Greetings from Cleveland

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On Thursday, the VW bus made the relatively short trek over U.S. Route 50 and up Interstate 77 to the great city of Cleveland (yeah, that’s pretty obvious pandering).

The purpose is unprecedented, at least for me.  At some point between noon and midnight (and possibly later), a quartet of NFL media types will shoot a scene in Draft Day, the Kevin Costner/Browns flick currently being filmed on location.

The scene definitely will be shot; whether it makes its way into the final cut of the film remains to be seen.  (I’m hoping that, at a minimum, we’ll appear in the DVD saying in unison, “I think he just sh-t himself.”)

Speaking of we (and/or just sh-tting himself), the rest of the crew includes Alex Marvez of FOX Sports and SiriusXM NFL Radio, Jeff Darlington of NFL Network, and Seth Wickersham of ESPN.

I’ll be heading over there after the Friday morning radio routine in the great cities of Houston, Miami, Buffalo, and Dallas (more pandering) — and after taking the VW bus to the shop.

Apparently, a relatively short trek is more than it currently can handle.

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  1. I’m sure a lot of people will comment on this about how terrible of a city Cleveland is and/or they didn’t know Cleveland still existed. Those people have obviously never been to the city, went to the Warehouse District, the Flats or tailgated for a Browns football game. The city of Cleves is one of my favorite places to visit and always will be. So go ahead and make your non-tasteful jokes about something that you don’t know about.

  2. Cleveland is a great city…so i packed up all my things and I moved to Medina, Ohio.

    I was born and raised in Cleveland and I root for all their sports teams like I always have. Unfortunately, the city took a huge downturn as the 90’s progressed and the quality of the middle class areas were swallowed by the poorer neighborhoods. I love my city, but I felt safer buying a home more than 30 minutes outside of it.

  3. Cleveland, Houston, Buffalo, Miami, and Dallas… What’s next, the seventh circle of hell?

  4. Love to visit Cleveland . Stay at the radisson and ur only like 15 min walking distance frm whatever u want to do sporting events, bars, house of blues, science center r&r hof etc. and no1 has to worry about being the designated driver or waiting for cabs . Absolutely love visiting a cpl times of yr

  5. Great place to visit if you a robber, rapist, kidnapper, or general all round scum bag. Yes I’m talking about the Browns owner

  6. So the “factory of sadness” has yet ANOTHER reason to be sad! Lol. Enjoy yourself, Mr Florio. 🙂

  7. Forget Cleveland and pandering–that’s some awesome news for our favorite football guru and the creator of a website that makes us smile many times every day. Congrats, Mike!!

    slizzyslizz–loved the video; too funny!!

  8. I’m from and live in south west ohio (dayton & cincy) im glad i do not live near cleveland.

    Dayton and Cincinnati are dumps. Nothing to be proud about there.

  9. Lived in Ohio, Wayne County, Lorain County for 5 years I have relatives there, its just too damn cold and that is all.

  10. I get it… I decided to read this article by this extremely relevant sports journalist Mike Florio (yeah, that’s pretty obvious pandering.) Who works for the great up and coming NBCSports Network (extraordinarily obvious pandering.) Someday around the year 2056, they might be able to grab upwards of 1.7% of ESPN’s market share (laughably obvious pandering.)

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