ProFootballTalk: Urlacher a borderline Hall of Famer?

People in the know claim they don’t believe Brian Urlacher is a sure-fire candidate for the Hall of Fame, and Mike Florio agrees.

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11 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Urlacher a borderline Hall of Famer?

  1. With his credentials he is no doubt a hall of fame players. He redefined the LB position during the passing era and played all 3 downs.

    Besides the Bears won-loss record as significantly better when he played. Tough for a LB make that much of a difference.

  2. Any voters more smitten with SB rings than with what a player accomplished on the field, have no business voting.

    As for Urlacher, he definitely belongs in the HOF, but may not get in on the first try.

  3. Tommy Nobis and Mike Curtis deserve the honor before Urlacher. Their call from the Hall has been long overdue.

  4. Nope, not hall worthy. There are just as many highlights for him as there are against him. He was useless stopping the run up the middle. Without his speed he’s average at best. It’s why he wasn’t resigned with the bears or signed anywhere else for that matter. He lost the only thing in his favor… his speed. Doesn’t deserve to be in canton. Chicago’s hall of fame, Yes… not the NFL’s.

  5. @filthy:

    Ah, so in your mind only Packers players with SB rings belong in the HOF?

    Good luck with that…(-;

  6. Urlacher was one of the fastest LBs I’ve ever seen and was frequently used to drop into coverage due to their scheme. He had 41.5 sacks despite rarely being used to blitz, and probably could have been an LT-caliber sack machine in a blitzing scheme and then everyone would agree that he is a sure fire HOFer. But because his speed was used in coverage and doesn’t reflect statistically as well, we’re having a ridiculous argument about his greatness. He was a fantastic field general, an incredible tackler, and excellent in coverage. The only thing I can remember not liking about him, as a confessed Bears fan, was that in his early years smart coaches could too easily use his crazy speed against him and he would over pursue at times. But he learned from those mistakes and became as good a cover 2 backer as Derrick Brooks. A Hall of Famer.

  7. Urlacher was overrated when he first entered the league. He has been mostly underrated since. When a qb correctly decided not to throw the ball because his coverage all time great for a lb level and the kids wasn’t open that didn’t make SC. It shouldn’t it isn’t exciting. But it sure as heck made teams kick a lot. 54 also has his share of highlights. I understand the backlash to early accolades but too many people missed out on appreciating a great player who belongs in the HOF.

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