Nicks’ agent says absence was not related to contract

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Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks took the Giants by surprise when he failed to show up at the team’s organized team activity on Wednesday.

Coach Tom Coughlin expressed his opinion that Nicks “should” have been at the voluntary workout, although league rules say the exact opposite, and speculation arose that Nicks was firing a preliminary shot in negotiations for a new deal with his contract expiring after the 2013 season. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported as much after speaking to a team source, but that report is now being walked back after a response from Nicks’ agent.

Peter Schaffer has not offered any explanation for why Nicks did not attend the OTA with other Giants, but “strongly denied” that his contract had anything to do with his decision to stay away. In a series of text messages, Schaffer said the wideout “takes his place in the community very seriously and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that reputation.” The team source also got in touch to say that he was merely giving his best guess for Nicks’ absence.

“We’ve all talked about our contracts and the things we’ve been through, like what’s going on with [wide receiver Victor] Cruz,” the source said. “When you talk about money and what you think the team is doing right or wrong, sometimes feelings get really hard.”

Whether or not the contract is the issue right now, the Giants are likely to spend a fair amount of time trying to strike a deal with Nicks before the start of free agency next year. If Cruz winds up playing out this year on his restricted free agent tender, things will be even busier as the Giants try to figure out how to hold onto two receivers with just one franchise tag at their disposal.

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  1. If you still have a year on your contract then you should be there and do everything in your power to have a stellar year. Don’t be a punk.

  2. For all I care the entire team can skip these dumb VOLUNTARY OTAs. Nothing good comes from them but season ending injuries. We’ve already lost a pro-bowl caliber FB for who knows for how long.

  3. Hope they work something out, and would love to see him and Cruz at practice.

    That said, Hynoski is having surgery on his MCL after bumping knees (bumping knees!) and SF’s Crabtree tore his achilles on the first day of OTA’s. Given how easily deals can be nullified, it’s hard to fault either side in this situation, particularly the player. This, unfortunately, is just how business is done in the NFL today.

  4. Perhaps they can take Washington’s and or Dallas’ franchise tag for next year…surely Mara can pull that off.

  5. Hopefully there is an $36,000,000 penalty logged against the Giants for violating “the spirit of the rules.”

  6. westampa says:May 23, 2013 12:01 PM

    Easy there Hakeem, you aren’t going to get go 1v1 on Ronde anymore to pad your stats.

    Actually he abused Talib too.

  7. His playoff stats stink too:

    Falcons: 6rec’s 115yds 2TD’s (72 and 4 yard TD’s)
    Packers: 7rec’s 165yds 2TD’s (66 and 37 yard TD’s)
    49ers: 5rec’s 55 yds
    Patriots: 10rec’s 109yds

    Total: 28 rec’s 444yds 4TD’s

    Definitely overrated!

  8. Speculation by Cole and idiots jumping to conclusions. Said at the moment the “story” broke that it was much ado about nothing. Nicks isn’t like that.

  9. inyofaceagain says:
    May 23, 2013 11:38 AM
    Usually when someone says its not about money, its about money.


    Not saying that theory is wrong or anything, but just curious what would someone say if its really not about money?

  10. @moth25 | May 23, 2013, 1:29 PM EDT
    Perhaps they can take Washington’s and or Dallas’ franchise tag for next year…surely Mara can pull that off.


    Thanks the football gods!!!!!!!! Someone other than I realize the Mara’s are running the NFL through good ole Roger. It’s such a joke. And look closely at their schedule they NEVER EVER play a good team coming off the “good teams” bye, but instead they usually play those good teams after they plays the Bears or Steelers (hard hitting type team) on a Sunday/Monday nite on the road. Also how embarrassing was it last year after hurricane Sandy, while local residents were dead, without out power/water or in some other need — the giants played a home game against Pitt and refused to play at PITT while these residents were in dire need of police assistance (yet they has to work the giants game). But back when N.O. was devastated, the giants were “classy” to let the Saints play a “home” game AT GIANTS STADIUM against the giants instead of playing the game in any of the hundreds of pro or college stadiums around the country…real f’in classy. And yeah, the league let it happen — f the Mara’s, classless and ugliest ppl I’ve ever seen.

  11. Where’s all those big bad giants fans now??? Your owner is a creep & look like a pedophile. He is a cheap SOB & leaves his players at financial risk, see: Steve smith & TT

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