David Caldwell would like the draft to stay right where it is


When discussing proposed changes to the NFL calendar that would push the draft back to May, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he believed that such changes would be good for fans and good for the game.

General Manager David Caldwell doesn’t think that it would be good for the Jaguars, however. Don Banks of SI.com reported earlier this week that there was some grumbling from personnel men about the shift in the schedule and Caldwell gave voice to a few of them when asked about the proposal to delay the draft until the middle of May.

“You prefer to have them in our camp and us training them,” Caldwell said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “We get them in the first weekend after the draft and then send them home with two weeks of our workouts so when they do come back for OTAs, they’re accustomed to what we do. You want your rookies in here as soon as you can and we’re a team that will always want production from our rookies.”

Caldwell’s surely not the only team exec to feel that way and you could probably find more than a few who would want the draft even earlier so they have more time to work with rookies before the start of their first professional seasons. Those complaints probably won’t wind up meaning much since owners appear to have their hearts set on moving the draft to May and the opinions of the guys who write the checks tend to outweigh the opinions of the guys cashing them.

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  1. First thing that I’ve heard from Caldwell that I’m not 100% on board with. While the team will have to count on rookies now for “production,” if you’re planning on rookies helping you win a Super Bowl you’re picking in the wrong league.

    That was one thing I heard from the Steelers’ organization this year that made sense: you can’t bank on rookies to get you over the top in the upcoming season.

  2. The owners need to balance how to best make money. The draft itself nets a lot of ratings and all the hype and speculation brings a lot of media attention. The question is how the teams can generate that same hype from the post-draft period that leads into training camp.

    The extra 3 weeks brings added pressure to making draft selections successfully. Fans and media would criticize busts that much more, when in reality, the longer the teams have to work with the rookies, the better prepared they may be for the upcoming season.

  3. Remember people:

    Boycott the first night of the draft.

    The more you think of it the more you’ll realize it’s hardly a dire necessity to watch the guy get off the phone and stand up and smile.

    That’s all it really is. Find it live somewhere else, and crash the tv ratings and make a statement. It’s not difficult, people.

  4. You can’t bank on rookies to win a SB, but moving the draft back 2 weeks means that rookies are going to go into the NFL season 2 weeks behind previous rookies. I personally believe 2 weeks are way too many, but then again, I’m the kind of guy that believes 1 day missed is too many.

  5. The NFL, a so-called non-“profit” organization that is tax exempt, only cares about how many millions and billions it rakes in and how to fleece the tax payers at every opportunity.

  6. They should leave it where it is. They should also get rid of the stupid rule that keeps rookies from schools with the “quaters system” from being able to attend OTAs and Mini-camps. Rookies need all the time they can get.

  7. Most of you guys have hit it right. Rookies play a big part of the success of each team. Look at RG3 for instance. The draft is already to late in the yr. The draft should be the first week of April and the combine could be shortened, I mean, besides 40yd dash, weight lifting what else do they accomplish? Most all the NFL scouts rely on film, film, film. Game time speed is whats most valued.
    Moving the draft back to May is ridicules. NFL teams wont have but 6 weeks or so to acclimate the rookies before camp and that includes finishing schools quarter systems(what a pain in the azz that is) Dictator in chief Goodell, just leave things alone. I haven’t watched the draft in about 10 yrs, what a waste of time that is and now instead of wasting 1 day your,,YOUR wasting 3 days.

  8. Could make it even more difficult for small school players to contribute in their rookie years. Guys like AJ Green, Russell Wilson, and Von Miller can still walk right on the field. But do the Jags still go with a guy like Jonathan Cyprien at the top of the second round if they know they won’t have as much time with him before the start of the year?

    Does this push small school players slightly further down teams’ draft boards? As an owner/GM, you’re paying early round picks good money that first year – you want production.

  9. If they move the NFL draft to May next year, that could possibly be disastrous for Jax; With the draft potentially butting heads with the Players Championship. Good luck with that one Jax sports media.

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