Falcons talking contract with Richard Seymour


The Falcons have moved carefully and specifically this offseason, not adding many players, but adding veterans at positions of need.

They may be about to again.

According to Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com and John Manasso of FOXSportsSouth.com, the Falcons have been in contract talks with former Patriots and Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour.

That would fit with the signings of running back Steven Jackson and defensive end Osi Umenyiora, as the Falcons make a Super Bowl push.

The Falcons don’t have a glut of cap room, but still would be interested in adding a player such as Seymour, a four-time Pro Bowler who would add some gravity to a defense that needs it.

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  1. Richard is a bit overrated and is getting a little long in the tooth. But good luck to him.

  2. Take it from a Raider Fan for whatever it’s worth he’s done baby. He hasn’t practiced for the Raiders for three yrs. Thats not an exaggeration. Performed OK for the Silver N Black but no where near a level equal to his paycheck. Just wants one more contract. But Godspeed Richard.

  3. Richard would be a great leader on the Falcons defense. Hes not an every down player anymore but he is still a beast.

  4. He seemed depressed when ne traded him. He was good with oaktown when he felt like playing. He could be a hof if he showed up everyday but his diva attiyude and dumb plays when the game gets crazy is his downfall.

  5. His name is definitely more impressive than his performance at this stage. Love him as a situational guy/ spot starter, juist don’t expect “Pro Bowler” Richard Seymour”.

  6. for some reason in my opinion richard seymour, and not a lot of salary cap room don’t go together…..maybe but i doubt it.

  7. At least they wouldn’t be giving up a first round draft choice for him ; along with the trade for Carson Palmer , that had to be one of the worst deals made by the Raiders’ front office.
    This isn’t to suggest that either player wasn’t talented or capable of helping a team , just that the price was too steep. As a free agent off the street , though , I certainly think Seymour is worth inviting to camp.

  8. This could spell the end to 1st round pick Peria Jerry, the DT who never has lived up to his lofty (relatively speaking) draft status. He has gotta be the reason Dimitroff has traded up in the 1st round these last 2 years as the time “he let the draft fall to him” they ended up with a player who filled a need but had injury issues in college and GUESS WHAT? he injures himself his rookie year in game 1 while the talk like mad that year was the Falcons really wanted Michael Oher or Alex Mack but HEY! sorry no player for you. Now they just say eff it give up some picks so we can get the guy we like & not end up with potential regrets. Peria Jerry started for injured DT Corey Peters & played well enough but the writing may be on the wall. I say go get the oldie but goodie. And then re-sign John Abraham. $3.75 million sounds fair plus a starting job playing on passing downs.

  9. Two years ago Seymour rarely practiced so he could play in the games…and then last year he flat out missed half the season. Guy was great in his day, but he’s done.

  10. good pick up if you want an over hyped veteran who loses his cool in key situations and draws silly penalties at bad times.but other then that he is a good fit.

  11. “The Falcons have moved carefully and specifically this offseason, not adding many players, but adding veterans at positions of need”.


    The Falcons are broke, so their adding Veterans who are almost wash-up, that nobody else wants.

  12. With Abraham gone and Atlanta is need of more defensive line assets to help protect their secondary, signing Seymour I think is a good move. Seymour will be a rotation player and a good fit in their scheme. They need defensive line help since they were burned a few times especially Cam Newton. Atlanta is a good team but they have to seize the moment. Last year they did not have a killer sense to put a good team away such as San Francisco at home. We will see what happens this year.

  13. This would be a great addition to a team that is already in contention. Any player that goes to Oakland falls off the map until they get to a different team. Richard Seymour is still a pretty damn good player.

  14. It was already pretty clear that Atlanta’s window is closing. Apparently, they know it, too.

    This will be Atlanta’s last year at a title run. After that, Gonzalez retires and they’ll need to do a mini-rebuilding.

    Good luck, Falcons. You’re gonna need it.

    Signing Seymour is grasping.

  15. concoursrider says: May 23, 2013 8:56 PM

    Richard is a bit overrated and is getting a little long in the tooth. But good luck to him.
    He was grossly overpaid in Oakland-and so was everyone else-but when healthy, he can still make a difference.

  16. Unlike Charles Woodson, Seymour is a big name vet that has little left in the tank.

    The falcons, if they applied themselves, should be able to acquire an UDFA that would be younger and cheaper that could do the job just as well.

    Go Raiders

  17. R-a-i-d-e-r-s….

    We do like that you get the news out fast – let’s just get it right…

    …the next thing you know, some NFL Great is dead…

  18. Grew up in SCarolina , went to Georgia, watch this once great player dog this retirement contract and just show up to pick up his checks.

  19. A super bowl push? By adding Steven Jackson, and 2 players that their former teams no longer wanted? And by blowing up their secondary and filling it with rookies? Sounds legit. They’ll also have to deal with a much improved Saints team this year, and a Buccaneers team that could easily be contenders. Last year was their shot. They blew it.

  20. ….maybe draft better and your team wouldn’t need to live and die on free agents.

    Then again, atlanta will probably win 10 games and everyone can claim Dimitroff is a genius…

  21. If he doesn’t practice, he may be able to give you 20 plays/game. Raiders paid him over $10 million/year for 4.5 sack avg. He played 8 games last year. Maybe he’s rested. I’m not bitter or anyhting. Good locker room leader.

  22. When did the last “all-star” team win a Superbowl? Gathering all of these big name players is still a big crap shoot…..should be interesting if they sign him though.

  23. Always liked seymore, but his last years in Oakland he was up and down and always getting stupid penalties on crucial downs

  24. He can help them if he can stays healthy and that good for Big Rich and ATL. Nothing a class in Oakland. He did his best with the situation presented to him. Not sure why there’s all the hating going on with him. I wish him the best and I’m a Raider fan

  25. Only a situational player now. Legs are gone. He won’t practice anymore and tries to show up for games…a whopping 8 of them last year.

  26. Doesn’t he live in Georgia? Makes sense for him to land there now. I don’t agree with the comment about having a bad attitude. During that last no-CBA shortened off-season, he and Campbell held practices and covered the costs. Attitude, off the field wise, he’s a model player. He can be a bit feisty on the field though. Just ask Big Ben.

  27. Loved Big Rich coming to Oakland, although he didnt want to… He’s a great player when his heart is into it, the body’s starting to wear out on him though..

    The b!tch slap/punch he put on Worth-less-burger was worth all the money Oakland paid him over the last few years!! If Atlanta is playing Sh!ttsburgh this year, he is a must-sign…

    Good luck Richard, I’m sure the Georgians will be happy for your homecoming!!

  28. Since some of u are deluded and have no knowledge of anything about cap room or what ESPN tell u when u wake up b4 work, we cut Tyson clabo which more than half of his salary doesn’t come off the books till sometime in June I think so yes we will have salary space for seymour. Its not like were trying to sign the guy today.

  29. I think these people on here bashing thee Falcons oughta look at one thing and that’s how good they really are! All I hear about is cap room and old free agents, but what I don’t hear about is how Roddy white and Julio Jones alone make up one of the best receiving duo in the league! Then on top of that it doesn’t hurt to have one of the best QB’s in the league as well. Granted Tony G. is getting old and this may be his last year, but hey at least he plays for who? oh yeah I forgot who is it again? HA HA HA oh yeah ATLANTA!!!! It kind a sucks that he doesn’t play for whoever your guys favorite teams are doesn’t it? You know what too? They might not have the best playoff record, but when you go back and look at the last couple of times they lost, before San Fransisco, they lost to the eventual Super Bowl winners, so to me that point is kind of redundant and pointless. So I say this to all the haters out there when your favorite team as one of the best records in all of the NFL for like 3 or 4 years running then you can talk. Just because you’re jealous and don’t really want to stomach another dirty bird winning feast then don’t watch it when they play your team. Also I have news for whoever it was that predicted them to be 3rd in the NFC south. I don’t know who you think will be the #1 and #2 teams then. Because Let’s be honest even with Sean, way overrated pay to hurt, Payton the New Orleans Saints still had the worst defense in the history of the NFL and I don’t see that much they’ve done to improve on it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers what have they done also? not much in the ways doing anything better and the Carolina Panthers? I don’t think I even need to say anything, but I will just because I love this part so much. All I have to say for that is Cam, cry me a river baby, Newton. lol Well one more who do you have on your team panthers? STeve Smith? and that’s it?

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