Mike Williams tries to revive career in Toronto

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Maybe Argonaut is Canadian for Millen.

The CFL’s Toronto Argonauts announced they had signed former Lions draft bust Mike Williams.

The 10th overall pick in 2005, Williams never lived up to his college hype, catching 127 passes in five seasons with the Lions, Raiders and Seahawks.

That’s fewer than he caught in two years at Southern Cal, when he looked like the kind of player that was going to make a genius out of former Detroit General Manager Matt Millen.

It looked like Williams was going to resurrect his career after a 65-catch season with the Seahawks in 2010, but now he’s going north of the border to try to reclaim that magic.

21 responses to “Mike Williams tries to revive career in Toronto

  1. Yeah I’ll never forget that day. Millen got so excited and rushed up to the podium like as if it was Tavon Austin that had dropped! But that guy was no Tavon.

  2. He was doing alright for a little while in Seattle. I find it hard to believe that he couldn’t be better than that big Rutgers WR NE signed. You would think with the trend moving to 2 TEs a big WR like him would be attactive. I would think you could line him up like a pass catching TE.

  3. Big mike flashed brilliance in seattle but he dropped a couple give mes too. Great guy and the talent is there. Just sometimes the stars dont align right. I liked having him on the Hawks and wish him luck in Canada.

  4. Stop crowning tavon Austin just because he’s hyped up coming out of college. The media makes a big deal out of no big deals to enhance tv ratings for the draft.

    Tavon may be awesome but he also plays arguably the two most physical, and hard hitting teams in the league in SF and SEA, increasing his odds of getting smacked and then his size becomes an issue.

  5. Mike had a really good season for us in Seattle, mostly due to the fact Matt Hasselback was willing to throw up jump balls for him to catch, and he did. He never got that going with Tavares Jackson the following year, TJack was not a touch passer at all. Then Mike suffered a pretty bad leg injury-and that was it in Seattle. Hope he finds a good situation where they can exploit his height.

  6. The year he was serious and got into NFL shape, he was a great receiver. Then he came back the next year overweight and it was over. Too bad, he’s got the talent to be a good receiver in the NFL.

  7. Mike Williams suffered from a case of TJack and Clipboard Jesus. And the injury. If he had a better QB throwing him the ball then he would still be around in Seattle. Uncle Pete was shifting around pieces like crazy the first two years in Seattle. So if you don’t shine right away and keep shining then you get the boot. I think there is a LOT of football left in Mike Williams. Best of luck in Canada.

  8. myosin10: if one of those receivers had panned out, chances are you wouldn’t have drafted megaton, maybe you would’ve ended up with AD. Either way, could’ve been deadly.

  9. The rams beat the hell out of who?????

    They almost tied the niners 2 times. And they beat the Seahawks one time without scoring an offensive touchdown. Oh yeah and a 65+ yard fg and another almost all 60 yard fg. But I guess thats what beating someone badly feels like when your team struggles to beat anyone.

    The rams were a lucky team last season. Beat no impressive teams except squeaking by within ur division by small victories. (everyone knows even bad teams pose an threat within division because of familiarity.)

    The only thing loss for the seahawks really only makes it more clearer how little of the play book wilson was allowed to use at that point in the season. Even you as a diehard rams fan would find it extraordinarily hard to blame wilson for any INT he threw that game, again even as a rams fan you would struggle to see it any other way.

    Lastly your delusional if you think 3 wins by less than an TD is beating the hell out of anyone. But don’t get me wrong in about 4 seasons the rams can be elite if their qb play progesses and those draft picks come close to their potential. But they are further behind the Hawks and Niners than you think, just had an good run in the division that gives you hope.

  10. rg3andthensome says:
    May 24, 2013 4:07 PM
    He is too big to be good in the NFL at the position

    • • • • • • • • • • • •

    That’s funny! Ha ha ha! I get it but I guess other Seahawk fans don’t. It’s just the opposite of what they said about Russell Wilson. Good one!

  11. He would have been a perfect TE – which had to come up by someone. His insistence on being a true WR is causing him problems – and its now too late to effectively change.

    He simply cannot create true separation with faster CBs. As a TE he would be better going against LBs.

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