Jerry Jones thinks Bills fans shouldn’t worry about the team moving


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who from time to time has talked about the importance of the NFL returning to Los Angeles, thinks that folks in Buffalo shouldn’t worry about their favorite team making a permanent trip to California.

“The thing that Bills fans ought to know is there are a handful of other cities as well that look to Los Angeles and say, ‘Should the fact the NFL doesn’t have a team out there concern us?'” Jones recently told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

“I think that’s an obvious thing to think about, but if I were a Bills fan I would feel good about the recent negotiation and remodeling of the stadium.”

Still, the “recent negotiation” locks the Bills in to the stadium named for its 94-year-old owner for only seven years.  After that, the price for leaving becomes much more affordable.  Depending on who owns the team at the time, the Bills could be in play to leave.

Regardless, unless the NFL expands, some team will be ripped from its current city and stadium and sent to L.A., if/when the NFL returns there.  Currently, the list of potential teams to move is fairly short, and the Bills remain fairly close to the top.

Of course, there’s a chance that the L.A. market will remain open indefinitely, providing ongoing leverage for teams looking to improve their stadium situations in their current locations.

It’s worked for 18 years.  There’s no reason for the league to stop now.

33 responses to “Jerry Jones thinks Bills fans shouldn’t worry about the team moving

  1. I just wish a team would move to LA already so we can shut up about this. It’s either gonna be the Chargers or Rams. My money is on the Chargers since their owner won’t build a new stadium.

  2. Why is this Guy always infront of a Microphone? And why do the media keep one infront of him?

  3. does california really need four teams?

    if anything texas needs a third, like ny fl and .. california, heh.

    or hey give a team to alabama. they love football there, I’ve heard they go crazy for it

  4. Small tip: Los Angeles is a terrible NFL town.

    I mean, what do the L.A. Chargers, L.A. Rams, and L.A. Raiders all have in common? Oh, yeah: they all left Los Angeles.

  5. The LA market is more valuable to the NFL without a team than it is with a team.

  6. I just hope we stay in Orchard Park. I know I’m biased but the tailgating atmosphere is one of the best things about Bills games (especially since we don’t win). If we’re on the waterfront as planned, the tailgating just won’t be the same. And I love the Ralph, old and outdated, but it’s home to me and every other Bills fan

  7. LA don’t need a Football team..We a basketball & baseball city..UCLA N USC would sell more seats then a NFL franchise..especially a already awful team like the Bills!

  8. Where are all the L.A. Vikings comments, I haven’t heard those people talk for a while. According to them they all knew it would happen, several guarantees actually???

  9. Unfortunatelyabiilsfan: I hope you guys stay, I have heard excellent things about the experience at orchard park. The Vikings had the same rumors about moving for years, have faith.

  10. Was with a buddy, visiting a friend in Binghamton in 1995. Big house party going on, late Sat night, and someone hands me 2 tickets to Bills game next day cause they ain’t gonna make it…well despite not sleeping that night(the joys of youth), my friend and I drove our butts to Buffalo and WOW, what an atmosphere for football..and I’m a Jets fan!! It’s a shame as it it, that they play a game in Toronto. Nice way to take away home field advantage…I’d hate to see them lose their team. We can all agree there’s only 1 team that should be moved. The Jaguars are a joke. Only thing that could save them is a move ..they have no history or fan base

  11. Any chance the NFL is scheduling games in Toronto, and only extended lease seven years, because they want to move? Think about it… What better way to a erode a great Fanbase, then to make them think that team might leave? Would be a lot easier for NFL to make the case for relocation, if attendance was down over the next seven years… due to constant rumors, of a move, the lease of only 7 years has already started. Can’t argue, with a straight face, that Buffalos not a great NFL city NOW…but, what if the attendance was to go down 15000 a game, because the kind folks of Buff realized they were putting money into a team that was about to leave them???
    Just throwing it out there…

  12. I hope they stay put! L.A. doesn’t need a team, the NFL is doing just fine without one now. Keep them in Buffalo!

    love from Cleveland!

  13. Jacksonville is the single most likely franchise to move, just look at their attendance numbers. Buffalo also has multiple ownership groups which are focused on staying in Buffalo waiting their turn. I believe a downtown Buffalo Stadium is also in the plans. I would think the Jaguars, Chargers, Vikings and Panthers would all be more likely to move than Buffalo.

  14. Whatever happened to Jim Kelly’s plan to form a partnership group to buy the Bills to insure the team stays in Buffalo?
    Any updates on that?

  15. LA hasn’t panned out before; what’s different now? I actually do wonder if a team moves, why not somewhere NOT LA… about San Antonio?

  16. Football needs its heritage and tradition to thrive on a week to week basis. Just look at the mess that is hockey and how inconsequential the nba regular season is. since those lesser organizations started playing musical chairs whith their teams those leagues have faultered.

    And look closer at the teams that have expanded/relocated or lack history within the division since realignment. My own seahawks included, only now a decade later do the division games feel significant and I still revel in a chance to beat up on an old afc west foe.

  17. I have said it a bunch of time, I am sick of hearing about how LA wants a team. They had teams and they didn’t support them. They are a terrible football town. I feel sorry for any city that loses their team to LA. They don’t deserve a third time at the plate. If they get a team let it be an expansion team, and watch them move in 5 years after the glitz runs out again.

  18. Since just about anything Jerry says is wrong, the fans in my one-time home town of Buffalo should be very, very scared.

    I say this in spite of the fact, as stated in the article, that the last thing the league REALLY wants is for a franchise to finally use the LA card as opposed to holding it as a threat.

  19. Move the Bolts. LA fans already go down there, and SD fans wouldn’t feel completely detached, as those would probably be the games shown on local tv. Plus, Powder Blue is a downtown LA color.

  20. I think its funny how New Jersey has two teams, Pennsylavania has two teams, Ohio has two teams Florida has three teams ahaha even wisconsin has a team. LA is a pig-infested joke. Thats just what we need, the camera panning away during the game to show us all the celebrities sitting in the crowd and another tiny 50,000 seat arena. You see the 49ers new dump thats not even in san fran? what BS. That place is TINY.

  21. New York needs to have at least one team in their state. If the Bills leave, there will be none, except for those two New Jersey teams masquerading as New York teams.

    And Jerrah needs to worry about his own little kingdom. He can’t even fill his palace of decadence without the visiting team buying up the tickets.

  22. they need to expand the league by 2 teams.. LA should get an NFC Team and San Antonio or OKC should get an AFC Team. then expand the playoffs to 2 more wild card teams in each conference so winning a division means something..all division winners get a bye week.

  23. Its going to be the Los Angles Raiders again.

    They only have to stay in oakland this year.

    The city is broke and cant build a new stadium

  24. The question is not whether LA deserves a team but where would a new stadium be located and the cost of building it. They have been haggling over this for years. The next part is who will come to see a team play. From a fiscal standpoint USC must be included to help make it viable to do so. The old coliseum is in a bad section of town-near gangland so what would attendance be like in the near term. I do not think that LA is an NFL city and is being used as a ploy. San Diego is an option but why would an owner put himself in the middle of LA politics. No thanks!

  25. Jerry Jones is viewed by Bills fans as an owner who puts money first, probably just first impressions. Jerry probably just wants to clear the air about his intentions or beliefs towards the Bills.

    The Bills are going nowhere. The Bills actually has a large TV market; Rochester, Buffalo and Southern Canada (Toronto). This is the blackout area and that is a lot more populated than a lot of other NFL cities. The TV contract is the most important revenue to the NFL. That revenue stream can still continue to grow by branching TV exposure.

    The Bills still sellout the majority of their games with a lousy team. Their recent playoff drought was caused an old owner, 94yr old, still trying to make the decisions for his team. That has been rectified, hopefully!!

    Orchard Park is a great game day experience. When it is cold, you feel like you’re part of an old Steve Sabol NFL clip and all that is missing is Lombardi. As a season ticketholder, I hope they keep the stadium there, even if it is replaced.

    One thing that many NFL fans forget, Buffalo is the only true NY state team. Also, Roger Goodell is from Jamestown, NY, south of Buffalo. The team is going nowhere!!

  26. Im a Bengals fan (obviously by my tag) but I live 3 hrs. SE in Binghamton, NY. The Bills aren’t going anywhere! They have one of the most loyal fan bases I’ve ever seen! Beeen to 24 of the 31 NFL stadiums for a game, and not only is there fan base loyal! THESE PEOPLE LOVE THEIR BILLS!!!! On a side note, they tailgate like no one you’ve ever seen! (And that includes GB & KC)

  27. The world would be a better place if Jerry Jones jumped off the roof of Cowboy Stadium. Jerry how many hookers have you killed? You know your guilty…

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