Unnamed Jet goes to town on Mark Sanchez


It’s good to see that Woody Johnson’s ban on leaks held up so well.

While this one wasn’t the front office variety which was so common before, an unnamed Jets player has already started the Mark Sanchez-ripping which I think we all saw coming.

Come to think of it, Unnamed Jet has been the team’s most consistent performer in recent years.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com talked to a Jets player, who didn’t offer his name, who said 80 to 90 percent of the team was ready to see Sanchez replaced as the starting quarterback.

“Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance,” the player said.

This comes on the heels of a three-interception practice by Sanchez which coach Rex Ryan deemed “unacceptable.”

This train is only leaving the station, and it’s only going to pick up steam. If not for the horrible contract extension the previous administration gave him, new Jets General Manager John Idzik might have been inclined to start that rebuilding effort with rookie quarterback Geno Smith.

But numbers dictated that they keep Sanchez, and now they’re apparently in for a fun year of back-biting and general mayhem.

164 responses to “Unnamed Jet goes to town on Mark Sanchez

  1. Its the Jets…They have so many unnamed sources in Florham Park, they just should put “Unnamed” on the back of all their jerseys…

  2. Put your name on it or shut up.

    Sick of anonymous sources and comments. If its anonymous then it means nothing. Not brave enough to put your name then you’re just trying to talk smack.


  3. Does this really surprise anyone that an unnamed Jet decided to rip someone? It would be news if the player would attach his name to it. Jets are a joke.

  4. My guess is Geno starts. Rex and co. can ride the “we started a rookie,” claim, and with a couple good performances, could eek another season out of it. With Geno at the helm, the coaching staff gets 2 seasons at least. By starting Sanchez, the front office could justify axing the entire coaching staff after this season.

  5. At least the Jets will keep my Bills out of the AFC East cellar this year and their QB mess will keep the press off the Bills mess with Kolb and Manuel !

  6. I’ll just have to assume that Mike Freeman said that. Every player in the league has a name, so this one obviously doesn’t exist.

  7. That settles it. Unnamed Jet is going to be stitched onto my Jets jersey for next season. And he better be good.

  8. rc33 says:
    May 23, 2013 1:49 PM

    Gutless coward.
    Exactly. But enough about Mark, what about this unnamed player?

  9. THAT’s “going to town”?? Saying what you’d think most Jets players thought anyway?? If I’ve seen him play and think he sucks, I know his teammates probably realize that by now. The entire country thinks he should be replaced.

  10. So this unnamed coward can’t tell us if it’s 80 percent or 90 percent? Is he just an idiot when it comes to math, or did he not really take a roll call and is just making stuff up?

  11. If you can’t put your name by something shut the hell up…I honestly feel like the media shouldnt even print it if it can’t be substantiated or a name put on it.

  12. I’m not so sure that an unnamed source equates to being a reliable source. An unnamed source will tell you anything you want to hear.

  13. Choo Choo!! All aboard the Mark Sanchez Downfall Express!

    Yup, the train is full….

  14. /Conspiracy Keanu:

    Maybe the unnamed source isn’t even real, and the press is just making stuff up because Jets get clicks because we all argue about it

    and thats why you name your sources or you don’t report it, it’s called journalism, try it sometime

  15. “Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance,” the player said.

    This is going to town on someone? Mr. Gantt must not have had any brothers growing up…

  16. “Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance,” the player said.

    Sounds pretty reasonable at this point.

    I don’t condone anonymous player comments (if its even true) but given what is quoted we are really going to label that “going to town on..” ?? Really??

  17. coltzfan166 says:
    May 23, 2013 2:01 PM
    I’m starting to feel bad for Rex for having to put up with this dysfunctional locker room.

    You mean the locker room he’s supposed to have control over?

  18. That is not a classy move. For all the bad things that have been said about Sanchez, I’ve never heard anyone accuse him of being a bad teammate. His critic should take note.

  19. ” If not for the horrible contract extension the previous administration gave him”

    Rex Ryan was part of that decision so its also the current administration that has responsibility, just not Idzik.

  20. And the circus known as the New York Jets continues. Can’t have any respect for someone to trash someone and not put your name to it.

    And for all the Jets fans that are Sanchize (remember that) haters, as a Patriots fan I give you Jim Plunkett,run out of New England and went on to win two SB’s for the Raiders.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  21. Jets suck, rex cant explain to someone what an offense does, their front office is a joke, geno smith is not the answer, and sanchez throws like a girl.

  22. May 23, 2013 2:01 PM
    I’m starting to feel bad for Rex for having to put up with this dysfunctional locker room.

    What, the locker room that Rex created with his own big mouth ? And by allowing anyone who wanted to to shoot their mouths off as well ?

    Rex built this house of cards. He was all for trading away multiple draft picks to get Sanchez. Sanchez was the guy Ryan wanted.

    Ryan is the one who leads with his big mouth and can’t ever seem to shut up. He may not want to kiss Belichick’s rings, but he could sure learn a thing or 2 about keeping information private and internal, and not shouted to the world by himself and every other member of the team.

  23. This has gone on long enough. This team has no control or team unity. Rex Ryan does not push one or the other and the team is not mature enough to act like a team working as one for a common goal.
    Get someone in the front office who will get a coach who will then run this team as it should. Its sad the owner has allowed this to go on for so long. Im not a Jets fan by any means but they deserve better. No sports fan should have to deal with this petty crap that doesn’t stop. The fans work to hard for their money to go and spend it on a bunch of pro players acting like a childrens pop warner team.

  24. Maybe if good old Rex hadn’t washed laundry in public the other day as usual the players wouldn’t think it’s OK to do it.

  25. Dont think sanchez is any good personally but what Rex and the Jets are doing is a 180 turnaround to cover their ‘you know what’ . Reports about interceptions in ota’s, unamed jets etc they are building reasons to bench him after rex bet on him for 3 yrs. There is no reason to mention INT in ota’s unless it was intentional .
    Rex for all his bravado is a coward act who doesnt stick by his word like he claims to.

  26. Not to put my foot in my mouth but Rex Ryan is clearly in love with Mark Sanchez.

    That is the only way to explain why Sanchez is even still given a shot at starting.

  27. To Quote T.O.: “Get Your Popcorn Ready!”
    or Bart Scott: “Can’t Wait!” This should be a fun train wreck to watch.

  28. Dear Jets,
    You know what you have in Sanchez, that’s why you picked Geno Smith early in the 2nd round. Why don’t you just put a stop to all the bs and just say, “Geno Smith is our guy and we’re preparing him to be the starter week 1. Mark understands that he had been given the chance to be the unquestioned starter for the Jets and now it’s Geno’s turn. Mark understands and accepts his role for the coming season.”

    Instead, you continue to put your business, decision making and employees in the most unfavorable light possible. Most of those people deserve better. You can’t possibly think you’re competing with the likes of the Patriot, Broncos and Texans for the right to represent the AFC in this years Super Bowl (and your fan base certainly doesn’t expect you to either). Show them you have a direction and come support they guys you’ve brought in to change the franchise’s (mis) fortunes like Smith and Ivory.

    Every NFL Fan

  29. “Unnamed Jet goes to town on Mark Sanchez”
    I thought this was a way to break the news that MS was the NFL’s first outed h.s. player. The picture of the headband didn’t help matters.

  30. p.s.

    “With the first pick of the 2014 NFL draft, the New York Jets select …”

  31. An unanonymous former Jet, Jason Taylor commented recently on NFL Live that Sanchez is indeed a bit immature. I think Damien Woody has said the same.

    Even though I am a Pats fan, I do feel a little bad for Sanchez. He hasn’t ever smacked back at any of his critics that I know of. That has to be tough. It’s not his fault that the Jets traded up to get him when they shouldn’t have (no player who ahs started ony 16 games in college should be traded up for) or gave him all that money. He simply isn’t good enough and now his confidence may be shattered to boot. There aren’t that many players who are even keeled enough to be in the NY spotlight and play that high profile of a position and do ok.

  32. Un named sources equal vendetta driven media. My un named source at cbs sports.com tells me that Manish Mehta is jealous of Mike Freeman’s imaginary sources. Freeman’s sources are so much better at stating the obvious.

  33. Funny how an unnamed source talks about Mark and everyone jumps at the chance to bash the unnamed source.
    100 of unnamed sources speak out against Geno and he became the biggest villain in sports.

  34. 23chameleons says:
    May 23, 2013 2:38 PM

    “With the first pick of the 2014 NFL draft, the New York Jets select …”

    Kyle Federico, kicker, Rutgers
    J – E – T – S suck suck suck

  35. I’m not a Sanchez fan, but it’s time to let this guy up off the mat. He is NOT in the news for drugs, crime, womanizing or anything except being less skilled than the Jets organization and their fine fans want him to be.
    So the Jets’ brass, who CHOSE to move up in the draft, who CHOSE to name MS the starter, who CHOSE to extend his contract, are trying to deflect their fans ire away from their terrible decisions by hanging this kid out to dry. He’s not demanding attention, he is having it thrown at him and the Jets brass is happy to keep their own camps from being lit on fire.
    Trade him, release him or get off his case. He’s not blowing his own horn, he’s not demanding a big contract, he’s willing to compete for the starting role, so let it happen.
    And come on, all Rex Ryan knows about QB’ is that he wqas never fit enough to play the position.
    Let Sanchez up for air. It’s tough enough to play in NY.

  36. Wasn’t Idzik promoted from within the organization, making him part of the “previous administration” that handed out the extension?

  37. 99 percent of the fan base want’s a new QB too, so whats the surprise.

    For all we know this unnamed source could very well be a security guard.

    Don’t believe everything posted here, people.

  38. Why is it except for a couple of the comments, Rex Ryan is getting a free pass here? Rex had every reason and opportunity to bench Sanchez last year and didn’t until far too late. Notice the tense of the quote. I think this is referring to last year’s doomed season. Tebow or McElroy. Neither one could have performed any worse than what was being put out on the field.

  39. Why can’t players at least follow the lead of their fans, and speak publicly with a bag over their head?

  40. Just do us all a favor and quit reporting on the Jets. Nothing good comes out of that organization.

  41. this is mike freeman….he’s terrible. So 50/50 if there is any truth to this. I’m sure there are players on the Jets who want to have Sanchez replaced. but until i see one of them say it, its just a rumor. Sorry Mr. Freeman you better come harder than that.

  42. mikejsmith32 says:
    May 23, 2013 1:51 PM
    Unnamed Jets source = Geno Smith?

    Doing this with a factual basis is as gutless as the Unnamed source

  43. I am the unnamed Jets source. Well, at least I’ve been saying the same thing for 2-3 years now.

  44. Poor Jets fans. First Favre taking pics of his junk, then Sanchez generally sucking, now Geno Smith….sucks to be you. The Jets haven’t had a non-disgraceful QB since Testeverde and the sad thing is Vinny could probably lace them up today and still be better then all three of those clowns.

  45. That’s going to town on someone? Sounded fairly polite, and gave an assessment of the team’s attitude without being vitriolic.

  46. I feel bad for Mark honestly. The guy has a horrible offensive line. Horrible receivers. Horrible running game. At least the guy has class, so you gotta respect that. And at least hes not kissing his tiny little bumps in his arms he calls biceps (Kaepernick).

  47. Worst franchise in all of sports, right there. They deserve to suffer. There’s only one team in N.Y worth talking about anyway. HINT: They won 2 Super Bowls this decade.

  48. steelers4385 says:May 23, 2013 2:14 PM

    Jets suck, rex cant explain to someone what an offense does, their front office is a joke, geno smith is not the answer, and sanchez throws like a girl.

    And the Steelers will go nowhere this year except down Memory Lane.

  49. Im not interested in who made this comment, im more interested in who the 10-20% are other than Mark and Rex who think he should still be the starter.

  50. Its kind of ironic if you think about. Everyone is upset because he didnt put his name to the quote, he’s just talking smack. We ridicule him and call him a coward,.
    hey wait a minute, isnt that what we all do hiding behind our tags……???

  51. So I know it is not just me but a buddy of mine a Jets fan asked me if I thought that Tebow was let go to save Rex Ryans job. I thought it a bit silly at the moment but it is looking like Ryan might have gotten rid of Tebow so he did not look bad backing a lame horse(Sanchez) and sitting a prized contender.

  52. The good news:There is light at the end of the tunnel.
    The bad news:Its and on coming train.

  53. And the Steelers will go nowhere this year except down Memory Lane.


    If memory lane is any indication of history repeating itself, then by all means, thanks for the kind words! Steelers will be a force. BOOK IT. MARK THESE WORDS.

  54. The Jets need to cut Sanchez today. Really, 3 interceptions in a practice game? We’re talking about practice? The Jets should be ashamed for cutting Tebow and leaving this freak show on the roster. Ole ButtFumble himself.

  55. I find unnamed sources funny and the reaction of people to unnamed sources even funnier. Why does everyone assume that just because some writer wrote it and then said that it came from unnamed sources that it was actually a team member that made the statement. I’m just wondering. Does anyone if think that these unnamed sources are just the reporters opinions and they are using the unnamed sources to mask thier feelings about MS

  56. Unnamed Jets and unnamed sources should not be published, period! What are these people so afraid of? And if the source is so secret, is it really a source or just fabrication? Grow a backbone and get back to me.

  57. johanvil says:May 23, 2013 4:27 PM

    Oh man, how fun a 2013 Jets ‘Hard Knocks’ would be, eh?

    For some reason I can’t picture you and “Hard Knocks” in the same thought.

  58. Mike Freeman YOU SUCK WITH THIS UNNAMED CRAP!!!! And the unnamed players sucks too comon put your BIG boy undies on and stop HIDING behind this UNNAMED CRAP!!

  59. The anonymous Jets player(s) gossip more than your typical Junior High School Cheerleader squad. What a coward/cowards.

  60. No respectable journalist runs a story soley on an un named source or sources.

    Shoot…..it could be Rex himself or maybe it’s Mark because he knows the team will stink it up anyway and he wants to watch Gino struggle with that swiss cheese O-line.

    But then again this is the New York Jets….. a cut throat place to play and make a career.

  61. Unnamed Jets source = Geno Smith?

    If it was Geno Smith I doubt it would have been an unnamed Jet. The media like to dump on the kid I don’t think he has any friends in the media. My guess it is an unnamed receiver that Sanchez can’t get the ball to

  62. Sanchez should get Obama to pull all of Freeman’s phone records and emails to find out who all of his sources are. Clearly Freeman is involved in espionage.

  63. This team is “The Real House Wives of New York” – it’s May and I can already predict that this season will be another FAILURE for the J-E-T-S! F-A-I-L!

  64. This is absurd. If the team is better off without him around as a distraction, eat the darn 8 million dollars and move on.

    Is a franchise that is probably worth close to a billion dollars REALLY going to hamper their team by keeping a guy around over 8 million dollars?

    The money is going to impact the cap either way. That’s over. There is nothing you can do about it.

    Don’t compound it by keeping a guy around you don’t want.

    One of the best poker tips I’ve ever gotten is never to stay in a pot just because you’ve already put X amount of money in it. If you can’t win, fold.

  65. I’m anything but a Sanchez apologist but I believe this guy catches waaaay too much flak. I suppose it comes with the town he plays in and being stuck with a loud-mouthed coach who talks as if his team is Super Bowl bound every year.
    A lot of the criticism he receives is, IMO, a direct result of dumb ass Rex Ryan comments.
    And guy’s like Steve Smith and other throwing insults in Sanchez’ direction; how ’bout worrying about your own lousy team?
    Who else in the league regularly catches stuff from like this from random players? The piling on is ridiculous.
    Sure he stinks but drafting him too high and giving him that absurd extension is on Tannenbaum; not Sanchez’ fault for accepting the money.

  66. Somehow we did it. Despite the INTs, and the buttfumble, and the jersey tattoo, and the repeated self-immolations in games like the Thanksgiving meltdown against the Pats, we somehow managed to get both Rex and Sanchez back for another year. I’m so proud of everyone here, I really am. Just excellent work all around.

  67. Not a jets fan,but Sanchez has had too many chances! I’m sick of hearing about those turds already and it’s only May. Cut your losses and release that bust.

  68. “Come to think of it, Unnamed Jet has been the team’s most consistent performer in recent years.”

    One of the funniest comments I’ve read in a while.

  69. Looks like Sanchez is going to get the Tim Tebow treatment by the most classless organization in football. So players and coaches are going to drag this guy through the mud all off season? If he is so bad, then release him and go with your superior back ups.

  70. bender4700 says:May 23, 2013 1:54 PM

    Put your name on it or shut up.

    Sick of anonymous sources and comments. If its anonymous then it means nothing. Not brave enough to put your name then you’re just trying to talk smack.

    I find it funny that bender and others rip a player for not putting their name on it when every commentor on this site does the same. Including me!

  71. When a reporter needs a story to write before the deadline, “Unnamed” always agrees and supports a juicy story.

    The only funny thing is when that quote by “Unnamed” is further reported on by national media.

    Personally, I don’t think reporters should be able to used “Unnamed” sources.

  72. At first glance I thought the headline was “Unnamed Jet Goes Down on Mark Sanchez,” which I would also believe.

  73. I,m glad Garrard got out of that joke of a team I would retire to if I had to play for the Jets

  74. The “Unnamed” is not even a current member of the Jets. It was Tim Tebow’s parting shot when he was released. He still thinks that he should have been given a chance as the starter this year.

  75. One thing I love about PFT…the picture speaks a thousand words.

    I’m no Chuck Norris, but no chance I ever wear that thing. Never. Well, I would do it for 8 million a year.

  76. The few remaing “good” players want out. Once they figure out they will get cut by putting there name on it, we will have many names for these reports

  77. Its ironic, but last year’s only stories that actually had named Jets (g Matt Slauson for one) were the ones where offensive players stated how bad Tebow was. Slasuson and others said he had no business being on an NFL team.
    Now, that was believable!

  78. People can say whatever they want about the morality of making anonymous remarks. And sure, it should be kept in-house, but what do you do in a situation where you’re watching your career, your production, and your chance at a championship disappear because the front office has a politicized self-interest in keeping him around?

    I mean, if Mark Sanchez had been a second-round pick instead of a top-5 pick, the Sanchez chapter would have ended years ago. But because he’s a golden boy, he’s held to a different standard than his teammates. That has to anger you as a player.

    Not fair. Needs to end.

  79. So is Sanchez the number one case study in football skill regression or was he just way overrated from the get go because he played for the jets? I’m not a jets fan and don’t follow the afc that closely as a Seahawk fan but his career trajectory seems to be similar Rex Grossmans

  80. Jets have to start over and rebuild. That can’t happen until they get rid of Sanchez and settle things down. He would benefit with a fresh start somewhere else too. Learn from the mistake(last regime), move on and eat whatever money you have to.

  81. Sanchez is an outstanding buy low candidate for a team needing a QB out there….to me this kid can play, he’s had NO help at all.

  82. Unfortunate that writer can get this much attention from unknown sources. Traffic down on the site? Slow news day? Oh, no problem. Just make up a story about an unknown Jets player talking smack on Sanchez. BOOM problem solved.

    I call Bull on this one. Freeman is a hack, just like much of the bull spewed here. If you wanted to be a professional journalist, you don’t use unknown sources.

  83. When I read “goes to town” I was hoping for something like everyone thinks Sanchez is a complete joke for his middle school girl-esque headband and his embarrassing GQ pose and the fact that he sucks donkey nuggets at playing QB and should look into a career into interior decorating or floral design, and then I read “Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance,”.

    Wake me up when someone says something we don’t all already know, or atleast says something we all already know in a fashion that could be described as “going to town” and entertaining. thanks.

  84. How do you throw 3 INTS in practice? We talkin bout practice! Talking crap about the guy isn’t goin to help the situation. How about you shut your mouth and start competing like a real team and get behind the guy. With that headband, I’m sure bufumble would like if you got behind him.

  85. If he wants to wear that headband he needs to shave!

    An unnamed source! Who’da thunk it? Yet another reason I hate the New York Jets. Such a dumpster of an organization!

  86. Go from Sanchez to Gino?!?

    That’s like having Thelma and Louise light the car on fire after they’ve gone off the cliff…

    Gooooooo Jets!

    schadenfreude, pure schadenfreude…

  87. Breaking news..team tries to get behind Sanchez but he keeps Buttfumbling into their a$$

  88. Don’t know how the team can ever get behind Sanchez as a leader after the Buttfumble. Most inept play ever!

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