Jerry Jones: I paid Romo $100 million, so I want everything


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made quarterback Tony Romo one of the highest-paid players in NFL history this offseason, and he also said publicly that he wants to see Romo spend more time in the facility and get more involved in the offense. That raises a question: If there were any issues with Romo’s commitment, why give him that kind of contract?

But Jones says it’s not about questioning Romo’s commitment. Instead, Jones told Albert Breer on NFL Network that he simply meant that if he’s going to pay someone the kind of money he’s paying Romo, he wants to be certain that player is giving everything he can possibly give to the team.

“When you give somebody $100 million, you’d like to get every ounce of anything they can bring to the table to win a football game,” Jones said.

Jones said he believes Romo is a great offensive mind who can add a lot to game planning sessions.

“He’s outstanding on offensive concepts and he’s got a vantage point that very few people have,” Jones said of Romo. “So anything that he can bring from the concept to the field has got to make us a better football team. I think it will.”

Romo has led the Cowboys to an 8-8 record in two straight seasons, but Jones says that doesn’t mean Romo is mediocre.

“We’ve been disappointed the last two years,” Jones said. “Nobody more so than him. We’re going to take what we’ve got with Romo’s great experience, ability, decision making, all of those things and we’re going to try to win more ballgames.”

Romo will have to help the Cowboys win a lot more ballgames to justify that contract.

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  1. Hey Jerry, for half that price — a mere $50 million, I promise that I will win as many Super Bowls as Tony Romo will.

  2. A real GM and Coach helps a lot. Just ask Jed York. As fun as it is to pick on Romo…… he’s not the real problem in Dallas

  3. In the interview I watched, Jerry Jones said he “gave” Romo 100 million dollars.

    I was thinking what a ridiculous comment that was. At least now he is referring to the 100 million as part of Romo’s negotiated benefit for being a member of the Cowboys, and not as a personal gift from Jerry Jones.





    With the genius of our 3 time superbowl winning gm we will not fail this year..

    we have given Romo 100 MILLION REASONS to win and win MULTIPLE TIMES!!

  5. Well, I am 20000% certain that’s not how it works.

    Re: Every overpaid player in the history of free agency

  6. He’s trying to buy another super bowl like he did in the 90″s, when they had no limit on spending. I forgot what they do call it. Over 70 yrs old and have some dementia

  7. Jerry – the problem is that you DID pay him 100 MIL… for…. ???

    JJ and the Cowboys are entrenched in betting on the wrong horses. They’re throwing high-performance money at guys who aren’t even in the race.

    You don’t pay Romo 100 MIL… you pay a Super Bowl winning QB 100 MIL… AFTER he proves he can get it done.

    Talk about the classic cart before the horse.

  8. Usually people don’t give out $100 million contracts in attempt to “TRY to win more more ballgames”. They are usually given to proven players who’ve made it far in the playoffs recently or that have accomplished big achievements (Rodgers, flacco, Etc). Though most people aren’t Jerry Jones….

  9. Would anyone else watch “Sound FX: Jerry Jones” all year long or am I the only one?

  10. @canetic

    For half that price you won’t win has many football games as Tony Romo. For that price you won’t even score as many touchdowns as Tony Romo. But at the end of the day Tony Romo is a starting NFL quarterback and your’re… well.. a nobody ? LOL

  11. JUDAS PRIEST!!! This man is an absolutely INSUFFERABLE horse’s backside!! Even “The Boss” eventually realized this kind of approach was counter-productive, backed off and allowed the men who were lifers in the game of baseball use their talent, knowledge and other skills to build the championships toward the end of his ownership years in the South Bronx. JJ doesn’t appear to care about year after year of failure under his micro-managing ways. He simply continues ensuring success for divisional rivals, as well as ANY playoff opponents. Coach Johnson had several more SBs in his tank, and Jerrah ran him off. Boy THAT certainly worked out eh?

  12. Romo is 33. he only has a handful of years left. If i were him, and given that kind of a contract, i think i would be able to live in a “football bubble” for those handful of years.

  13. Sounds to me like Jerry regrets spending that much money already. make sure all the tv cameras have clean lenses,jerry plans to spend alot of time in front of them this year……

  14. No one works harder or puts in more effort if they get paid more. They may have more attention to detail but people have the attributes for success regardless of salary.
    Sounds more like Jerrah has some goals or conditions of employment he would like to see his QB reach.

  15. I Love it! being a Skins fan, it means we only have go up against the G-men and Eagles. back to back years w/ the NFC East title on the line and playoffs….Romo daftly throws to the DB’s.

  16. Jerry should talk to his general manager about giving that much money to a slightly above average quarterback.

  17. Why wouldn’t have Romo been doing everything he could to help the Cowboys win? Paying him more money will motivate him more? And notice he states “give” him 100 mil, not that he’s earning it? Typical mentality that ran off Jimmy Johnson. I swear if I ever meant Jerry Jones I would give him a big hug and ask for his autograph, he should be appreciated by everyone who is not a Cowboys fan. Nothing personal against Cowboys fans, in fact I almost feel bad for you guys. Almost.

  18. Flash Forward a few years to Jerry Jones in a home wondering why he paid Romo $100 million dollars when Kyle Orton coudlve got the same results for minimum wage

    new blog is up for the football starved, and dudes that think they know fantasy leagues, give the name a click, trolls and thumbs down welcome

  19. noring4youstill says:
    May 25, 2013 4:27 PM
    Worst GM in history

    Mike Tannenbaum is flabbergasted at your statement.

  20. “when you GIVE someone one 100 hundred million…”. Crazy Jerry – shouldn’t Romo earn it?

  21. Just imagine what the Cowboys could be with a talented GM working along with Jerry, his money and his enthusiasm…..

    Jerry, please get over yourself or get out of the way.

  22. Romo has “special pictures” of Jerrah and is using him to get his payday. 🙂

  23. But you don’t deserve everything Jerry. You don’t contribute the GM skill to have grandiose expectations. Get the right GM and then you can say that while also having a logical and legitimate foundation to support it.

  24. Based on Jones’ comments, Steelers fans obviously will never have to worry about Roethlisberger ever being traded to the Cowboys. Yeah, I know. Roethlisberger’s won two Super Bowls. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

  25. Maybe the Boys would be good if the owner got his nose out of football ops.
    Thank god my teams owner is Robert Kraft who excepts the fact (aside from being a mega rich owner) that he’s just a fan and not an football operations expert. Take notes JerryAl DavisJones!

  26. so Jerruh’s theory is that Romo is going to try HARDER how that he’s gotten his payday?

    1.) If he wasn’t trying hard enough before he doesn’t deserve it.

    2.) Giving him his payday just ensures that the first sign of trouble or failure Romo is just going to shrug his shoulders, stop worrying about ‘trying’, and go back to motorboating some blondes.

  27. As a #49ers fan I NEVER thought I’d say this but….I’m actually feel sorry for Cowboy fans. After watching A Football Life – Jimmy Johnson I am more convinced than ever that Jimmy simply had that an intangible “it” factor in being able to parse out truly good potential talent from the chaff.

    The fundamental problem is that Jerry Jones WANTS to be Jimmy Johnson and therein is the issue. Like speed….you can’t teach that kind of intangible, instinctive ability to ‘see’ talent and know where and how it’ll contribute.

  28. …..and all the cowboys fans want a new GM. The rest of the NFC fans are fine with you pretending you know what your doing.

  29. Yeah, because giving an unfocused underachiever a ton of money is the best way to get results

  30. NOW you should fire yourself Jerry. Romo is a good regular season Qb. That’s it.
    No rings for you.
    Is he going to be your knew glasses cleaner in your private box when he retires?

  31. “Al Davis bequeathed me his black leather jacket. The transformation was now complete. I would live forever. Enjoy the ride, Cowboy fans.”

    – Jerry Jones

  32. Cowboys give guy with 1 playoff win the second most guaranteed cash in NFL history

    Not to mention the team has about 35 cents under the salary cap to sign players

    what a train-wreck

  33. Jerry Jones talks too much but id like to hang out with him jus so he could buy all my beer im gonna need this season.

  34. And I thought the Jets were a circus. Cowboys are right there too thanks to a senile owner.

  35. As long as Jerry Jones manages (not owns) this team, I did not see them getting to the Super Bowl. His self-righteousness (narrow mindedness) has really hurt this organization. From 2008 thru 2012, the Cowboys had 38 draft picks. Of those 38, 6 are starters and 13 are backups. That means 19 are no longer on the team. During this same time they made one playoff appearance (2009). You can further add the exorbitant foolish contracts that were paid to certain players. I do not have to mention all this because Cowboy fans know it. Jerry has said that he would have fired himself-THEN DO IT. Do it before Cowboy fans become so infuriated that they will replicate Howard Beale by yelling-we are as mad as hell and we do not want to accept this crap anymore.

  36. Strikes me as a statement on Garrett and his abilities (or lack thereof) as an offensive coordinator.

  37. Jerry is a horrible GM… and if jimmy had “it”, where did it go when he went to the Dolphins?

  38. Too bad for Jerry that winning is about so much more than one player.

    But good job of carefully laying the blame just in case everything goes to hell…which it will.

  39. The Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones is the owner.

    His book “Playing To Win” could have been shortened to one sentence: “Do the opposite.”

  40. Jerry is like a senial old man who payed far out the ass for a Cadillac and thinks he got something. Unfortunately Cadillacs suck now compared to audi bmw mercedes Lexus and the rest. In any case romo owes a a percentage of his pay to the coke head, the has been and the minor league ball player and every other QB since Aikmen hung up his cleats.

  41. This is why Jones is terrible. Has Tony earned this money? No, not really. He’ll never be a Peyton. Why? Because he hasn’t been one in what ten years?

  42. Romo is not the problem, it’s the worst GM in Nfl history Jerry Jones. As a REDskins fan, I hope he is GM for another 30 years. I would take Romo on our team in a heartbeat. He is not elite, but in the good category. Better than Flacco, not as good as Rivers.

  43. I read all these stupid posts by stupid people. Underachiever lol an undrafted few agent who will throw for close to 40,000 yards and have one of the best completion percentage and qb rating of all time is def underachieving. Turn over machine lol he has less turnovers than Eli manning during his time as a starter. Romo wasn’t the only qb to ever get 100 and never win a superbowl ummm mike Vick did it twice and Matt Ryan who happens to be a number one overall pick and had exactly the same amount of playoff victories ONE as romo. Clear example of haters who know nothing about football just spouting out at the mouth

  44. Romo doesn’t have the passion for the game that’s required to put in the kind of effort Jones wants from him.

    He plays well in the regular season and folds up under playoff pressure.

    He’s a good QB who will never be called great by anyone but Jones and a few Dallas homers. I don’t expect to see the Cowboys win a Super Bowl with Romo at the helm.

  45. Lol Jerry jones is just as bad of a owner as Al Davis was. He killing the cowboys and putting unneeded pressure when there already plenty. If romo has consistently chocked in every clutch moment he been in how does a 100 million dollars change that. Romo’s choking has even gotten worse atleast before he choked but lately he done it when they had commanded of the NFC west only to allow it to be taken by every division team late in the season to a embarrassing lost. Saying all that I believe romo a good not great but good qb with abunch on his shoulders.

  46. Hey Jerry, you know that QB in Washington who beat your brains out last year, and will be beating your brains out for the next ten years? He will count $4.79 Million against the cap in 2013.

    Oh, and he’s a hero in Texas, too.

  47. Um, Jerry. Do you not think Romo knows his situation? You are a control freak owner, you will never win again. You got blessed with a great coach, and it was your hire, but you let him go. The cowboys will never win another one for years

  48. Jerry is publicly declaring that now the responsibility in all on Tony. It sounds like Jerry is using the $ 100 million to make him the scapegoat for continued failures.

  49. What you want and dream of isn’t how it always end up as Jerrah. Tony is not the problem, it’s the run game you and your coaches designed to support his play action passing ability. Then again, you did build the stadium…

  50. First of all he did not give Romo 100 million dollars unless he is saying the contract is guaranteed. Secondly the players have a union for a reason. All Romo has to do is what is required from him in the collective bargaining agreement. Management can’t have it both ways. In fact it should be a violation of the collective bargaining agreement for Jerry to say this.

  51. Romo has led the Cowboys to an 8-8 record in two straight seasons, but Jones says that doesn’t mean Romo is mediocre.

    Um ….. yeah, it does, actually.


  52. “Romo will have to help the Cowboys win a lot more ballgames to justify that contract.”

    Romo’s winning percentage as a starter is .591.

    A few QB’s who have a worse record:

    Michael Vick .554
    Eli Manning .577
    Jay Cutler .548
    Matt Schaub .536
    Drew Brees .585
    Troy Aikman .569

  53. Oh so Romo got a $100 million signing bonus? It’s almost a guarantee that they will restructure his deal near the end of it to ensure he does NOT pay him $100 million.


  54. In football, the 2nd most valuable aspect of the game is the Center position. The running game is the most valuable. Center position second most. Hopefully their draft this year works out well.

  55. blue says:

    “Romo will have to help the Cowboys win a lot more ballgames to justify that contract.”

    Romo’s winning percentage as a starter is .591.

    A few QB’s who have a worse record:

    Michael Vick .554
    Eli Manning .577
    Jay Cutler .548
    Matt Schaub .536
    Drew Brees .585
    Troy Aikman .569

    All of those guys have won one or more playoff games in their career. Manning, Brees & Aikman all have SB rings.

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