District attorney’s office seeks revocation of Josh Brent’s bond


According to multiple published reports, Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent faces a court date Friday as Dallas County District Attorney’s office alleges he has violated his bond conditions in connection with the auto accident that took the life of teammate Jerry Brown last year.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the district attorney’s office alleges Brent either has been in close proximity of alcohol or has consumed alcohol; either is forbidden according to the conditions set after Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter in December. Per multiple reports, Brent faced a $100,000 bond.

An unnamed source told ESPN Dallas that Brent did not consume alcohol.

Also, the Associated Press, citing prosecutors, reported that Brent is alleged to have tampered with an alcohol-detection monitor he is to wear.

Brent is slated to go to trial in September.

14 responses to “District attorney’s office seeks revocation of Josh Brent’s bond

  1. “close proximity of alcohol”????? You can walk down the aisle of a supermarket or into a 7-11 and be in the close proximity of alcohol.

  2. This guy not only took his teammate’s life but keeps making decisions that are throwing what’s left of his life away. Sad.

    The Cowboys should cut this guy for his own good and stop sending mixed messages to him by allowing him around. He seems to not understand the severity of the situation he’s in.

  3. Drinking is legal. How exactly can you be legally bound to not engage in a legal activity? Drinking is right, not a privilege like driving.

  4. dallasnews is reporting this was mouthwash or food….and its ‘normal’ for an ankle bracelet to malfunction.

    Nothing to see here, keep moving on.

    Oh wait….any Cowboys article sells………..

  5. Way to keep supporting (enabling) those boys Jerrah. you should’ve cut his azz but then no one outside your own mind thinks you know what the hell your doing anyways.

  6. Another story says he consumed alcohol and then tampered with the device that detects alcohol in his body.

    If that’s true, he should be in jail and he should be cut. I’m all for second chances, if the person is remorseful for their actions and is truly committed to changing. (See Dez Bryant.)

    But, if this is true, this proves that Brent hasn’t learned a damn thing. And, that’s a shame.

  7. Just playing devil’s advocate. Those monitors are ridiculously bad for false positives. Toothpaste, mouthwash, body soap, & sun block are just a few of the everyday things people use that will set them off on top of hundreds of other things.

  8. It is nice to see that Dallas judial system is actaully doing thier job these days. For so many years if you got in trouble and you were a Cowboy it was like having a free pass. Glad to see that change.

  9. Close proximity to alcohol is a little vague. Would someone with such a provision in their bond be allowed to eat at a restaurant that has a liquor license? Or is it strictly fast food and delivery for you? What about going to a ballgame? Do you need to tell the beer vendor to keep his distance? I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to keep someone who killed someone while drunk driving away from booze, but if he’s not drinking any what does it matter if he’s near it?

  10. @ helix828 : Gotcha!! But how about rubbing alcohol? Would that trigger a monitor?

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