Urlacher remembers when Brady “juked me out of my shoes”

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As the recently retired Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher looks back on his career, there’s one missed tackle in particular he wishes he could have back.

Urlacher said on the Dan Patrick Show that it still sticks in his craw that when the Patriots beat the Bears in 2006, Tom Brady ran right past him for an 11-yard gain to pick up a crucial first down on third-and-9.

“Brady always kicked my butt. I don’t think I ever beat Tom, we as a Bears team, ever beat Tom Brady when he was the starting quarterback. He always played well against us and he juked me out of my shoes in 2006,” Urlacher said. “Man, he got me.”

Urlacher’s memory is correct: Brady’s Patriots played Urlacher’s Bears three times, and the Patriots went 3-0. And on that run in 2006, Brady met Urlacher in the open field, and instead of sliding, gave just a little bit of a head fake and ran right past him, leaving Urlacher grabbing for air.

“That was pretty cool,” Brady said after that game. “I can tell my kids one day that I beat Brian Urlacher.”

That’s a play both of them will remember long after retiring.

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  1. It’s pretty clear Urlacher has a great memory and some pretty interesting stories. Maybe someone should stick a microphone in his hand and make him a color analyst, ala John Madden.


    When I was coaching youth football I would tell my players that this is what happens when you come up so fast looking for the hard hit, often times you end up with air. Anybody who saw Brady’s 40 yard dash knows that he isn’t fast, but when he stuck his foot in the ground and cut right Urlacher came up with air trying to lay the big wood.

  3. LOL I remember that play as well.

    Too bad the Pats couldn’t close the deal in the AFC title game that year or it would have been a rematch in the SB (which the Pats would have won).

  4. The Bus just steamrolled him on December 11, 2005. Ran right over him knocking Urlacher completely backwards and busting him with a knee to the chin for good measure.

    You have to Google it since I don’t think we’re allowed to post links on here.

  5. Spot-on citizenstrange. I would have thought the Bus would be the memory Urlacher recalled. But I doubt he remembers much of that play.

  6. How about Rodgers tackling him after that INT in the NFC Championship game? Not much of a tackle, I admit, but that entire play was so crucial. First of all, if Rodgers doesn’t throw the pick there the game is probably never as close as it was. But if Rodgers doesn’t catch his feet as he’s flying by, that INT is probably going back for a TD to change the makeup of the game as well. It may have been Bears-Steelers in the Super Bowl if not for that “tackle.”

  7. Brady doesn’t need your respect bullet, he’s already got it from 99% of knowledgable NFL fans and players. As for Bettis, who could forget the two home playoff games the steelers lost to NE. Bettis rushed for 9 yrds in 8 attemts in the 1rst one. Second time bettis ran for 64 yrds on 17 carries with a fumble.

  8. You have to like a guy that may be a Hall Of Famer reminiscing about the plays he missed.

  9. I think it is so funny that people still have to bring up ’07 every time a story that a Patriot is mentioned in it is written, yes you Bullethead, it’s been a while now, get the f over it and move on, must be a rams fan, in that case sorry Mr Faulk, you choked.

  10. @dedmedic, I don’t find it funny that there are people out there that don’t believe the Patriots Dynasty should be stripped away for their cheating ways.

  11. It’s amazing that Brady was able to juke anybody let alone urlacher. Oh and yeah the Pats are a bunch of cheaters lol

  12. ” | May 23, 2013, 4:13 PM EDT
    I would rather have Brady juke me than have him slide at me spikes up.”

    I’m sure Ed Reed concurs!
    Spikes up, to the groin, no flag!
    …god I hate Tom “wears a skirt” Brady!

  13. Funny thing is that after that game, Urlacher whined about thinking TB was going to slide so he conceded so he wouldn’t get a penalty. Now he admits he was juked. He was a good player but man could he whine about stuff.

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