Woodson is expected to get No. 24 from Porter

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With defensive back Charles Woodson returning to the Raiders, there’s a minor problem.  Cornerback Tracy Porter had been assigned No. 24, the jersey number Woodson wore during his first stint with the Raiders.

The problem is expected to be solved.

In a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, Paul Gutierrez of CSNBayArea.com expressed confidence that Woodson will get No. 24 back from Porter.  And in an unverified Twitter account that appears to be legitimate, Woodson declares that he once again will be wearing No. 24.

It’s unclear what if anything Woodson has offered in order to make that happen.

For Gutierrez’s take on Woodson’s return (including video of the fans who turned out in droves to welcome him to the team’s facility), he’s the relevant slice of PFT Live.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

13 responses to “Woodson is expected to get No. 24 from Porter

  1. He should have got #42 for his age, but the guy looks like he can still play, what a stud. Don’t forget that Rod Woodson joined the Raiders at the same age and had one of his best years. I think he has at least two years in his tank. Glad to see him get his old number back and retire a Raider. I am looking forward to seeing him play his career out in Oakland.

  2. Always kept my old Woodson jerseys in great shape, so I have a few that look like new(Some never worn). Might give a few away to a few fellow Raider fans here in Va. Glad he’s back!!

  3. Cheers to Raiders fans all over the world, but especially VA! Don’t see too many of our kind out this way. I’ll take a #24 Jersey if you’re in the Norfolk Area. hahaha! GO RAIDERS!

  4. This signing certainly can’t hurt the Raiders. Reggie has done a great job dismantling Al’s mistakes, and rebuilding with “football players”, and not just “combine track stars”. I want Oakland to be relevant again, but this year is going to be tough, unless they come together as a team, and surprise everyone! hard to make that happen in 6 months, but it HAS been done before, although not to this extent. If the Raiders go 9-7 or better, it would be a HUGE accomplishment, and the future is even brighter, considering the cap space next year. Steady as we go, Raider Nation…we’re on our way back. Va Raiders…I’m the booster club Pres for Raider Nation of the Crystal Coast,New Bern, North Carolina! RN4L!

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