Titan’s DUI charges thrown out when cop doesn’t appear


DUI charges against Titans tight end Brandon Barden were dismissed, after the arresting officer failed to show up for court.

Barden was arrested in Lincoln County, Georgia in February after a single-car wreck, after which he refused blood alcohol tests.

Officer Christopher Treadwell wrote in his report that Barden lost control of his SUV, hit a ditch and flipped one and a half times. The report also said Treadwell could “smell a strong odor of alcohol.”

But according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, those charges were thrown out because of “lack of prosecution.”

“If the officer doesn’t show for court, everything is dismissed,’’ said Debbie Pruett of the Lincoln County probate office. “Brandon had an attorney and she requested it be dismissed for a lack of prosecution and the judge had no bearing to change it. It’s completely closed. . . .

“It is rare that they don’t [show up], but I think the officer had worked the night shift.”

Barden’s case can still be reviewed by the league for possible discipline.

A former undrafted rookie from Vanderbilt, Barden played in three games last year, and has been participating in offseason workouts with the Titans.

43 responses to “Titan’s DUI charges thrown out when cop doesn’t appear

  1. Unless the arresting officer is no longer on the police force, he is quiete likely to hear about this.

  2. An officer doesn’t show up for a DUI case? That is very suspicious and there should probably be a separate investigation into why he would let this guy that could have easier killed someone just walk. Just more evidence that there are two standards of justice, one for those with money and another for those without, BS!

  3. I find it very hard to believe that there was no foul play here behind the scene. If a police officer works the night shift he normally just goes straight to the courthouse if he has court the next morning. I am tired of these self entitled jackasses doing whatever they want and buying thier way out of it.

  4. elwaysagenius says: May 23, 2013 12:49 PM

    Denver players don’t get DUIs. Too classy an organization

    A simple Google search reported that Knoshown Moreno, DJ Williams, and Matt Prater have all been arrested for DUI while employed by the Broncos in just the last two to three years. Stay classy!

  5. hahahahaha……this is EXACTLY what happens to the “right” kids in my hometown! They NEVER get prosecuted! Who oversees this kinda stuff and what would be required for them to investigate this BS? I want some heads to roll!

  6. Most crooked?…put em in order: Lawyers, politicians, cops, teachers, drug dealers………that’s my order.

  7. One car accidents rarely get convictions. No one saw you behind the wheel, no one can prove you were there. If it goes to trial 99/100 walk. The cop knows this, so does the prosecutor.

  8. That happened to me once… thought I was off the hook, but they just resubmitted the charges about a week later. Had to start the process all over again.

  9. Law enforcement officers in that area have gotten in trouble before for giving preferencial treatment to Titans players. Hmmm.

  10. that is such a load of crap – what do you want to bet he’d have been there if it were a regular joe?

  11. They could dismiss without prejudice and then re-file. Anything less is just a “courtesy” to the entitled. I witnessed a single car accident, guy hit a telephone pole at 3am across from my house. I approached the car, and could smell wine from 5 ft away. The cop pulled right up, asked me if I saw it, I told him I only heard it. He caught a whiff, took the guy to jail and impounded the vehicle. The man was convicted of DUI, and had to pay for the telephone pole he knocked down.

  12. Wow some of you have real reading comprehension issues. It says she thought the officer didn’t show up because he had just worked the night shift.

    As to who put him on that shift when he had court the next day that’s another question.

    And to those of you suspecting a payoff, also reading comprehension issues. The article states he was an undrafted free agent who played a total of 3 games last year. He most likely gets league minimum and there would not be a whole lot of money there to bribe the officer or his boss to put him on the night shift.

  13. officers fail to show for court all the time for simple traffic violations, like speeding, but I have never heard of it regarding a dui charge

  14. blacknole08 says:May 23, 2013 12:50 PM

    As far as I’m concerned Barden is innocent then.


    ottawabrave91 says:May 23, 2013 12:55 PM

    another innocent person to be punished by goodell


    Having charges dropped does not necessarily equate to innocent. Dropped charges can actually be brought again, believe it or not.

  15. When a cop says a suspect “smelled like alcohol” in a DUI police report it’s a clear indication that they are TERRIBLE at writing police reports and have very little experience with DUIs

    Pure alcohol is odorless, what the officer smelled was alcoholic like beverages.

  16. elwaysagenius says: May 23, 2013 12:49 PM

    Denver players don’t get DUIs. Too classy an organization

    Nope, you just get role models like Maurice Clarett and Travis Henry

  17. That’s what happens when u work a double the night b4 a trial. Sucks that this happens but officers are humans also and humans have to sleep

  18. @iamedreed
    All thise thumb downs but ur absolutely right. Odor is added to a lot of flammable liquids for detection

  19. Even if he makes league minimum, that’s likely 10 times what you make. More than enough to offer a 5 figure bribe. And a 5 figure bribe is more than enough for a corrupt (or jock sniffing) cop to miss court.

    How does being on the night shift preclude him from going to court the next day?

  20. Denver players don’t get DUIs. Too classy an organization

    Guess they just drink on the sideline because Rahim Moore sure looked drunk on that play against the Ravens

  21. Jeezus, i do not claim the guy above as a fellow Denver fan.
    As for the dropped case, that is the definition of our legal system gone wrong once again.

  22. The cop is at fault here, even tho it probably sucks he worked till 8am and had to go to court at 10am, probably forgot to set an alarm or slept through it. But don’t blame the player, you cant convict without an arresting officer showing up for court, that would violate our constitutional rights as americans. Will they resubmit the case? Not without a blood test, and from the wording “smelled like alcohol” im guessing na. Good for you Brandon Barden, I wish I had your luck, id go empty my bank account and head on down to the casino.

  23. Issue a bench warrant for the cop , isn’t that what happens when on the other side doesn’t show for court

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