No timetable for Griffin to get clearance to sprint, cut

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After his appearance at Redskins’ OTA practice on Thursday, quarterback Robert Griffin III said he has “only” two hurdles left in his recovery from a torn ACL:  (1) clearance for “explosive” sprinting; and (2) clearance to cut.

Those are both fairly significant hurdles.

As to these obstacles, perhaps the most important maneuver for an athlete with a new ACL, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that there is no timetable for said clearance.

“It is still a ways off,” the source said.  “No one is going to rush anything.”

That’s the most important thing for Griffin, the Redskins, the media, and the fans to remember.  Griffin got into this mess because not enough attention was being paid to his health.  This time around, despite anything anyone says, they’re going to be careful.

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45 responses to “No timetable for Griffin to get clearance to sprint, cut

  1. I’m so glad my QB need not worry about sprinting and cutting. He just finds open WRs, wins SB against all-world QBs and is the current iron man.

  2. Robert Griffin does what he wants, when he wants. Everyone who roots for the Washington Redskins are all in for week 1 as we thrash The Eagles 42-0 on MNF. #GodsTeam

  3. RG3 needs to take his time and heal completely. But he does not need to do much in the way of explosive running – that’s what Morris is there for. All Robert needs to do in order to devastate the majority of NFL defenses is to use his killer arm to get to ball to receivers who will actually hold on to the passes.

  4. We need this rehab to be managed correctly. Too many blunders in the past with Landry, Orakpo, Carlis Rogers (bad eyesight). If he can continually remain healthy, at least 2 SB’s while he’s here. If not, back to the drawing board.

  5. We used to be a town that cared about the smallest details of our team. I always prided myself in my fellow Skins fans because we would care about who the 5th receiver or 3rd RB would be. Now we have front page news articles about Griffin’s dad commenting on his knee. Can’t wait for this guy to go so we can get back to being Skins fans and not Griffin idolaters.

  6. This time around, despite anything anyone says, they’re going to be careful.

    Yeah right certainly doesn’t look that way so far.

    Sure wish the league had hgh testing in place.

  7. Griffin is such an influential person he actually inspires people who aren’t Skins fans, to create accounts on here pretending to be skins fans, just so they can talk crap about him. Amazing.

  8. The timetable should be “when he’s ready.” Take a lesson from D. Rose, the future is much more important than Week 1 of your 2nd year in the league.

  9. Not sure what’s more amusing to me. The haters who rip on his proven ability or the “men” who call themselves football fans who comment on his looks. Go watch Americas Next Top Model instead if you’d rather judge an athlete for how they look instead of how they play.

  10. cool. another rg3 story. the most over publiczed team in football history, the 10-7 washington r-word

  11. Get well soon, kid.
    Looking forward to watching you play for years to come (but, uh, sit out any games against my team.)

  12. They should stack some phonebooks on the sideline of the Skins practice field so Russell Wilson can watch a real QB perform.

  13. My prediction is that RG3 will win the prestigious “Athlete Who Looks Most Like Eddie Murphy” award in 2013. Too bad his team will be 5-11, but then you can’t have everything.

  14. RG III is indeed physically talented. The Redskins though made a near football fatal mistake with his playing health. Last year they asked this kid to do a lot and since we are all fantasy junkies he showed the league that he maybe Jesus in cleats. But in my estimation (for what its worth) the Redskins are not as talented as the Giants or Cowboys. Their roster hasn’t been upgraded a great deal because of salary cap and lack of draft picks (see RGIII). This year they must play at Atlanta, Green Bay and Denver plus San Francisco at home-good luck with that. The danger is asking RGIII to do too much and whack he is down again.

  15. Skins fans don’t get it.. the sooner rg comes back the bigger the risk of a long term injury. Why else did they draft back up cousins?

  16. kerryc21realty says:
    May 23, 2013 8:59 PM
    Lots of jealous fans out there who wish he was their QB, love it

    • • • • • • • • • • • • 
    Not me. I’ll take Russell Wilson and our playoff win EVERY day of the week

  17. Good QB. Fun to watch. Hope he learns to “play smarter” by exposing himself to less big hits. If he keeps up his current style of play he simply wont last int his league.

  18. In a related story, there is also no timetable yet on his next major injury. I has been predicted by his doctors that it will probably occur in his third game during the 2013 season – whenever that occurs. Good day now.

  19. After doing those amazing jumping jacks a few weeks ago I figured he was ready to go. Please stop the griffin obsession sports media…people are going to be sick of this kid before he hits 25

  20. Good to hear He’s getting better, I will enjoy watching him play…for 2-3 more years.
    After that I can spend ALL of my time seeing/watching Luck run the QB friendly No Coast offense.

  21. With that kind of injury and ready to play in week one he must be on ROID. I’m not saying that cause my a cowboys fan, I said that because i hate the Redskins.

  22. RGKnee is what we though he was.
    Just another Michelle Vick injury prone scrambler.

    *yawn* the end. PERIOD!

  23. Hey Skins fans maybe you wouldn’t have so many haters responding if you all would stop trolling every article with how great RG3 is. I mean I’m glad you like your QB but please he hasn’t won anything yet. So stop talking trash like you won the super bowl back to back years.

  24. @logicalvoicessays

    I love you bro! #allinforweek1

    Chip Kelly is going to wish he was back in Oregon after the redskins pound his sorry team to oblivioun. HOF coach vs. rookie coach….no contest! I can’t wait to see Robert hoist the trophy!

  25. Even if RG3 comes out of this 100% he still will only be good enough to win the NFC East, which isn’t saying much. Redskins need to get Tebow on the roster if they want to win a playoff game.

  26. As much as I’d like to see him beat the Eagles in the season opener, I’d rather see him wait until he’s 100%, so he can toast the Cowboys again a few weeks later.

  27. kerryc21realty says:
    Lots of jealous fans out there who wish he was their QB, love it
    Yeah wedding couples who’s friends didn’t buy their registry gifts…but honestly nobody is jealous except ur imagination

  28. Sick of hearing about this guys knee. In fact I’m sick of hearing about all the wonderboy running, pistol playing, college offense QBs and looking forword to defenses slapping them around this season. This is the NFL.

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