ProFootballTalk: Is Vick the fastest QB in the NFL?

Eagles QB Michael Vick stated that he believed he was still the fastest quarterback in the NFL. Ravens DL Chris Canty believes there is some validity to Vick’s statements after attempting to tackle him numerous times in college and the pros.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Is Vick the fastest QB in the NFL?

  1. I have no idea in god’s name who would care. I also have no idea why ANY quarterback in the entire NFL would dwell in this area, given the complexities of the job and the single MOST important area of focus being to WIN, not to ponder and or strut around preening about his foot speed! Where is this man’s head, and how can his coach or mates EXTRACT it and affix it soundly where it belongs?!

  2. I think either Tony Romo or Peyton Manning is the fastest. I would love to see them race side-by-side.

  3. This question is a little bit like asking who is the most attractive Supreme Court Justice of all time… not many people care what the answer is.

  4. 40 yd dash:


    does that dude really rock a pony tail?
    Rich Gannon sub 4.5??
    I think he supposed to be at the hockey table.

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