Jim Harbaugh: Someone will emerge in Crabtree’s place


With last year’s leading receiver, Michael Crabtree, out an estimated six months with a torn Achilles tendon, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh says he’s confident someone will step up to fill the void.

Harbaugh isn’t totally sure who that “someone” will be, though.

Harbaugh said on 95.7 The Game that he believes the most likely candidates to take Crabtree’s place in the offense are last year’s first-round pick A.J. Jenkins and this year’s fourth-round pick Quinton Patton as well as Ricardo Lockette, who has never played in a game for the 49ers but spent most of last year on the roster and has reportedly looked good in practices.

“We’ll put Jenkins, Patton, Ricardo Lockette at the same position and let them compete and emerge,” Harbaugh said. “The good news is that somebody will emerge because they have to.”

Harbaugh also said he believes the 49ers have a lot of depth at the receiver position.

“Then on the other side, Anquan Boldin, Chad Hall, Marlon Moore has been doing some really nice things in the offseason,” Harbaugh said. “Joe Hastings will compete on the other side. Kyle Williams eventually will come back from his injury. He’s doing real well, coming along very nicely. And Mario Manningham — probably a little bit later than Kyle, but he’s on track to be healed up and ready to go, as well. A real good chance for some young guys to emerge, get some reps and contribute. I very much anticipate that will happen.”

For the 49ers, it needs to happen. Crabtree was the 49ers’ best wide receiver and a big reason that Colin Kaepernick settled into the starting quarterback job so smoothly last year. He won’t be easy to replace, but the 49ers have no choice but to find someone who can do it.

79 responses to “Jim Harbaugh: Someone will emerge in Crabtree’s place

  1. “Harbaugh isn’t totally sure who that “someone” will be, though.”
    Of course he doesn’t. If he did, he wouldn’t be coaching football, he would be enjoying the winnings from last week’s PowerBall.
    Someone will emerge to fill the void or perhaps it may be several players. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. What I do expect, and this is coming from a Seahawks fan, is that the 49ers will be as tough as ever and we will be fighting them tooth and nail for the NFC West crown.
    Can’t wait for the season to begin!

  2. way to try and “speak it into existence” coach…some of the plays this guy made last year on 2nd/3rd and long were amazing…his yac was one of the tops in the league…we don’t have a receiver on the roster that can duplicate that production, sorry coach…my advice, use the all world TE for more than wham blocks

  3. Sure Jim, just like someone Will emerge in Victor Cruz’s place. But here’s the issue, that person will not be as good.

    Time for that lovable Bitter Beer Face Jim!!!

  4. Are people forgetting we still have Vernon davis? He has been our #1 receiver since he been with the 49ers until last year. 49ers aren’t Greenbay they won’t have 4 wrs on the field. It will be more two TE sets. So the real question mark is, IS rookie TE Vance McDonald ready to step up?

  5. Their 4th round pick Quinton Patton is a solid route runner with good hands and decent speed, who isn’t afraid of contact. That is the same skillset as Crabtree, and they are the same size as well.

    My guess is that he is the guy who will step up.

  6. Harbaugh is probably right. Someone will emerge in Crabtree’s place … for a pick six.

  7. SF is still formidable. I’m sure Harbaugh has a plan B he is not sharing to motivate one of those WRs.

    Titus Young is in the area…

  8. the 49ers don’t have a west coast air raid style offense. They pound the ball with a deep group of RB’s and they use a lot of 2 TE sets. Crabs is a big loss, but it’s not a crippling blow. They’ll be fine.

  9. Not hearing too much now from Niners fans on how they think the seahawks gave up too much for Harvin. Prob wish they could’ve used draft picks so usefully instead of a bunch of injured long term projects….

  10. As a ravens fan, I can’t say I feel bad for you guys. You got boldin. He can save kap’s ass just like he saved joe’s. Trust me, you guys will be fine, and I predict you at least back to the divisional round this year.

  11. Expect a heavy dose of the running game and two tight end sets. Kinda like the success they had two years ago with Alex at the helm. With Gore, Hunter, and James, they should have a good mix of power and speed. I have a feeling Patton might emerge out of that group, but replacing Crab won’t be easy. Hope Manningham and Williams can get up to speed soon…

  12. Hahaha as a Seahawks loyalist I feal even better about the forthcoming championship season given our intiment knowledge of both Ricardo ” perenial practice squad cast off couldn’t hack it on our team” Locket and Quinton “came up here for a pre draft visit and we passed on him despite having a dozen picks” Patterson. Yeah my nick names need work but so does your roster niner fans hahah.

  13. Coming from another Seattle fan, this probably means they will run the ball more next year.

    Know something? That’s not really good news for the rest of the league….

  14. You’re damn right.

    It is humbling to have a coach like Harbaugh, a man who lives and breaths football. The formula for the success of this team is based around the system he set in place. That’s what brought a 6-10 team to back to back NFC Championships.

    Of course the talent on the field is integral and the Niners are stacked with Pro Bowlers. But those who make it into the NFL have already established they are of a certain caliber. It takes a brilliant mind in the war room to execute a plan that utilizes the talent to win.

    We got a man down: Boldin, Manningham, Williams, Patton time to go to work.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  15. Classic chicken or egg story. Did Crabtree make CK7 better or did CK7 make Crabtree better? If it’s the latter, which is entirely possible, then there are lots of options for other players on the team to produce and perform as well or better.

  16. classactcalvin81 says:
    May 24, 2013 8:51 PM
    Yea and I’m gonna grow wings and fly too. Besides Crab they have no Wide outs bunch of 3rd stringers!!

    I wonder who your favorite team is @classactcalvin81

  17. Look at you haters!! We got a steelers fan, lions fan and a buccaneers fan all jealous of the NFC champs. Good luck this year to your teams, you all will need it!!

    Why is anyone calling Jenkins a bust? He basically was a redshirt freshman last year because we had the luxury of letting him learn behind some great WRs, Moss, Crabs and Manningham. Ill entertain the bust notion if he doesn’t produce this year. We have so much talent we draft guys that won’t even play for another year, Tank and Lattimore and that’s what we did last year with Jenkins and James basically.

    Manningham is a good WR and Boldin is too, no worries there. Kyle Williams is explosive and can easily take the place of Crabs when healthy. Plus we have one of the top TE combos in the NFL and a Superstar QB and top notch OL and a trio of good RBs. We are going to be fine! I can’t wait for Jenkins to shine this year to shut all these haters up!!

    I wouldn’t be opposed to signing a guy like Brandin Llyod tho who makes circus catches and led the league a few years back. He started a 49er and might possibly end his career as a 49er. Or maybe try trade with the Titans to get Kenny Britt who has the potential to be a dominate WR.

    Anyway it’s nice being on top and having all these other teams fans hating on the top team in the NFC!!! 49er Faithful

  18. You trolls will learn one day that Harbaugh knows football and his decision making usually turns out for the best. The 49ers are not reliant on any on player for their success

  19. People are gonna find out all those “jump balls” Flacco was throwing to Boldin, were actually pretty accurate throws in a small window, where only Boldin could catch the ball. It won’t be long before 9ers fans are saying how slow Boldin is because Kap won’t be making those same throws yielding production from Boldin.

  20. I would hope it would be your first round pick AJ Jenkins. I hope AJ spent the off season working or he’ll be the rare first rounder cut before he makes a catch in the NFL. And he would be a rare 49er misevaluation.

  21. If any of these guys can emerge to be a good wr option it would be scary when Crabtree comes back. Lets not forgot this is the best running team in the league. With gore, hunter, lemicheal James and drafted the best college running back since AP in lattimore. They got plenty of weapons and don’t forgot Vern who better then most teams #1 wr.

  22. The comment by westampa was obviously written by an IDIOT, he must be a Bucaneer Fan. Hey Wes don’t worry bec. when the 49ers come to Tampa week 15 and beat your over hyped Bucs we will see who is the real bust.

  23. I’m no niners fan but winners take negative things that happen and turn them into positives. Harbaugh is a winner and he will find a way to make this situation positive.

  24. “Harbaugh says he’s confident someone will step up to fill the void”….I hope so, how hard is it for a “featured” wr to come in and catch balls and gain barely a 1,000 yards? Not like Crabtree was Calvin Johnson.

  25. I love haters….sooooo misinformed. Lol. All those “luxury” picks SF has had…THIS is why. Other teams need to draft 6-7 immediate starters, but NOT SF. So whether you like it or you don’t like it the 49ers are the top dogs. Just get used to it 🙂

  26. I hate the Niners, but they’re still the team to beat in the NFC. Crabtree isn’t Jerry Rice or anything close, they’ll be fine. If I were them I’d give Brandon Lloyd look.

  27. I laugh when I see all the Harbaugh bashing.
    Year 1: 13-3 Regular Season + 1-1 in the Playoffs
    Year 2: 11-4-1 Regular Season + 2-1 in the Playoffs

    All he has done is get his team deep into the playoffs in his only 2 years coaching in the NFL, both times losing to the Super Bowl Winners and has a combined record of 27-9-1. He drafted a franchise QB in the 2nd round of the draft in his first year in the NFL. Before he took the helm, the 49ers were an annual underachiever. Part of his coaching aptitude is his ability to motivate his players and get maximum performance.

    What does all that mean? Jim Harbaugh knows a lot about football then you do. The Pete Carroll and the Seahawks don’t have enough Adderal to knock us off. He couldn’t even beat Jim Harbaugh when USC was getting ridiculous players and Stanford was starting as a middle of the pack team in a middle of the pack conference.

  28. Here’s what’s gonna happen this year. Arm kisser isn’t going to have his go too guy in Crabtree oldman boldwin is gonna get jammed at the line by Sherman or browner if he eaks bye on occasion kam will be lurking and lay him out just like he did verngina davis and your collection of practice squad rejects and overdrafted busts and late round no tallents will do what theyve alwayse done, nothing. Long story short story the legion of boom will destroy your passing game by distrusting the timing of the offense and intimidating your febal minded dregs it’s what they do, that and well yeah adderall.
    Armkisser will then expose himself as another sub par gimmick non passer in the QB spot. When his first read is stopped and vd is lying in the fetal position quivvering in terror He will run like a fool and get chased down by our fleet of 4.4 40 running lbs and Leo’s, just like rg3 sadly he’ll be in the turf before the fore mentioned legion of boom gets a chance to join the party and do their damage. But the good news you still get to play the cardinals twice so you should get at leastcouple wins or maybe a few more ties.

  29. hawkstradamus you sound like a IDIOT! Do us all a favor and stop posting. The Seahawks will not even be as good as last year.

  30. Hey hawkstradamus! The fact that you can’t spell, don’t know the difference in to, too and two and just plain can’t write a legible statement speaks volumes about your credibility. Do us all a favor and don’t post anyore until you get out of 4th grade.

  31. Jim Harbaugh will find the right guy. Deep down he wants Jenkins to be that guy. A.J. came out of college with a high opinion of himself. Personally I was surprised that the Niners took him. Regardless he better get off his butt and learn the position as a pro and PRODUCE. Finally, a notice to all Seahawk fans on this post, please inform us when you are about to sign so that we can all get a literary vaccination-hawkstradamus-PLEASE!

  32. Hawkstradamus knows all. Everything said has already happened and will continue to happen as I am hawkstradamus. You know its the truth thats why you dont want to hear it. the kissing bandit isn’t a QB in the true sense he’s a mobile football delivery system a slight upgrade over jake locker. Where as the Nobel and infallible Russell Wilson is like a mosaic of all the great quarterbacks of the past he has football of Peyton Manning the moxy and leadership of Montana the crisp overhand delivery of drew brees with the arm strength of Jim Kelly and scrambling ability that makes steve young look like he’s hopping around on a ruptured Achilles (too soon?).
    So before all you niner fans who are about to put down your white wine and cheese wipe your life partners spackel off your chins and chime in about all the championship seasons of the last millennia (two were against the bungles=*X2 + 1 against the orange/hopeless broncos and another against a dolphins team that was never heard from again=overrated paper dynasty) the team you have in the here and now has choked away a conference championship on home turf(Unfathomable to us 12’s) then followed that up with the first Super Bowl loss in franchise history to the great joe flaccid I mean Flacco. Awesome trajectory down there things are looking great cant wait to see what your irrational iratic hyper reactive coach will do when you guys stumble out of the gates.

  33. Hey Hawk trolls the San Francisco 49ers are the NFC champions not to mention the NFC West champions, until another team takes it from them. But lets face it the 49ers have always and will forever be the superior team and organization to Cheaty Pete’s squad of misfits up in Seattle! See ya week (TWO) flying up to dine on some Seachicken along with the 9ers D.

  34. So much hate on the niners these days…Kingcrab will be missed…but doesn’t anybody know he is replaceabl. ..for the short term…Hunter comes back. So put lamichael James in the slot..boldin #
    1 and jenkins/Patton #2..and rehab thr rest
    …..i.e manningham…and Williams

  35. And hawk chimes in again apparently just to prove my point. Ever heard of commas or capital letters? And you also don’t seem to know the difference between noble and Nobel. And what the hell is “iratic”? Please stop.

  36. I personally don’t understand how people can say they think Kaepernick is a gimmick. He has a ton of arm strength and shows touch on his throws. His game doesn’t depend on his running ability, it’s just a bonus. Look at the differences in how he beat Green Bay and then how we beat Atlanta. It’s completely different. I think he ran two or three times in the Falcons game tops. What is scary is that his rookie year offseason had a lockout and last year he didn’t spend it as a starter. This will be his first full offseason as the starting quarterback.

  37. Hawkstradamus…must be the inbred illegitimate child of logicalvoice’s loins… sorry, i meant musst bee tha nbread iljetamyte chyld uf lojikal voyse’ses loynes. Talk all the smack you want about the 49ers and how the five teams they beat in their Superbowl victories were sub-par opponents. The problem is, your team with zero titles of any kind couldn’t even beat the teams that those “inferior” opponents beat to get to the big game. And as for your clairvoyance (look it up), I hate to inform you that you have the words “prophetic” and “pathetic” mixed up.

  38. The seahawks had to have a meeting about cheating!
    Don’t talk to me about competing, not with that cheating Pete competing, to be the best, you must pass the test, and not claim its something its not when you know its not, cry me a river made of adder all, and IMA tell ya’ll, this song isn’t made from adder all!

  39. This is the best thing to happen to the niners. They were ripe for a mid season meltdown with Crabtree, Boldin, and Davis all crying over being number one and getting enough catches. As a Ravens fan you could see Boldin fuming on the sidelines when he wasn’t getting the ball thrown his way and I already know Davis is a hot head, he has proven that and Crabtree is a prima Dona he has proved that as well. Good thing one of the superstars went down cause they don’t make enough footballs for those three

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