Report: Settlement reached in Brett Favre texting suit

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A settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed by two massage therapists against Brett Favre, the Associated Press reported Friday.

The lawsuit stemmed from allegations that Favre, who played for the Jets in 2008, sent suggestive text messages sent to one of the masseuses. The Jets and another club employee were also named in the suit.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed by the therapists’ attorney, according to the AP.

The Jets released Favre, who indicated he was retiring, after the 2008 season. However, the quarterback came out of retirement to play for the Vikings in 2009 and 2010.

63 responses to “Report: Settlement reached in Brett Favre texting suit

  1. Good thing for him there was no twitter when he cheated on his wife back in the 90s

  2. Okay. Aaron’s cool w/retirement night. Sexting case going away. We’re good for Brett Favre day in Wisconsin! BTW, did they agree to the settlement via text…?

  3. There should be a law against confidentiality agreements shuttering to the public what happened in lawsuits. The truth is swept under the rug so often because of these confidentiality clauses. Only the lawyers profit from them, as usual.

  4. The idea that you can receive endless thousands/millions of dollars because somebody sent you something that made you uncomfortable is so ludicrous and a transparent immoral money grab.

    I cannot believe we allow this type of BS to even be heard in our court system.

  5. In the top 5 best QBs for sure…played with mostly lousy defenses his entire career except the Reggie White Packer days and his good year in Minnesota. Old Packers GM even said his biggest regret was not giving Favre more weapons. Jets would have made the playoffs if Favre didn’t hurt his arm that year.

  6. Ummm… he got sued for sending texts that were probably meant as an advance? Obviously they were lewd, but does doing it once constitute litigation? I mean, the next time I get a crazy text, I might have to contact my lawyer, free money is always good.

  7. Brett has plenty of money, he fleeced the Vikings for $13 million per season without a delivering a championship. But then again, no Qb ever delivered a championship in Minnesota.

  8. this is far from the whole story. The suit was filed, not because of the racy texts, but because the Jets fired the two massage therapists when they complained.

    Specifically, one of the girls he texted was married, and her husband asked Favre to apologize. That’s when they got fired, and that’s why the Jets are named in the suit.

    If someone at my wife’s job sent her a text like that, I would be complaining (at least). And if that complaint got her fired, the first thing I’d do is call a lawyer, and I’m a person who has never set foot in a courtroom in my entire life and hope I never have to.

  9. Under the terms of the confidential court agreement, Mr. Favre must throw his smart phone into the Gulf of Mexico.

  10. Awesome! This now means I can sue anyone who sends me a message I decide to deem inappropriate! Screw working I have a hundred inappropriate messages on my phone, Show Me the MONEY!

  11. In the top 5 best QBs for sure…played with mostly lousy defenses his entire career except the Reggie White Packer days and his good year in Minnesota. Old Packers GM even said his biggest regret was not giving Favre more weapons. Jets would have made the playoffs if Favre didn’t hurt his arm that year.


    1) Favre is the 17th best QB all time. I’d go on at length but don’t want to. Simply, 17th is HOF level, just in the Jim Kelly/Dan Fouts region which is no slam on anyone. Simply not Graham or Montana or Brady level. Not even Staubach or Tarkenton level.

    2) Six of Favre sixteen years with the Packers had Reggie White on the defense, and the D was top quarter of the league – at worst – during those times. After White (and Sean Jones) were gone – 1999-2007, the Packers were 12th in points given up on D (5th out of 16 in the NFC), 15th in yards given up (again 5th out of 16 in the NFC), and 3rd in INT’s (2nd in the NFC). Nothing to write the Pope about, but 5th, 5th, and 2nd in your conference in terms of points, yards, and INT’s isn’t “lousy” – more like fair. Since 6 teams a conference make the playoffs, the Packers’ D was playoff caliber as far as the NFC teams go. Granted the NFC was the inferior conference, but overall the Packers were the best team in the NFC for the decade 1998-2007.

  12. Why didn’t he offer an alibi that he meant to send the messages to someone else but that the texts got intercepted? Everybody would have believed him.

  13. I’m sure this was the only time he ever did that. He just had one moment of weakness. He couldn’t have been some sexual freak cheating on his wife all these years, could he?

  14. Apparently most of the people in this thread isn’t aware that yes, you can sexually harass women via text messages.

    Here’s an idea: if you don’t want to get sued for sexual harassment, don’t sexually harass people. This is Favre’s fault, not the people he texted.

    Just amazing that people are blaming them when this never would’ve happened if Favre had just kept it to himself, like minimally decent human beings do.

  15. Oh yea. So that’s what used to he talked about before Tebow on here

  16. He fleeced the vikings??? In 2009, at 40 years old he threw for 37 tds vs. 6 ints and took a team that was out of contention the year before to the nfc championship game. He would’ve taken them to the sb if not for the illegal bounty program, and he still almost did it even with a destroyed ankle, leg, etc. If that’s your definition of fleecing you better go back to school…

  17. He got sued because the chick got caught by one of her ‘friends’ and they sold her out. She was embarrassed so she sold Brett out and the fact that her father came running to her defense talking about how he’d like to fight Brett (Dumb ideas I don’t know about his offense but Brett sure can take a hit) in the face of a scandal that was his daughters fault to begin with..shows just how well she was raised.

    Or the short version.

    Gold diggers & Adultery.

  18. “Under the terms of the confidential court agreement, Mr. Favre must throw his smart phone into the Gulf of Mexico.”

    No way lagg1. This is a confidential agreement and they know that under pressure, anything that Favre throws will be intercepted.

  19. those gold digging massage therapists are probably still getting paid to give happy endings.

  20. Gotta feel for the lady who lost her job because he told favre to stop doing it. Funny some of you think that was wrong of them.

  21. I was a big time Favre defender when he was QB of the Packers, until the I’m retiring/I’m not retiring mess — which he totally created — yet blamed the Packers for. He showed me during that and then after he played for the Jets then retired/unretired to play for the Vikings what he was all about. That was himself. His former Jets teammates were right when they called him a diva.
    Favre was a great player at times, and yet made some of the dumbest throws any QB I ever saw make. I accepted that, because his great plays far out-weighed his bad ones, although many of his dumb ones came in big games.
    Look — Favre is dumber than a box of rocks. All he knew was football, and even at that he could be as dumb as a box of rocks.
    People who slam these women for suing Favre are missing the point. Typically, Favre thought he could do whatever he wanted and those women had to accept it. Well, guess what? He was wrong.
    They said they got fired for coming forward, and it sure looks like they were telling the truth now that Favre has settled the case.
    Favre was an all-time Packer great, as a player. As a person, he was (is) an all-time idiot. I honestly don’t hold him with anywhere near the esteem I hold other Packer greats such as Bart Starr — the greatest Packer QB of all. He blew that, to me. And I for one, couldn’t care less whether he ever comes back to Lambeau and has his jersey retired.
    Let the Vikings retire his jersey if they want, and they can keep him. We still have have Bart Starr and Aaron Rodgers, and those two guys were (are) better than Favre anyway, and have more class in their little fingers than Favre has in his whole body. He can go back to Mississippi and ride his tractor around or chase crawdads, for all I care. But he probably couldn’t catch them, because they’re smarter than he is.

  22. They received $2300 for 5 days of work over two years? And the actual text was sent to a third unnamed woman who is NOT suing him? And how does the woman named O’Toole even fit in? Does she just get to tag along in the lawsuit for being this Scavo girl’s buddy? For the love of God, please tell me these worthless bimbos did not make any money off of this.

  23. So what’s worse? Texting a picture if your man parts, or making thousands of dollars pretending your a Victim because you never seen a man part?

  24. @nfloracle

    This was a PRIVATE law suit (no pun intended–seriously). That is why the settlement can be/is confidential. In fact the reason we (as society) want private settlements is to free up the court system and allow private transactions to take place.

    Public lawsuits whether criminal or civil are made available to the public even when settled (almost always). Thats why you hear about the dollar amount paid out in SEC actions for example.

    But if we were to force all private disagreements to be settled publicly, there would be no incentive to settle AND any disagreement b/t private people would then be available to the world. Who wants that?

  25. The two therapists should try to get hired by the 49ers. They’d fit in well on a team named after gold diggers.

  26. @ itsunclepauley

    You are incorrect sir!

    Favre never sent a text to either of these women, and they didn’t claim that he did. They claim Favre (and I thought at one point he admitted to) sent a suggestive text to a third women. The third women showed the text to the other two. These two were offended by a text that wasn’t even sent to them. The husband got involved because Favre supposedly mentioned one of the women in one of his texts. BIG difference their buddy. Oh, and the woman who actually received the text didn’t want anything to do with the situation, including providing support or corroboration for the two women.

    The women were not fired. They weren’t retained, along with numerous others, because the team’s training facilities had moved to New Jersey; over 60 miles away. The Jets decided to use local therapists, just as they did when they were training on Long Island. Also, it was just part-time employment.

    In all likelihood, Favre sent the text to the third women and didn’t want to drag his family through an embarrassing court proceeding. Stupid, but pretty harmless stuff.

  27. “Swept under the rug by the NFL. LIke all things GB!”

    Really, like what? That they have the most championships in NFL history? Feeling a little jealous are we?

  28. @favreswiener (may24, 7:12pm)
    Your comment is also fitting regarding the current imposter thats sitting in the highest office in the land….

  29. Funny thing…by sweeping this under the rug…we are all free to imagine whatever we want…and i bet whatever we imagine won’t be far from the truth…

  30. Some dumb people on this site. If you send a subordinate employee sexually explicit pics of your junk and then fire them if they complain, yah, they can sue you and rightfully should.

  31. toolkien says:

    Six of Favre sixteen years with the Packers had Reggie White on the defense, and the D was top quarter of the league – at worst – during those times.

    Who gives a crap what kind of defense a guy head when positioning him for as far as greats go.

    Tom Brady gets to work with a great Defense almost every year does that mean he shouldn’t be on the list. Its a team game.

    Favre also threw more TDs than anyone. Have him wherever you want on your list, but I think anyone else would say he is one of the best 10 QBs ever.

  32. I hate it when they do not give out the details. It keeps brett farve’s crap secret. That shouldn’t be. He should be publicly humiliated for doing that.

  33. Maybe now that he had to shell out some bucks Brett will need money and come out of retirement for one more season……….who needs a QB?

  34. Just as I though I finally was able to un-see that pic he sent Sterger, this comes up are rears it’s tiny head. Please let this all go away and stay away for good.

  35. Who cares about the details? You know something was done that nobody, especially a married man, should be proud of. This is simply another example of what a selfish self-serving egomaniac this guy is……and the NFL did their part by protecting their Golden Calf. Tiger Woods was vilified………where is St. Brett’s day in the sun? Ignoring his off-the-field behavior because he was such a stud football player won’t happen in my world. He has ghosts in the closet too numerous to list and has pages of selfish acts that the masses never heard of or knew about. Ask Sentry Insurance executives why he will never be allowed back on their golf course. It goes on and on. He’s not a good person. It’s just a game and people should get their priorities in order. The true character of a man is how he behaves when nobody is watching. That should count for something.

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