Mario Manningham has started running and cutting

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With wide receiver Michael Crabtree out for at least the next six months after tearing his Achilles, the 49ers are going to need the rest of their receiving corps to step up to cover for his absence.

One of the guys they’ll be looking to is Mario Manningham, who is set to start his second season with the team after signing as a free agent in 2012. Manningham’s first year with the Niners ended in December when he tore his ACL and PCL, an injury that coach Jim Harbaugh expectes to keep Manningham from starting training camp on the field with the rest of his teammates.

Manningham is making progress, though, and has started ramping up his physical activity during rehab.

“I have started running and cutting and doing little things,” Manningham said on Sirius XM NFL Radio, via the 49ers’ website. “When you have knee injuries, you can’t really take any time off. Every time I think about it, I’m trying to do something with my knee. I’m not rushing it but I am going hard on my knee.”

Manningham is one of several 49ers receivers whose question marks loom all the larger thanks to Crabtree’s injury. Kyle Williams is also recovering from a serious knee injury and A.J. Jenkins has to show he’s capable of producing in an NFL offense after spending almost all of his rookie season on the inactive list.

13 responses to “Mario Manningham has started running and cutting

  1. The niners are getting approval to let their receivers use medical carts in-game. Imagine the bunch formations! I’m pretty excited!

  2. A castoff from the second rate Giants is supposed to help the second rate Niners. It doesn’t help that the Niners coach is the second rate brother of the coach of Maryland’s second team.

    Everyone is always trying to copy the Redskins, but there’s only one original. #RedskinsdominatetheNFL

  3. This is the reason the NFL doesn’t test for HGH, so these players can come back from theses ACL or Achilles tares. I’m all for HGH especially if it keeps our stars on the field.

  4. @ disingenuous redskin troll

    I can see how being the third ranked team in your division has you bitter about teams that are in second but neither the Niners or Baltimore are that. They won their respective divisions on their way to the Superbowl.

    Your team on the other hand shot itself in the foot when the coach put pride before player safety and now your QB has a perpetual threat of a career ending injury.


  5. Well, you can tell how insecure and weak a fan is by his actions. Trolling another team’s posts that isn’t even in your division is pretty weak, even for a fan of Shanarat’s team. Dude, your coach almost ruined your shiny new QB, and there will be more heartache to come from Shanarat and his mewling pup. Bwa-ha-ha.

  6. Redskins? Redskins? (said in the Jim Mora voice) Is there someone from the Redskins saying we are a second rate team??? We are the upper class of the NFL buddy. Its 49ers, Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, Broncos and everyone else. Redskins are still an unproven commodity … borderline joke. You can’t even keep your QB healthy and you are talking about our WRs? Manningham would be your #1 Wr there Hoss so settle down!


  7. braceyourselffor12–Don’t bother to reply to him/her/it. You’re only encouraging him/her/it when you do that.

    canadian52niner–As a Steelers fan, I appreciate your including my team in your list of the “elite”, but, sadly, they do not qualify at this time. The Falcons or Seahawks are better suited for your list right now.

  8. Agree with mazblast…don’t feed the troll! Lol

    This is great news about Manningham. Let’s get him on the field!

  9. Hope he comes back strong.

    here’s to taking out Leroy Hill before he has a chance at another cheap shot like the dive at to manninghams knees.

  10. fundamental difference between how the niners and hawks coach/play:

    a player is getting held up, and another niner defender goes for the ball/fumble. same thing happens on seattles D and they go for the knees/ injury, like on the manningham play.

  11. @unlogicalvoice I’m pretty sure your team overpayed for a second rate 49er WR last season that really didn’t payoff. So I guess that makes your team 3rd? 4th? rate. Either way your guys did great in the playoffs last season. Hope Grossman is available.

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