygi Wilf) joined the program to talk about the new venue, which opens in 2016.

The revolutionary design creates a place that fans will want to visit, encouraging other teams building new stadiums to look for ways to create structures that have desirable and unique features, like a transparent roof that Wilf believes will become a common replacement for the more costly retractable roof.

He also touched on the expectations for the team in 2013, a year removed from an unlikely playoff appearance, and whether the Vikings will be attempting to extend coach Leslie Frazier’s contract before the 2013 season.

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27 responses to “Wilf talks Vikings new stadium

  1. 1) Ask him “Why do the vikings want a new venue?”

    2) Ask him “Why would you tear down a venue with a nearly new roof and nearly new carpet to build a same size or smaller venue?”

    3) Ask him, “How this stadium plan will be funded?”

    4) Ask him “After all the projected designs over the years, how sure are you that the final design is this particular one?”

    5) Ask him “How many season tickets did the vikings sell last year?”

    6) Ask him about the future of the NFL’s supplemental revenue sharing program and if the vikings could be a viable franchise without contributions from high revenue franchises.

  2. Do ya think they’ll be able to somewhat control air movement by opening and closing the louvers on the far side away from the big doors to keep the breeze at our backs for passing and kicking, and the breeze in the face of our opponents? Them Packer trolls are pretty worried, can’t ya tell! The more they chirp on these threads, the more worried they are. They sould be worried, crappy o-line, shAaron was sacked more than any other QB….soft D, AD ran all oer them, not to mention what the 9ers did. Their kicking was weak, too…….. I hope it won’t be too easy for cheeseheads to get tickets to get into our beautiful new Valhalla! SKOL

  3. Did he thank the taxpayers of Minnesota for corporate Belgrade for billionaires? Did he apologize to the next generation for tax dollars that will not be spent on education?

  4. The Wilf’s are smiling because they just bent over an entire state and will now have a new office building to show for it. Enjoy the doubling of prices on game day on just about everything associated to that new stadium Viking fans!

  5. It’s the Crystal Cathedral of the NFL.

    Given the NFL and religion are both tax-exempt, is that too much of a stretch?

  6. So I heard the glass is “self cleaning.” Hope there isn’t any birds in Minnesota….

  7. Here’s another “team president” type who got his job the old-fashioned way. Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.

  8. I’m an architect and I LOVE this design. I’ve been getting sick of everyone going with “organic” shapes (F. Gehry look alikes), or brick and painted steel – this is straight lined, edgy, new and fresh looking. I also like the doors/entry combined with the glass that will feel like the entire building is open to the outside.

    Overall this really be the best designed stadium I have seen – and I am not a Viking fan. Be proud Minnesota, you guys have a real winner in that design. Its so good you might even get Apple to be the corp naming partner. Apple Field.

  9. mazblast says:
    May 22, 2013 10:55 PM
    Here’s another “team president” type who got his job the old-fashioned way. Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.
    Two things: (1) what’s wrong with someone being born into money? (2) if you knew his history he took his family’s business and transformed it into some 10x bigger than what it was so he earned his cash.

    Either way, you’re just a jealous man.

  10. You can tell by the number of Packer fans continually posting on Viking threads that they have a MAJOR inferiority complex and realize that their team is doomed for another 20 year stretch of mediocrity. Also “go pack go” is the most stupid cheer in the NFL.

  11. I’ll answer BobNelsonJr’s questions which if he’s paid attention have already been answered ad nauseum…which is a chore because I’m sure he thought he was being clever.

    1) Value, prestige, sales, revenue. When Pat Williams came over he was shocked at the condition of the facilities of this “NFL” team.

    2) Well the roof was paid for by insurance, would you worry about the fluffy roof on your decrepit trailer home. The field was paid for by the team….and the new stadium is nearly twice as big as the Metrodome.

    3) The Vikings are paying $427 Million and will cover any cost overruns on construction. They will also cover year round operation of the facility not just Vikings games. The rest is a combination of funding from the City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota.

    4) Well it’s kind of hard to turn back now, that’s what you do when you plan something this large…you exhaust idea till you settle on a final one…duh?

    5) I’m not sure of Season Tickets but they haven’t had a black out in 15 years

    6) The Vikings could not be viable without the NFL revenue sharing program. They ranked something like 31st in revenue. They have been the welfare team of the NFL $ machine. That will change with new facility.

  12. hmm. Edit to my A: 3) my $427 was pre-the legislature asking for another $50 Million from the team in the midnight hour which they got.

  13. I am going to point out this true fact out. The late Jack Kent Cook owner of the Redskins when he went to build his Palace he shelled out for everything himself. He spent 700 million of his own money that payed for the stadium and parking. This stadium is still the biggest in capacity and was built in 17 months tops. Its by far the best stadium and still is state of the art 15 years later. This is why this Franchise is by far the best on and off the field players are gonna be fighting to come play for the Redskins in the future. On top of that the Redskins are building a state of the art training camp for its players this season as well. All I can say is 31 teams need to look at what A CUT ABOVE ORGANIZATION LIKE THE REDSKINS DO FOR THEIR OWN FRANCHISE. HTTR.!!!!!!!!!

  14. This will be an awesome venue. Love the glass roof and “doors” that open to the Minneapolis skyline.

  15. The taxpayers of MN (and I am one) are paying for a significant portion of the stadium because the state government required that the new stadium be a multi purpose enclosed facility.

    The state insisted that the facility had a roof so that it could be used year round. It had to be able to accommodate college baseball. They insisted that it be a venue for the HS football tournaments.

    The Vikings will use it 10 times a year. They contributed $425,000,000.

    Will it increase the value of the Vikings franchise? Of course it will.

    But MN will get another SB within 5 years of completion of the stadium. They will host NCAA BB tournament games there. Heck, even the Monster Truck fans will benefit.

  16. latenightroach says:
    May 22, 2013 9:23 PM
    It would be epic if Mark Wilf had his last name starting with an “M”‘.

    W for Widow or Woman?

    H8ers……..Smokers and gamblers are paying the states share……Mpls wants the stadium so badly that they’ll pay a share by sales taxes near the site. If there was a dedicated lottory or Viking license plates or something I’d chip in. The Wilfs are great owners and are doing their best to put a winning team on the field. SKOL!

  17. Will this stadium come with state-of-the-art pumped-in artificial crowd noise? The Vikings currently lead the league in this practice and they don’t want to give up the title. Just like last year (and Indy and San Diego,) the NFL looks the other way to enable the place to sound normal on gameday. They accommodate the fans that are either stuffing their faces or sitting on their hands, (or would rather be at home.)

  18. tokyosandblaster says:
    May 23, 2013 1:05 AM
    I believe this article is posted in the wrong blog, guys.

    This is PRO Football Talk.

    So youre saying the Packers are that bad to the point where they get beat by non professional football teams?

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