Griffin: Relationship with Shanahan not a problem


The ligaments in his right knee will heal.

But apparently, the relationship between Robert Griffin III and his coaches was never a problem.

Griffin talked to reporters at Redskins OTAs yesterday, updating his physical condition.

But after the early part of his rehab was dominated by questions about whether he should have been in position to be injured in the playoffs, Griffin said Thursday that part was fine.

“There was an unfortunate situation there at the end of the season,” Griffin said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “I don’t think there’s anything that needs to be repaired [in his relationship with the coaches and the team]. . . . The only thing that needed repair from last year was my knee.”

Griffin taking the high road will help keep the issue at bay, but there clearly were some questions about the way he was used last year. He said he “didn’t have a problem” with the way he was used, but others have voiced their concern on his behalf.

RG3 said he and coach Mike Shanahan had “hashed everything out,” making it appear there were some concerns at some point.

“Coach and them, they know exactly what they’re doing,” he said. “We’ve had talks about the offense.”

Of course, if there were never any issues, there wouldn’t have necessarily been a reason to talk about it.

20 responses to “Griffin: Relationship with Shanahan not a problem

  1. They may have disagreed. So what? I don’t suppose Brady and Belichick ever had any “discussions” about the Patriot offense? I don’t suppose Brady ever got hurt while staying in the pocket to throw? What? Oh yeah, my bad.

    There was nothing inherently designed into the offense that led to Griffin’s injuries last year. He got hurt by playing too aggressively, based on decisions Griffin made in the middle of pass plays that broke down. Robert could have come out of the Seattle game, but he chose to tell the coach he was able to continue.

    This is only a controversy because the press has made it into one.

  2. Re-read that last paragraph. Is it still any wonder why the Chargers for example don’t want Teo talking to the press? Why deal with the hassle of someone trying to make a story out of nothing.

  3. RGIII used the term “hashed everything out” because the reporter asked him “have you and Mike hashed everything out”? If you listen to the interview, he was guided into using those words. So, your statement above is misleading. Articles like this just contribute to all the player/coach controversy crap.

  4. When the best franchise in NFL history has the best player in NFL history and the best coach alive today, it is an unbelievable combination. It’s why the networks are fighting to get more Redskins games on national television. #EveryonewantstoseeandreadabouttheRedskins

  5. I really doubt there is any tension between RG3 and Shanahan. It’s an overplayed angle used by a media hungry for any news bits they can grab in between weekly updates on Robert’s knee condition.

    The only problem I had with the way Robert was used last year were those few plays where he was turned into a pure rusher, running into traffic. The read option stuff actually kept people from hitting him because no one knew whether he was going to pass for thirty yards or run for ten. He got hurt on two plays where he didn’t get down in time, not when he was rushing. He needs to learn to slide.

  6. not a skins fan and wasn’t a broncos fan but shanahan does treat his players as expendable it has been that way all along he would draft running backs in the 4th 5th 6th rounds and use em up problem is quality qbs aren’t quite as easy to replace rg3 is now at 2 knee surgeries and counting hope for griffins sake shanahan realizes it b4 dan Snyder needs another qb and another coach

  7. Look, this is football. Last I checked it was a very violent game. People get injured. I get it that the more Griffin runs the higher the risk that he will get injured. However, he was a rookie who was just learning the NFL game. The read option was something he was familiar with and the pistol let Shanahan run his same offence from shotgun. It was about being comfortable and having as much success as possible right out the gate. Griffin and Shanahan will adjust in their second year. Does that mean he won’t get reinjured? No. Football is a violent violent sport. Things happen. He was injured 3 times last year and everyone of them was on a conventional play–not the read option.

  8. if there wasn’t an issue then why talk about it?!? cause the media loves scandal and controversy and tried to make an off-season story over nothing. you guys practically made this ‘shanahan griffin’ rift out of thin air.

  9. This trashbag franchise will continue without a playoff win for many more years. A primadonna coach and a QB with one leg and no brain will not get them a playoff win. Dumb front office and even dumber fair weather fanbase.

  10. RGIII said time and time again last year after the injury…”I earned the right to be on the field. If coach would have told me to come off the field I would have stayed on the field.” RGIII knew the risk. He knew his knee was shot. He is a warrior. He earned TONS of respect from his teammates last season gor doing what he did…but it could have cost him more then it did. This isn’t on Shanny. The guy that says he uses his players up and treats them as expendable?? What are you talking about. Elway, Cutler, RGIII…never looked at any of them as expendable. They are the franchise. You mean to tell me they have up two years of early picks and RGIII is expendable? Get out of here. He can look at the backs as expendable because he doesnt need to draft them early sir…he uses this nifty little tool called ZONE BLOCKING. Shabby has turned more late round rookie backs into 1000+ yard rushers…I think its like 7 late round picks he’s made have rushed for 1000+ yards for him. So yeah…a back is expendable, but a QB is never expendable. And the dude saying he won’t be the same. RGIII was a WORLD CLASS hurdler before coming to the NFL. Olympic caliber. He is ALREADY ON THE FIELD four months later…and he won’t be the same?! All these PTF doctors and NFL comment executives are half foolish. I’m a doe hard Packers fan, but to read some of these comments…its insane. The kid will be FINE. The kid made the decision to stay on the field, he earned it. He’s a warrior. That’s not on coach. A man doesn’t tell another man ge can’t do something. RGIII earned the right to play and he decided to stay on the field saying he was okay. And to say he is expendable…jesus?! Lol. Really???

  11. If the Skins ever get some studs on that OL they gonna be a problem even without the zone read. That’s why Shanny got all of those home run hitting RB’s in the Draft this year. It’s going to be fun. Plus we finally got some speedy playmakers in the secondary. Look out NFC east! “We Doing it again” in my Steely Dan Voice!

  12. the deadskins are overrated and will end up last in the east again. rg111 your season ends sep 9 2013

  13. rg the terd will throw shanahan under the bus after he suffers his 3rd. blown out knee.

  14. Talk about an ego. To paraphrase Steelers coach Mike Tomlin: Who cares what the players think about me, they should care what I THINK OF THEM.

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