Jets, NFL keep Goodson from practicing

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Typically, players don’t participate in voluntary offseason practices only when the players choose not to do so.  In the case of Jets running back Mike Goodson, the recent decision to not volunteer was made involuntarily.

According to Seth Walder of the New York Daily News, both the Jets and the league held Goodson out of OTA sessions this week after his May 17 arrest on weapons and drug charges.  Goodson hopes to resolve the issue and return to practice next week.

Goodson could force the issue if he wants, filing a grievance via the NFLPA.  Teams can’t keep players from practicing unless they are suspended or cut.  In Goodson’s case, however, pushing for the team and/or the league to let him practice could prompt the team and/or the league to shrug.  And then to suspend him.

Goodson’s primary defense is that the gun found in the car in which he was riding wasn’t his.

Which, to the older folks in the crowd (like me), also is known as the Greg Brady defense.

12 responses to “Jets, NFL keep Goodson from practicing

  1. How did the Jets become so badly run so quick? This team may have not won a Super Bowl in long time but they’ve never been the Bengals, Lions, or Browns….until the past four to five years. It’s easy to blame Rex, who deserves planety of blame, and Tannebaum, who was playing fantasy football, but now Idiotizk is bringing in bad dudes? Good Luck Jets fans.

  2. rcali:

    Simple answer is the owner is to blame. He has not brought in a GM that is both a brilliant strategist and a shrewd football talent evaluator. If he did that then the Jets would win, it’s pretty simple. The only hard part is the qualification, but the root of the problem is super obvious.

  3. Had a chance to meet him when he was in Charlotte. Goodson is a good guy. Too bad he let his guard down

  4. He was a low risk signing guys. These things happen to every team, Packers with Jolly for example even though they are a great organization. At least Idzik really minimized the damage of his signing by giving him almost no bonus money.

  5. the jets went 6-10 last year. not 0-16 or 2-14. for hitting absolute rock bottom 6-10 isnt that bad. the team can only get better from there. theres 8 teams that had a worse record than the jets last year, but do they ever get ridiculed for every decision they make? no. how about saying the browns are a clown org. for making the playoffs once in the last 15-20 years or something. or how about the jaguars for not having a winning season in 5-6 years. or the raiders for not appearing in the playoffs since Rich Gannon was behind center. the jets have been 14-18 in the past 2 seasons, some teams go 3 or 4 years to reach a 14 win total. enough with all this.

  6. at dynaco. yes my Cleveland browns are a bad football team now but get your facts straight. jets playoff record in their history is 12-13. last appearance in 2010 season. the browns are 16-20. last appearance after 2002 season

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