Aaron Curry: I was selfish and self-centered in Seattle


When linebacker Aaron Curry went fourth overall to the Seahawks in the 2009 draft, analysts hailed the Seahawks for selecting a player who was considered the safest bet for stardom at the top of that year’s draft.

Things never worked out that way. Curry was ineffective with the Seahawks and wound up being traded to the Raiders in 2011. Things didn’t get any better in Oakland and Curry signed for the veteran minimum with the Giants this year. That may be a good thing for Curry’s chances of turning his career around because he admitted Wednesday that the $60 million contract he signed as a rookie wound up taking away his motivation to play his best.

“I knew I could do it,” Curry said, via Tom Pedulla of the New York Times. “I knew I would do it. At the time, I wasn’t motivated to do it. Football wasn’t my top priority, to be honest. I think earlier in my career I was real selfish and self-centered. I was more about me than the Seahawks.”

Curry copped to not playing at full speed if there was a defensive call that didn’t cater to his strengths, a trait that helped him fail to live up to the lofty predictions that accompanied his entry to the NFL. A knee injury in Oakland dropped the opinion of Curry even further, leaving him to try to rehabilitate his career with the Giants.

Motivation shouldn’t be a problem for Curry, who also acknowledged that he’s overweight right now, if he wants to continue playing in the NFL since suitors will be slim if he fails with a third team in five years. If he isn’t able to make things happen now, it’s hard to imagine it’s ever going to happen for him.

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  1. “Things didn’t get any better in Oakland and Curry signed for the veteran minimum with the Giants this year.”

    This is simply not true, he made great strides while in Oakland, but then injured his knee.

    He wasn’t a complete LB, but his tackling really improved and he could really get after the QB.

  2. Curry had 60 million reasons for motivation, if that’s not enough?! Now it’s going to be different cause he said so? lmao!! Actions speak louder than words!

  3. At least he’s honest I guess, not that it makes it any better. I’m sure this is the case for a lot of players. Then again, at some point it may become clear that analyzing drafts and predicting success in the NFL is a crap shoot. If Curry doesn’t soon become what he was projected than he is simply a bust with our without maximum effort.

  4. “eatitfanboy says:
    May 23, 2013 9:51 AM
    If he is matured and motivated, how does he show up for OTAs overweight?”

    What the hell are you talking about? He was bad against the run, he was bad against the pass, he was slow, and took terrible angles, I was thrilled he couldn’t play last year.

  5. If you can’t get motivated by the 12th man when you step onto the field in Seattle then you will never be motivated by anything in your life. Curry’s a lazy bum.

  6. Wow. He’s saying all the right things. If things don’t go well, just tell people you weren’t motivated. That’s; what they want to believe about pretty much anyone who doesn’t live up to expectation. That’s what it’s all about these days—just telling fans what they want to hear. Most will still be pissed (because they’re always pissed), but it’s worth a shot.

  7. Thank God for not allowing rookies sign such large contracts before they proved themselves in the NFL. Guarantee JaMarcus probably would be a great Quaterback today.

  8. This should give us a little more faith in NFL scouting, at least the scouting of physical talent…Curry looked to have all the tools, and now we know that he probably did…but he sadly threw them away with a lack of effort.

    It takes a transcendent-level talent (Randy Moss) to get away in the NFL with a motor that throttles up and down. Curry was talented, but not THAT talented…doesn’t fully sound as if he’s mentally where he needs to be, but who knows?

  9. Sorry, I have zero empathy for this man. I hope he gets his career back but it’s his own fault for being where he is today.

  10. Aaron Curry doesn’t have the football instincts, his lack of production clearly was not about what he talked about. Another fan who knows how his game got thumbs down for pointing out here takes terrible angles, is without question one of the worst LBs in coverage and even though a Raider fan said he gets after the QB – He left with 0 sacks, I think he had 2 sacks total in his years Seattle. Nothing against him because I think he’s a nice but but this talk is about about image. Don’t blame him if vet minimum is now his new rate.

  11. With the way the new rookie wage scale is playing out, the Aaron Curry syndrome is disappearing for rookies as their big days don’t come until they’ve proven themselves. The flip side is now teams are shying away from signing solid veterans (e.g. Eric Winston, Sedrick Ellis) when they can get a rookie to fill the position of need on the cheap, even if that rookie is unproven at the pro level. The rookie wage scale is having the opposite effect of what was intended; veterans being forced out while still somewhere near their prime. It will be interesting to see how the rookie wage scale continues to unfold over the coming years.

  12. C’mon Arron I’m all for being transparent and all but there’s just some things you don’t need to admit to especially to the ny media jeez.

  13. I always thought that his problem in Seattle was that he was just stupid in the head and couldn’t figure NFL football out. I think his comments here confirm my thoughts. I’m shocked that he’s still in the league at all. He’s about the worst linebacker I’ve ever seen play. Showing up overweight to camp when you’re no lock to make the team isn’t too bright either.

  14. Seattle drafts Arron Curry: draft experts say “he is the best player in the draft. A can’t miss linebacker”.

    Seattle drafts Russell Wilson: draft experts say “what are they thinking? He is too small, won’t beat out Matt Flynn”.

    Lesson here: Don’t listen to draft experts.

  15. All these broke people swear up and down that having tons of money will motivate you further, yet are clueless about human nature. Figures, that’s why they’re broke and commenting about someone else’s motivation.

    When you are no longer hungry, unless you are maniacally driven, your natural tendency as a human being is to go into cruise mode. He’s learned his lesson, and he was playing decently before he got hurt in Oakland. Leave it at that.

  16. I like this move by NY. Not much risk and maybe he’s serious, and maybe NY has qualified his sincerity firsthand. Assuming they have, this could be just the break they need. I like it and I think it’s a great opportunity for NY to try and keep him properly motivated and focused this time. It didn’t work out in SEA or OAK but that’s their problems, NY might have a different result with him and to me this seems like the time he’s now ready and decided to seriously play football.

  17. Hey Aaron – How about a kick back on my season tickets! The 12th Man never holds back and takes plays off – very disappointing to here you did!!

  18. I rooted for Curry when he went to the Raiders because he seemed like a genuinely cool guy and I wanted him to succeed. Now I feel like an idiot for thinking that. Dude took plays off??? GTFO!! The 12th Man NEVER takes plays off, but you thought that was okay?? Good riddance, loser!!

    And frankly, I’m sick of hearing how this guy might turn it around. Enough already. I’ve been hearing that nonsense for the last 4 years now. It ain’t gonna happen. And knowing he ripped us off for $60m and cost us a #4 draft pick…. ugh… no pity for that fool.

  19. He isn’t telling us anything we didn’t see……He won’t change and will continue to be a bust. The biggest tell is his showing up overweight. If he was truly motivated and re-focused, that wouldn’t have happened.

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