Another OTA Achilles tear, this time Anthony McCoy


For the second time this week, a player has suffered a torn Achilles in OTAs, and could be lost for the season.

This time, it was Seahawks tight end Anthony McCoy, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today. McCoy underwent surgery Thursday to repair the damage, and is expected to miss at least six months.

The AP photo of McCoy being attended to by trainers which is shown here was taken Monday.

Earlier this week, 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree suffered the same injury during a workout at the team facility.

McCoy started seven games last year (seeing most of his work in two-tight end sets along with Zach Miller), catching 18 passes.

The injury will push rookie Luke Wilson, a fifth-round pick from Rice, into a bigger role.

21 responses to “Another OTA Achilles tear, this time Anthony McCoy

  1. Bummer for McCoy but he was potentially an victim of 53 man roster cuts. We have too many TE’s on the roster and it appears we have his replacement in this year’s speedy TE.

    Wish u all the best but won’t hurt this team much.

  2. The Hawks and Niners do everything to upstage each other-free agent signings, drafts, injuries etc

  3. Problem here is that these athletes bulk their muscles up and get so strong that their tendons and ligaments are not meant to handle the stress that the super strong muscles put on them. We are seeing the limits of the human body here.

  4. hrmlss says:
    May 24, 2013 3:07 PM
    NFC West Achilles Race is on!

    Ha. Look out for Arizona. They have a slew of fragile RBs that can put them back in the race.

  5. McCoy was starting to show some promise last year. Not bad at blocking, athletic and can make catches but very inconsistent hands. From what I hear from these practices about Willson and the catches he has been making he is going to be a big fast target 6’5 and runs a sub 4.5 40. I think we have another thread to pair with Miller. Sad thing is it took 2 years for McCoy to improve the way he has at run blocking.

  6. Enough of these OTAs. They are useless. Nobody retains the info after a 2 month break. Sit them in a film room with playbooks and be done with it.

  7. the cheathawks desperation to be like the niner’s is being taken too far. they will never make it to the superbowl anyway, why keep trying.

  8. That’s Luke Willson. I’m not trying to buy a future Russell Wilson jersey with “R. Wilson” on the back.

  9. Spray some Dear Antler spray on it and get your sorry a$$ back out there!!!

    Get your 6 bottles of AntlerX for $160 and you too can tear an Achilles and be back at it tomorrow!! But call now and I’ll rush you not 1 not 2 not 3 but 6 bottles.

  10. Willson with two l’s.

    He now has an opportunity to step up. Who knows, maybe this will be the year we hear “Seattle tight end” and “burst of speed” in the same sentence.

  11. In 2012, McCoy had 18 receptions, 1 drop. 3.6% drop rate

    Moeaki – 33 rec, 4 drops – 7.1%
    Gresham – 64 rec, 7 drops – 7.5%
    Gronkl – 55 rec, 6 drops – 7.5%

    And the main event…

    Delanie Walker – 21 rec, 8 drops – 20.5% drop rate.

    People, stop commenting just to comment, based on some crap you vaguely remember someone complaining about a long time ago. Do the research, then comment.

  12. McCoy dropped 5 of 24 the the year before at the rate of 20 %. If you watch games and just don’t google stats you would remember that along with penalties that took big yards off the board. He has potential as he showed in his big game with Russell this year but this will be missing 2 full seasons of 4 with Seattle.

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