Carson Palmer: I love Bruce Arians

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Carson Palmer hasn’t been the Cardinals’ quarterback for long, but he already knows one thing: He loves playing for head coach Bruce Arians.

Palmer gushed about Arians to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, and he said he can already tell the rest of the team loves the new coach as well.

I love the head coach,” Palmer said of Arians. “I mean, I love the head coach. He keeps it real. He already has this team wrapped around his finger. And we have some talented players in this locker room.”

Veterans like Palmer don’t often describe offseason workouts as enjoyable, but that’s the way Palmer feels in Arizona.

“When you like the coach and the guys in the locker room, and you know you can still play at a high level, and you feel like you can help take a team to a Super Bowl, and you know you’re job’s not gonna be as hard as it may have been before – it’s just fun,” Palmer said. “It’s been very fun since I’ve been here. And nobody thinks OTAs are fun.”

Nobody thinks Palmer has much of a chance to take the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, either. But Palmer thinks he and Arians are building something special together.

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  1. Sorry…just can’t take anyone seriously who says his coach “keeps it real”, whatever that means.

  2. It gets nauseating listening to players claim how awesome a new system is in May. Carson comes across as a guy going through the motions. Noticed it with the Raiders.

  3. I love Bruce Arians = translation; I HATED Greg Knapp.

    And Arians basically ran the same damn thing Whisenhunt did, because they were both at Pittsburgh. Of course the love the new head coach. This time they actually have a QB that can hit the broadside of a barn, unlike the past scrubs they’ve had. If they can protect Palmer, they may actually have a shot….

    but i doubt it. Palmer plays just well enough to lose and stack up stats in garbage time – time will tell if that defense is up to snuff (especially since Ray Horton left and Daryl Washington went bats%it crazy on his ex-girlfriend)

  4. “I love the head coach,” Palmer said of Arians. “I mean, I love the head coach. He keeps it real.”


    He keeps it real?

  5. I think Bruce will be really good for the Cardinals. He did great things with the Colts last year under difficult circumstances. I am still surprised he wasn’t the #1 target for teams needing a new head coach. Time will tell I guess. But if he can make Carson good again then hats off to him.

  6. Steelers lost the real head coach of there Steelers front office look like idiots letting this guy go. This year will be another implode. Lol how’s that new OC working out for ya ?

  7. Palmer needs to remember the poor play of USC QB’s in the NFL before he pops off thinking he’ll lead any team to a playoff victory!

  8. Winning cultures are carefully designed. Steve Keim as new Cards GM hired Arians knowing exactly what they were getting in BA.

    The Cardinals are doing it right. They certainly will not win the Super Bowl this season. But I’d not be surprised if they won 9 games. And continue to make steady improvements afterwards.

  9. Yo Chargersdiehard,..your jealousy is showing,..maybe someday in your lifetime you, like us, will see your team win something. But only if you never die.

  10. Though I hate Palmer and think that he is the pagan god of “fair weather”, he is better than average, which is about 10x better than the Cardinals have had since the exit of Kurt Warner.

  11. Well, at least now we know which athlete is coming out. With that said, I like pie.

  12. ‘I wubz me some Bruce Arians’

    Child please!

    Nothing but Palmer banter and drivel and nothing less than him taking a jab at Oakland in his statements. Not that they care what he says or thinks. But this just shows how delusional and selfish Palmer is and always will be.

    Wonder how long it will take before his next falling out with yet another team? I don’t wish that on AZ but this is his track record.

  13. Its easy to be in love when all you’re doin’ is running around in shorts and a tee shirt in May glad handin’ each other. No losses yet.

  14. Let’s be honest: Palmer’s far beyond his (semi-) glory years…his employment is hardly the most secure in the NFL…in short, the man has other reasons to do a little boot licking…

  15. Cardinal fans-your team is going to be very competitive this year. The rest of that division better not take Arizona for granted.

  16. chargersdiehard is a complete idiot! Name one thing your organization has done….ever? All the talent in the world and nothing to show for it! Guess this is why your GM and HC (of many, many…many years of disappointment) are gone. So, shut your pie hole and ride the Manti-Teo is the next Seau incarnate bandwagon!…. You fair weather fan!

    RAIDER FAN (since 1973)

  17. Yea steelers made a mistake letting this guy go. So what if bigbenthemover had a man crush on this cat. Thought the QB and OC was suppose to have like a marriage thing going.

  18. Wait just a darned minute….
    Are you telling me that Silver had a chance to passive-aggressively bash the Raiders and passed on it?
    I can’t believe he didn’t somehow work a “Tommy boy” jab or a veiled inept coaching staff reference in there somewhere.
    He’s losing his mojo…,

  19. They said Kurt Warner was done too when he got to Arizona , with Larry Fitz on the roster he is very well capable of winning games in Arizona

  20. Remember how often Big Ben got hit and fought threw tackles to get a pass off? Yeah, that was Bruce Arians offense with a better O-line. Carson will have trouble making it through the season let alone to the playoffs.

  21. I remember the ghost of Kurt Warner and what he was able to do with Fitz but I don’t see a repeat performance of that happening. Carson has just never seemed like the fierce driven competitor and leader that Warner was. Honestly you guys shod just trade Fitz to the pats for mallet and some picks and rebuild. Stop gaps and clinging to a years old Super Bowl run is a path to nowhare.

  22. I remember an OC named Ken Whisenhut who coached Big Ben to a Superbowl Win. Where did he go to become a head coach? Arizona? How did that work? As good as Warner throwing to Fitz and Boldin. And Last year as Arians with Indy. Luck is just that good. Indy is blessed as much as they were getting Manning. And the Whole coach Chuck thing last year. Not taking anything from Arians. He is great with QB’s. But when you have Fitz? All you need is someone to be able to throw the ball. Bruce will be fine. Ton of young talent on Arizona. But it’s really all going to come down on Carson? Bruce is only good as his talent is. As any assistant or head coach is.

  23. As a Bengals fan since 1968 (explains why I see a shrink and take meds) I have witnessed players demanding a trade here, or not wanting to come back. and likely all teams have, But Carson asked the Bengals to pursue Owens. As a front office type, Carson would make Elgin Baylor and John Elway look like Bobby Beathard. He was suspect psychologically, and his leadership skills were very much suspect prior to the draft as my former Drug Store List, friend, google it, Jerry Jones, who just passed a year ago, who I chatted with daily for years. Marvin wanted Terrance Newman. He got him eventually, and he is still playing at a VERY high level. I love ML, but his comments about Jerry disappointed me calling him the “guy with the yellow book,” and Jerry did one thing Marvin won’t ever do, spend three years in the Bengals war room during the draft with Paul Brown, until Mike through him out for going media, guy spoke at Buffalo Bills Quarterback Club, counted the likes of Gil Brandt Bill Walsh Tall cotton for a guy who started as a pharmacist. So I guess Mel and Jerry, and all the other pundits were correct. He caught 100 balls, but Owens and Loco Cinco was flyin’ in from Los Angeles to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie arriving in Cincy at 3 am on the red eye for a 7 am practice, neither knowing the plays, and how T O bagged a 100 balls is beyond me, but they were giving Carson fits, he hated 85, they became unmanageable. It wasn’t even his fault. That knee was bad. Marcus Lattimore bad. I think the guy can still sling it. And Mrs. Palmer was in the stands hearing vile things yelled at her husband, and she made him walk away from 130mil in almost guaranteed money and a huge John Morrel meat spoke-person role, to 11 mil over two years? Good thing it ain’t Philly. And he took a huge signing bonus and bolted. Not a high character guy. But Bruce has worked with quarterback’s with personal issues. Why isn’t the old lady, if he is worth ninety million, in a club box and not the stands? Never mind. ML always said, only Hue ever successfully managed Loco Cinco. Hue said in LA, we’re gonna run when we want to and pass when we want to and you won’t stop us. How’d that work out, for you? Adding a 6 6 athletic target with 4.49 speed, will the Bengals be running when they want and throwing when they want, and you can’t stop us. I dunno. Hue was Db’s coach last year, which he’d never done. Now running backs. Glad he’s here. An Al Davis style anarchist. I think Marvin’s going to the front office soon. Hue said to Gio as he was dawdling with reporters, “let’s go Gio.” And the receivers lack of cohesion did catch up with them, eventually the offense was only average in 2010.
    T O, Before that Bill Bergey, Sherman White who wanted to be traded to a west coast team, landing in Buffalo, where Lou Saban heaped a bunch of draft choices on Paul to take a player off his hands. Paul fleeced Saban in I think two other deals, but White was productive in Buffalo, but it wasn’t L A. Bengals got many draft picks, and used them quite well during that era.

  24. Carson can still sling it. Fitzgerald is going to have a HUGE year with Palmer at QB. Mark it down.

    2012 Raiders:
    – 28th rushing offense
    – 28th scoring defense
    – 8th passing offense

    Carson was not the problem. He was the MVP of that team.

  25. Bill Walsh was accused of being to close to the players. Why Paul brown have te job to bill johnson instead of bill Walsh. Pitt messed up letting Arians walk. Their offense is not even close to being as dangerous a it was. Also look for Luck to take a step back as well. Arians can coach. Arizona will be ok. They will be explosive on offense.

  26. With a division of SF, Seattle, and STL – there is no way AZ will be anything but 4th….and it will be several years of that before anything changes – these teams are good AND young.

    I will say I pity any team who has to play the NFC West – tough tough tough division.

  27. With the 4whiners still whinning and the Seattle cheathawks still cheating, the cardinals and rams have made huge improvements. SF Alrdy weak wr corps lost its best target the Seahawks dnt have anybody the 1st 4weeks..the rams and cardinals can start the season with a nice lead. Idc what ppl say about russle will or kaepernick, I saw cams 2nd year in the NFL, I’m not sold quite yet. The cards have the best qb in the division now with the best coach! Can’t wait for the cards and rams to take over the NFC west. Theyve Alrdy had tons of success vs the 9ers and hawks the past few season anyways.shouldn’t be to surprising.

  28. autumnwind999 says:
    May 25, 2013 1:10 PM
    Carson can still sling it. Fitzgerald is going to have a HUGE year with Palmer at QB. Mark it down.

    2012 Raiders:
    – 28th rushing offense
    – 28th scoring defense
    – 8th passing offense

    Carson was not the problem. He was the MVP of that team.


    C’mon, man.
    Yes, Carson can still sling it but this whole “8th ranked passing offense” nonsense is just as hollow as the 2011 “9th ranked offense” that all the Reggie Mak/DA haters have been banging drums for since the regime change and the Knapp debacle.
    Carson started essentially a season and a half, and at no point did he ever take the team on his back and lead… and for that, he was exactly the problem. If you could have taken Palmer’s arm and fused it with Pryor’s heart, maybe. But the guy just doesn’t have it. Sad to say, sad to admit.
    All this “love” jive will mean exactly nothing when the Cards offensive line allows CP to hit the dirt a few times. Opposing defenses will really enjoy his customary Pick 6’s – Larry Fitzgerald might want to have a “Solo Tackles Bonus” written into his contract.
    We won’t miss him… and now the Raiders can actually build something.

  29. Anyone who likes to negative talk AZ is doing nothing but pooing out there mouths. Look at all statistics that AZ struggled in and notice each draft pick addresses those needs. Out of 9 draft picks I see AZ having 6 potentially starters this year.can SF or Seattle say the drafted 6 starters? A+ in Keim’s draft period and in the draft is where the great teams are built. It took SF the Hc hire and 2 or3 good drafts to put them where they are. Lets Face AZ has started the same thing new GM better drafting and new HC who knows what the hell he is doing. Already arguably the best WR’s in the NFC West. SF without Crabtree is really gonna hurt SF this season overall and even better it helps AZ huge cause he did all the damage to AZ in those games look it up. Crabtree had 244 yards and 4TD in those 2games agiainst AZ last year, Davis the TE had no TD and like 80+ yards in two games. You put PP on Q and that’s taking there next best WR out the game. Watch and be surprised AZ will get with SF and Seattle this season period.

  30. When Kurt Warner took the cards to the Superbowl
    they had Breaston,Boldin,Doucet,Fitzgerald,at WR
    Ben Patrick at TE Hightower,Arrington, a RB and a decent O line.
    And lets not forget that Kurt Warner was a winner
    before the Cardinals 2 Superbowl appearances one win one loss Carson has done nothing but lose his entire career, so in other words his next playoff win will be his first, he loved Oakland and wanted to stay up until he was traded so him loving Arian and the Cardinals is no suprise he loves every team but the Bengals until they get rid of him and then hes all
    that situation just wasnt good for me. bottom line if the team around him is good he will be too, but if not have fun with him throwing up a bunch of garbage yards trying to make up for a stupid interception or a fumble that put his team behind.
    raider nation out

  31. Carson ‘I Quit’ Palmer: “He keeps it real.”

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  32. 50,32,40,41. No, those are not the average score of a Bruce Arians led offense, that is the amount of times a Bruce Arians QB has been sacked each of the last 4 years (not counting back ups that also got sacked). Keep in mind the Cardinals have a horrible O-line and play against some of the better Defenses in the league.

  33. Hate on haters Palmer may not throw for 4000 + yards but he won’t need to cause has a defense nothing like he has had before in his past. Come on Ciny and Oak need I say more? Focusing on 2 minute drills third down conversions and red zone scoring is where OTA’s are at right now. Watch Palmer will win more games then OAK did and AZ for that matter last year. Every NfL player says they play for a Super Bowl win who doesn’t say that? In reality he is a stop gap QB not a QB picked up to win it all just ave QB play with AZ defense men’s more wins and improvement from last season how much will will soon see. Stay tuned Palmer Haters

  34. All the haters on hear make me laugh..He will prove all of you wrong…all of those running their month off like they can predict the future, After he proves you wrong, you can then shut your big mouth..

  35. Carson has been average to slightly above average with good/great talent around him more than he has been good/great with average to slightly above talent around him.

    That said, it’ll be interesting to see what he can do this year. Supporting cast may tell the story.

    To his comment about Arians, well, who, outside of Phoenix, really cares?

  36. Until week 8 when they are 2-6
    Palmer stat line for 2013/14 55% comp. 3500 yds 26TD 23 INT’s all the Int’s coming at critical times in the game he is a worse version of Romo good stats BAD in the clutch with 0 leadership qualities.

  37. I’m still laughing that someone using the name “dolphins4” has decided that the Steelers haven’t been as good since they fired Bruce Arians. That’s a good one.
    The last time Uncle Bruce was the Steelers’ OC was back in 2011, when his offense finished 22nd in scoring, which is the exact same ranking the offense had without him in 2012.
    I’m going to try and explain this one more time: The Steelers went from 12-4 in 2011 to 8-8 in 2012 because the defense slipped from No. 1 in points allowed in 2011 to No. 5 in points allowed in 2012. Without an offense, the slide of four spots made that much of a difference.
    Arians should’ve been fired as far back as 2009, when the defending Super Bowl champs dropped an uninspired 13-6 loss to the 1-11 Browns in a late-season, must-win situation.
    Arians’ horrible influence on Roethlisberger and the severe damage he inflicted on the offense may take years to overcome.

  38. Ha ha I am not even a Cardinal’s fan (49er’s fan) but all these people that are NFL ignorant and straight up just have diarrhea of the mouth, You have no idea how Big the Cardinal’s getting a QB the caliber of Palmer is, with a decent back-up in Stanton , and 3 top notch RB’s, drafting 2 OG’s, which was AZ’s weak spot on the line, one being the best and most athletic OG to come outta the draft in over 20 Year’s is. The Cardinal’s lost like 5 game’s by 7 points or less simply because THEY HAD NO QB or they would of been of a 10 win squad easy, they have a top DEFENSE in the NFL as well. With a crappy lower tier starting level QB in Kolb they did what no team has done in year’s , beating the Patriot’s on opening day in FOXBORO, they beat the seahawk’s as well starting out 4-0.

    Their OL will be fine. For 1, they fired Russ Grimm and have a great new OL coaching staff. They have father time, the QB whisperer, Asst HC Tom Moore who is a offensive genius and believe’s heavily in protecting the QB. Last year their OL was without their starting LT ALL YEAR & without 4 of the 5 STARTING OL MEN. With Jonathan Cooper at LG and LT Brown back, their Pass Protection will be Above Average, especially with a QB like Palmer who just ranked in the top 10 QBs in the league , in Passer’s who get the ball out Quickly behind Brady @ 3.31 seconds. Well below the league average. Their line with rookie’s throw to the wolves, only gave up 19 sack’s n week’s 9-17. Ranking 13th in the NFL in the second half of the season. RT Rookie Bobby Massie gave up ZERO SACK’S after week 9, and was just rated by PFF as a top 3 NFL RT. Their starting C is back who is decent. Cooper and Brown on the left side will be monster’s in run blocking, and with a LG the caliber of cooper , that greatly help’s Brown because he wont be getting beat on the inside. Their OL is fine with World’s better coaching. It will give up no more than 25 sacks, 30 top’s. 3 Player’s on this year’s OL are top NFL talent.

    As for Palmer is a huge upgrade in the Desert. He has Better Career Stat’s than Eli Manning, and this is the most talented Offense he has ever been on. Notice Eli Manning has a lot more ATTs throw’s, and he has alway’s been on better on far better offense’s. He also throw’s more pick’s basically every single season, including his super bowl winning season, and in 2010 he threw 25 PICK’S and 20 picks in 07, look it up.
    Eli Manning:
    2612 comp 4457 att 58% Comp 7.07 Y/A 211 TDs 144 INTs 72 FUM 82 passer rating
    Carson Palmer:
    2568 comp 4110 att 62.5 comp % 7.17 Y/A 190 TDs 130INTs 37 FUM 86.2 Passer rating
    Of couse Eli Has a more stories career with more playoff win and 2 SB ring’s. He has been on a far better team though, and in regular season play Palmer is better. He is the perfect big armed Gun Slinger QB to run Arian’s offense, a very effective vertical offense.
    Palmer has the most talented WR’s n over all offense for that matter he has ever had. He has the best WRs unit in the NFC WEST. He has two Deep threat’s, In Larry Fitzgerald who very well could be the best WR in the NFL this season now that he has a TOP 15 NFL QB Throwing him the Ball. 2012 1st round pick Mike Floyd is a very talented deep threat, with a garbage QB throwing to him he managed to put up 166 rec yards and 2 TDs against one of the NFLs top Defense’s in the season finale. Slot WR Andre Robert’s was one of the better slot guys in the league last year , he had a good year with no QB , He is Explosive and could do big thing’s this year. Rookie Ryan Swope Ran the second fastest 40@ the combine, Tieing with the Ram’s Tavon Austin. He is A LOT bigger than Austin though at 6ft 205 pound’s. He run’s excellent route’s, and has great hand’s as well he is Texas A&M all-time leading WR setting record’s in TDs, Rec’s, and Rec Yards, he fell in the draft due to Concussion issues having 2 very minor one’s in college, Although he never missed a game due to concussion. He would of been a 2nd or late 1st round pick if not for the injury. You know who else had concussion issue’s in college, 5 time pro-bowler Slot Receiver Wes Welker. What’s funny is the Cardinal’s wont be even using him A lot. They Also have the fastest T.E in the NFL in Rob Housler 4.4 40, HE Creates great mismatch’s for defender’s. He has great hand’s and runs route’s flawless, He could very well have a break out year, He is Projected to have 47 catche’s this year , 4TD, and 512 Yards. With All the talent surrounding Carson Palmer he could throw for over 4k+ Yards easily, 25-30+ TDs, somewhere between 12-14 picks, with a passer rating WELL over 90.

    Unlike the STL Rams who have a question mark run game this year, the Cardinal’s are loaded with talent. Multiple 1,000+ yard season runner super bowl winnin RB Rashard Mendenhall is finally Healthy again after his 2011 injury. Cardinal’s 2011 2nd Round pick RB Ryan William’s , Who had a season ending knee injury in the preseason of 2011, Who played hurt in a few very early game’s last year before a shoulder injury, is FINALLY 100% HEALTHY. He had his knee surgically cleaned out in the off season, removing suture’s , knot’s , and drill hole’s. He is feeling like himself Running for the first time since the 2011 knee injury, running like the EXPLOSIVE RB he is again, running with Explosiveness , speed, cutting north n south again. Having both 110% Healthy is HUGE!!!.

    The Cardinals went out and drafted the 5th and 7th best RBs coming into the draft , including Standfor’s all-time LEADING RUSHER. Both Stephan Taylor and Andre Ellington hold school and conference record’s. Stephan Taylor hold’s PAC-12 Record’s, and is Stanford’s ALL-TIME Leading Rusher Holding the record in 3 straight 1,000+ Yard season’s, Over 1500 Yard’s his senior year, the YPC record 6.1 , Rushing Yards record over 4500, and the TDs record over 40+ plus TDS. They were Drafted as a Insurance Policy incase Mendenhall or Williams don’t run up to bar or get injured. So it is safe the Cardinal’s will have a great Run Game this year.

    The Cardinal’s have a great offense, a better offense than STL coming into the year and that is a fact. They have the best group WRs in the NFC WEST. Their OL is FINE. They have a whole new coaching staff. Including last year Head Coach of the Year Winner , Bruce Arian’s who Brings a proven offense to the Desert and Will be calling the plays. My 49er’s couldn’t even beat them by more than 13 point’s last year BECAUSE THEY HAD NO QB , I CANT STRESS THAT ENOUGH, AND BEAT US IN 2011 , when we went to the NFC CHAMP GAME , with they had a scrub QB playing at decent level. 8-8 in 2011 in fact. The Cardinal’s went out and IMPROVED on the 5th best pass defense in the NFL and 12th overall best NFL DEFENSE in FA and the DRAFT. Now that they have a QB to utilize those great RECEIVER’S they have is HUGE . They will be point’s on the board that’s a fact , a very lethal high scoring passing oriented offense. Now that they have a good offense to match a top 10 defense that equal’s a winning team why is that so hard to understand, I understand hater’s gonna hate and there is tons in the NFL , but people on this board are just being ignorant.

    Are they as good as my 9ers. NO!!!. ARE they better that the SEACHICKEN”S , they are getting there. Do they have a better offense and overall team than the Ram’s absolutely. I love what STL is doing as well but Bradford has not stepped in 3 year’s look what Andrew Luck did in one year,missing OTA’S, with a worse team and way worse defense that STL had, turning a 2 win team into a playoff contender. Bradford is just a Mediocore QB in the league in my eye’s. Will they be good this year? Yes.

    I expect the Cardinals to beat SF even though I am fan 1 outta 2 games same with SEA, they will beat SEA again 1 outta 2 games and most likely sweep the rams. The Cardinal’s will most likely go 4-2 or 3-3 in division play and win atleast 7 outta 10 division games. I really think 3 team’s from the NFC WEST will make the playoff’s this year,as projected, I see the Cardinal’s winning a WC spot going 10-6 this year. At best 11-5, at worst 9-7.

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