Attorney requests perjury investigation against Mario Williams

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Yep, Mario Williams shouldn’t have tangled with Tony Buzbee.

As we recently explained, the lawyer representing Erin Marzouki will unleash the time-honored “let’s see what we can f–k with next” approach while representing the former fiancée of the Bills defensive lineman.  According to David Barron of the Houston Chronicle, Buzbee is now f–king with Williams’ liberty by asking a Houston judge to refer the matter to prosecutors for a potential criminal investigation.

To support his claim that Williams’ lied, Buzbee has released a new round of text messages from Williams to Marzouki regarding the $785,000 diamond ring for which Williams has sued.

“‘Keep those material things.  It means nothing to me anymore,'” Williams allegedly said.  “‘I said keep it'” and “‘KEEP IT! Remember me by it.'”

Buzbee argues that the text messages sufficiently conflict with the allegations in Williams’ lawsuit to make the statements perjury.

“Despite his fame and wealth, this court should not allow Williams to misuse the court system, or to avoid the ramifications of his conduct,” Buzbee explained in a court filing.  “Williams is not above the law.  He undeniably lied under oath.”

The criminal justice system rarely becomes involved in disputes arising from civil litigation.  Lies routinely are told under oath as people either make a grab for cash or try to protect it.  Prosecutors typically can’t and/or won’t devote limited resources for fighting real crime to pissing matches between private parties.

Sometimes, however, the private controversy assumes a very public position.  Which means that, in a case like this, an opportunity arises to deter similar behavior in the future.

None of this means that prosecutors will indeed pursue charges against Williams.  But it’s just another example of how aggressively Buzbee will attempt to get Williams to drop the case and leave Buzbee’s client alone.

41 responses to “Attorney requests perjury investigation against Mario Williams

  1. If Mario Williams started a Kickstarter campaign for his defense, I have a feeling he’d get some major donations cause this woman and her lawyer are really making themselves look bad.

  2. No matter how dumb Mario Williams was in this whole ordeal, I can’t help but cringe at how sleazy the chick and this lawyer are revealing themselves to be.

  3. In high profile cases, it’s not so much that prosecutors are interested in deterring similar behavior, but more of a a grandstanding opportunity in front of a very large audience.

  4. Mario going to show up for training camp, standing 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighing 147 pounds. Looking even smaller because he is stooped over and shuffling. Deserves it, too.

  5. I bet if he was nice enough to agree to also give her 25% of all of his future income she would be willing to withdraw her complaint.

    Or would Mario like to see what’s behind Curtain #3?

    I’d go for that 25% before it shoots up to 50% despite not even having to get to the divorce phase!

    There’s cat-fishing, and then there’s cat-gutting. Hey pass the ribs.

  6. Quite simply, once you give someone a gift, it is their property. Williams has no right going after her in the first place. HE is a nuisance and harassing her. HE is the one who looks sleazy IMO. HE should walk away and live with his mistake, instead, he got burned, and wants to get the “last word in” like a little baby and bully her around. Good for her and her attorney fighting back.

  7. I say it’s time for these two lovebirds to settle their differences and get back together.

  8. I didnt know an engagement ring would be referred to as “those things” It would be tough for them to prove that he was talking about the ring in that text…

  9. I think Williams should duke it out. Sure Buzbee is a good lawyer, but Mario could hire some other high profile lawyer to openly trash buz’s claims.

  10. “Williams is not above the law. He undeniably lied under oath.”

    Nobody lies anymore, he either misspoke or misremembered.

  11. Attorney’s can’t do anything without the law and courts. They didn’t make the law nor the game. They just play it.

  12. Civil law is based upon the preponderance of the evidence, not beyond reasonable doubt.
    Neither lawyer wants to see this in court.
    Bet that sweet, little gal has some skeletons clanking in her closet. Otherwise, no need for the lawyer to engage in silly drama.

  13. This is definitely worth the court system’s time. In the end it will settle and Buzbee will walk away with a couple hundred grand for 2 hours worth of real work.

  14. In the link provided, it also said the gold digger was going to keep the ring anyways, which prompted him to say “keep it.” It goes on to say he sent an email on March 4th in which Mario Williams wrote that he wanted to repair his relationship with Marzouki and said, “I just want to verbally discuss and answer things knowing you have closed the door, I still can’t say one thing bad about you that sticks.”

    Apparently he wanted to repair the relationship. So……she didn’t want to then, which would mean she is the one who doesn’t want to get married now. Am I right or wrong here? So she would have to give the ring back, right?

  15. How do we know Mario Williams ex fiancé didn’t send those texts from Mario’s phone to her phone? If that lawyer wants to play dirty then make him prove that Mario is indeed the one who sent those texts. Is there anyway this lawyer can prove that Mario did actually send these texts? This lawyer and his ex are both a couple of class acts! I hope Mario wins this case.

  16. He broke off the relationship and ended the engagement. The ring became hers at that point. The fact that he wants to repair the relationship is immaterial. Her unwillingness to get back together doesn’t nullify his action to end the engagement. The ring is hers, and based on his manic behavior, I’d say she’s doing the smart thing by staying away.

  17. What is Mario’s ex girlfriend paying her lawyer? Is she wealthy? Even if she wins she’ll have to pay her lawyer a lot of cash. That will eat in to the worth of the ring. If I were Mario I would continue the suit as long as possible causing her to drain her bank account to pay her lawyer’s fees. Mario has the resources to do this. When it’s over she’ll be broke whether she wins or loses the case.

  18. This case should have been referred to an arbitrator who could have ruled that the ring would be sold and the proceeds divided 50/50. A simple and fair solution that avoids the enmity, character assassination, and waste of time and money.

    There should be a provision in the law that requires civil suits to go to mediation and then arbitration with a provision that one side could push forward to a trial but if they do they are subject to treble damages if they lose. That would free up the courts from this nonsense.

  19. The way I see it, these people deserve each other and all their problems. No one’s clean in this scenario, though Mario seems like the lesser of two evils here. Outright lying on the stand is inexcusable, if that’s what he did he deserves it.

  20. All this gift stuff is BS. The ring was given in anticipation of marriage which didn’t happen regardless who ended it. No engagement, no marriage, no contract equals no ring.

    Keeping it is just being a greedy bitch and nothing more…….

  21. When I got divorced, I had the right to alimony and to keep more of my pre marital property and keep rights to his pension and 401 k etc. but I just let my ex have most of what he wanted, some of which was already mine. It was better to get the thing over with than to keep fighting over stuff that really didn’t make a difference to my happiness. My happiness was about never having to see him or deal with him again. There is no price on that. And now Mario has this dirtbag lawyer trashing him in public using private text communications with his equally dirtbag client. Just let it go, Mario. She’s wrong, but your peace of mind will be worth it.

  22. Women and pro athletes are pure magic. They show what they really are in all of these cases. I honestly do not blame these guys for half the stuff with babies and stuff. They are young guys running around with money or the promises of future money in college and even high school with hot women throwing themselves at them.

  23. I know it stings and the ring is not chump change. However, at some point you have to just cut your losses and just count your blessings knowing it could have been a LOT worse financially (half!).

    I hope Mario has learned his lesson on picking women to be with in the future. Avoid baby mamas looking for a lottery ticket, gold diggers, and just straight up low class hoes.

  24. This is what happens when you get involved w/a woman who brings nothing to the table but her vagina and her wish list. If she had anymore than that she wouldn’t be clamoring to hold on to something she didn’t work for, she’d show enough pride, return the gift, and move on to greener pastures.

  25. Why some lawyers wear cement shoes. Just screwing this guy who has left his body on the field for money. Be careful who you #.

  26. Not sure about the jurisdiction that Williams is in, but in some states, only the attorneys sign the lawsuit when it is filed. So, the allegations made in the lawsuit are not signed under the penalty of perjury by the plaintiff.

    So, not sure if there is any crime here.

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