NFL sends union new HGH testing proposal

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While it’s probably too soon to claim progress, considering the two sides haven’t agreed on much to date, there is at least some movement between the NFL and the NFLPA on HGH testing.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the league submitted a new proposal in April which will keep alive the hope for player testing in 2013.

The proposal reportedly did not include game-day testing, which was part of previous NFL suggestions.

Union officials relayed the news to player representatives this week on a conference call, and they’re working on a counter-proposal which could be in the league’s hands in the next week.

Considering the contentious nature of previous talks, it’s probably wise to take this one with a grain of salt.

19 responses to “NFL sends union new HGH testing proposal

  1. The NFLPA immediately tore it up saying it was “One of the worst deals in the history of sports”

    …they later asked for another copy so they could read it this time

  2. As a former college football player I will tell you it’s practically impossible for some of these guys to return to full strength within 6 months of a major knee surgery with out a little juice or HGH…

    HGH helps regrow and strengthen cartilage and ligaments. I understand surgeries are less invasive, but your forgetting the entire other half of medicine being advanced.

    I don’t believe it’s a problem to allow athletes to use HGH particularly for the brand when it brings back markee players. But I do not like the attacking players for Adderall business, because it’s unclear it’s exact benefit, especially when you can use it with a prescription.

    It can be popped inappropriately and give an advantage, but it’s not clear what that may be and or which players who’ve tested positive for it would also be eligible to get a prescription.

    The nfl doesn’t want HGH testing because it will put a black mark all over some of thier lead Ponys, ie RG3, Peterson, Vernon Davis, Manning…. Etc etc..

    Just leave the game alone I enjoy good football and players at thier best. All the above are good for football and I wouldn’t doubt they’ve used a little something to just get back full strength.

  3. I say not only should PEDs be legalised but made mandatory, imagine the levels the game would reach when you wheel out a Space Jam team with cannons in their chests and arms like Stretch Armstrong.

    For anyone starved of football banter feel free to click the name and give the ol blog a read, trolls welcome

  4. Pointless. They won’t approve anything and it seems like the league doesn’t really want them to anyway.

    I think they should allow HGH (temporarily) for guys that are on IR during the season and those that have off-season surgery. Forbid it for anyone participating in any league activities including OTAs, camp, season requirements. Regulate it through team doctors with mandatory league notification PRIOR to establishing a treatment plan. Ensure there is “clean” time requirement before being allowed to resume normal activities. Allow random testing on game day and anyone caught gets a 4 game suspension that escalates with each violation and could ultimately result in a complete ban if enough violations happen.

  5. Pete Carroll is trembling now that his replacement for adderall is going to be tested.

  6. I think Russel Wilson will have a better career and no I am not a Seahawks fan. RG3 seems like a great guy but all this media reminds me of a young Donavon McNabb who received far to much attention for what he produced on the football field and he has since retired with no rings.

  7. The NFL wants to look like it is trying and the NFLPA wants to look like they are looking out for the players best interests.

    Neither side is interested in actually putting HGH testing in place. It is a show and nothing more.

  8. What people fail to realize is the banning of HGH will hurt the quality of football in the NFL. By quality, I’m mean more guys will not recover as quickly and more players, even marquee players, will receive suspensions. But the game will be “cleaner”. The NFL certainly recognizes this as fact.

  9. HGH and Adderall don’t even belong in the same sentence let alone the same comment about this “news” item.

    There are millions of children across America taking adderall for their ADHD. NFL players take it for many of the same reasons as those millions of kids.

  10. Take the deal – HGH testing does not have to happen game day – you really want to catch the guys with sudafed /adderall game day. That can be done by peeing in a cup. Do the blood testing at other times hopefully throughout the year, randomly time wise ( but everyone gets tested at least twice a year)

  11. What Adderall is to brain activity HGH is to muscle growth.

    Difference is, Adderall doesn’t make you a millionaire…..

  12. I hope that the NFL is just doing this to look good and it never passes. Without HGH Peterson would not have come back so quickly and wouldn’t have had that amazing year! No need to ban HGH it’s only helping players come back from I juries that could keep them out a season or possibly for the test of their careers. You really don’t gain huge muscle mass from HGH like you would from steroids. (Testosterone) so please do not test for HGH if you do it will hurt the quality of the game because more superstar players that get hurt won’t be able to recover and come back so we can watch them play.

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