Tank Carradine signs his 49ers deal


It sure looks like a lot of NFL contract negotiators are heading to the beach this weekend, given the dizzying pace of rookie signings.

According to Adam Caplan of TheSidelineView.com, the 49ers joined the parade by signing second-round defensive end Tank Carradine.

Carradine’s coming off a torn ACL last November at Florida State, but they think he could be cleared to return by training camp.

Considering he ran a 4.75-second 40 at his pro day at 265 pounds, there is evidence to back up that belief.

The 49ers have shown a tendency to draft guys a year away (or more) from when they’re needed, but Carradine’s skills, along with age and some departures on the 49ers defensive line could push him forward.

9 responses to “Tank Carradine signs his 49ers deal

  1. I saw his pro-day and he did not look injured at all, he looked like he was a full speed.

  2. I’m excited to see what he can do. Hopefully he is healthy and can produce this season. The 49ers will need him to play well if they are going to replicate last season’s success.

  3. questforthesixthnotthelast2013 says: May 23, 2013 6:26 PM

    Yes, he is Meat! Go with it!!!
    Tank is taken

    As much as I think the San Francisco stereotypes are ridiculous….. no way am I calling a player on this team “Meat” lol. That’s just feeding into it, and while Tank is taken, it is used differently. Tank Carradine… Frank da Tank lol

  4. OK, well I wasn’t looking at it like that, but I do see your point, I counter with, N.Y. was the first date to legalize Gay Marriage!
    I’m not, and really not an issue for me who is, just thought it’d be cool, saw it in a movie once. Plus, its hard to yell tank and understand what you saying!
    He will be a force soon, so I guess they could call him Darth!

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