Cardinals sign Tyrann Mathieu


The Cardinals think they may have gotten the best playmaker in the draft when they drafted former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu in the third round and now they’ve gotten him under contract.

The team announced Thursday that they have reached agreement on a four-year deal with Mathieu. Shortly after Mathieu was drafted, Peter King of reported that the Cardinals would be offering Mathieu a contract without guaranteed money, something Mathieu’s agent unsurprisingly said was not acceptable to his client. There’s no word yet on the financial details, but it would be surprising if Mathieu backed off that demand with the deal getting done in May.

Mathieu will be starting his Cardinals career as a safety instead of at the cornerback spot he played while at LSU before he was dismissed from the team following failed drug tests. He’s also expected to put that playmaking ability on display in the return game, although the Cardinals also have Patrick Peterson to bring back punts.

With Mathieu under contract, the Cardinals now have three draft picks left to sign. That group includes first-round guard Jonathan Cooper.

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  1. Hey michaeljacksonisback, why the looney trash talking before anything has been done on the playing field during a regular season NFL game? Are you so scared that you must spout off your weirdest dreams of players getting injured?

    Let the players play and see what they actually can produce before you let your uncontrollable act get the best of you. Surely there must be some substances that will allow you to control yourself (too bad your hero could not leave little boys alone).

    As for Mathieu, the board on his NFL career is a blank slate, so we all will be witnesses to how he writes his future and NFL legacy with whatever he produces against the best athletes on the planet. That is what will count, not some fantasy nonsense from some demented whippersnapper.

    BTW, after looking at the draft, CFA signings, FA signings, and re-signings of each teams’ personnel, it sure does look like the Rams will end up being the cellar dweller again in the division.

  2. Honey Bad- Oh yeah he doesn’t like that name anymore, but it doesn’t sound as good saying Tyrann Mathieu don’t care because then it sounds like he’d be willing to smoke his NFL career away.

  3. He has great potential, a bit of a playmaker. I think AZ was the only team he could rebuild himself into the player he was in college with Patrick Peterson there…

  4. All u negative commentors must have very low esteem so u hide behind this and leave stupid ass comments, feels great toudgepeople doesn’t it u damn haters! Bet u are 2 faced also they type that all will say this negative stuff about him but when you see him in person you will kiss his assaying nice things, your probably broke low lives also. Really pissed me off seeing all those negative comments and oh well he atleast is living his dream

  5. Love all the hate but let’s not forget if not for the stupid weed any other team in the NFL would have selected him in the first round period. Small or big fast or slower the kid has the ball in his eyes and knows how to go get it. Strip it, pick it, or return it to the house Mathiue is coming o the NFC West and I’m glad it with AZ and not against.

  6. Stand up Mathieu, tie your shoes don’t trip and lets go get the ball. Hit them Sea Chickens and Niners in the mouth and save some for Austin tiny ass.

  7. @ truths4all

    I agree with the majority of what you said…excepttttt I’m pretty confident that the Rams will be a pretty dang good team this year. Their defense is young but absolutely stacked and only going to be better with the addition of Ogletree. T.J McDonald can definitely be a starting safety in the NFL. And their offense has a chance to be scary. They FINALLY got Sam Bradford (who is a very underrated QB) some weapons. And their RB Richardson from last year is actually pretty darn good. They’ll most definitely finish higher then the Cardinals. Sorry. Arizona has a chance to be good. I like Carson Palmer there. I think he’s a good fit. But they’re nowhere close to the Rams.

  8. I sure hope this kids stays clean. Gonna bring lots of excitement to card fans. Good luck !

  9. I hope he stays clean and dominates the league, paid a big price foe smoking weed man…we’re talking about weed, not heroin, weed man, we talking about weed.

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