Saints’ Malcolm Jenkins says Rob Ryan is like Gregg Williams


In 2012, the Saints’ defense fell apart during a season marked by suspensions for the bounty program run by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. In 2013, one Saints player says, they’re going back to that old Gregg Williams mentality.

Minus the bounties, of course.

Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins says new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is a lot more like Williams than he was like last year’s defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo. And Jenkins likes the toughness and aggressiveness that Ryan preaches.

Personality-wise they are very similar,” Jenkins told the Associated Press. “They’re cut from the same cloth in that they know that players and matchups are what defense is all about and they have a lot of personality and they’re aggressive in their play-calling.”

Williams was an assistant to Rob’s dad, Buddy Ryan, and both Williams and Rob Ryan have said many times that Buddy Ryan’s influence was extremely important.

“They’re all from the same school, the Buddy Ryan defense, so there are a lot of similarities between what Gregg was running and what Rob is bringing,” Jenkins said. “But I think Rob has a few more wrinkles with the 3-4 and everything, and I think we’re going to have fun.”

Jenkins says the Saints under Ryan will have a defense that the rest of the league fears.

“There’s a line and you don’t cross it, but you want to get as close to that line as you can,” Jenkins said. “We definitely want to be a physical, feared defense.”

Williams did cross the line. But a physical, feared defense is just what the Saints want Ryan to bring.

53 responses to “Saints’ Malcolm Jenkins says Rob Ryan is like Gregg Williams

  1. “Jenkins says the Saints under Ryan will have a defense that the rest of the league fears.”


    He’s had better talent in the past and hasn’t accomplished this yet. Why should the anyone think it’s going to happen now?

  2. “Personality-wise they are very similar,”

    Do you think part of the interview process was to make sure Rob Ryan didn’t have a hidden Sanchez tattoo with his wife up his sleeve?

    You know, for sanity purposes.

  3. “Jenkins says the Saints under Ryan will have a defense that the rest of the league fears.”


    I thought I heard the same thing in Oakland, wait maybe Cleveland, or maybe Dallas….

  4. rob is like rex. they can not accecept responsibility for loseing or anything else. this was a bad hire and the saints will regret this. they would have been better off with his dad buddy. how about a hair cut also.

  5. Did Dr. Heat’s defenses fall apart in the 4th quarter like Rob Ryan’s defenses are known for?

    If a football game was only 3 quarters my Raiders would have won 3 Lombardi’s in the Rob Ryan Defensive Coordinator era.

  6. Even the best coach cant polish a turd and make it shine. “Defensive talent” is an oxymoron in New Orleans, and has been for quite a few years now.

    Just another example of a Ryan getting entirely too much credit based on his last name, when not one of them have ever done a thing worthy of mentioning.

  7. If Rob Ryan can’t improve a defense that’s at the bottom of the NFL with an offense capable of scoring a lot of points, than his career is over. He has rode the name of his father and brother long enough.

  8. .All the Ryans have big mouths and nothing between the ears.
    Who the hell cares about these buffoons
    Go kiss your toes

  9. Thanks for that endorsement….

    I’m sure Saints fans take great pride in a guy who’s a combination of Rex Ryan and Gregg Williams.

    What could go wrong?

  10. Looks like a very ugly old woman. It didn’t work in Dallas, it won’t work in NO.

  11. Funny thing that all of Rob Ryan’s former teams have in common, They all had better talent then the Saints do now, and still they lost more then they won.

  12. Guy has never coached a top 15 defense, yet still gets hired.
    “He’s like Gregg Williams”? of that I have no doubt…if you cannot get it done the right way, play dirty.

  13. Many are pointing out Rob Ryan’s failed past defenses without pointing out that he was working with franchises that have only distant memories of winning seasons.

    What is different about Rob Ryan as Saints DC is that he’s on a team that has a winning head coach, a crackerjack GM, a top tier QB with a high powered offense, and a nucleus of players who won Superbowl XVIV.

    These elements were/are conspicuously absent at Oakland, Cleveland and Dallas, so let’s just wait and see what he can do.

    I do agree with the idea that if he isn’t able to win under these circumstances, his hopes of one day being a HC may wither on the vine so this job is do or die for Rob (and I don’t think he’s gonna die.)

  14. bullethead527 says:
    May 25, 2013 10:09 AM
    Funny thing that all of Rob Ryan’s former teams have in common, They all had better talent then the Saints do now, and still they lost more then they won.
    Yeah, another thing that all of Rob Ryan’s former teams have in common: Pedestrian Offenses
    Ryan won’t have to worry about the offense falling apart in NOLA like he’s had to with every team he’s coached till this point in his career…. BOO-YA!!!

  15. The Saints will have no worse than the 12th-ranked defense this year. The talks of them having “no talent” are ignorant.

    DL: They have two of the best young in the game with Akeim Hicks and Cameron Jordan; proven vets in Broderick Bunkley and Kenyon Coleman; and two promising players in John Jenkins (draft pick) and Tyrunn Walker who was very impressive in limited playing time last year. Clearly the defensive line is not a problem.

    LB: Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne. These are very good players. Will Smith will play here or on the D-line, either way he is a proven all-around player. Pass rushers Galette and Wilson have had impact as 4-3 DE’s with little playing time, wait until they have some space to operate as 3-4 end rushers. Then veteran depth like Vilma, Butler, Chamberlain and two rookie LBs Chase Thomas and Kevin Reddick who everybody wanted as UDFA’s. This will be a good group.

    DB: Keenan Lewis and Jabari Greer. Two good starters. Greer has been an elite corner when not hampered by injuries and is still young. Lewis was one of the best most underrated FA signings. Pat Robinson has always been good as a nickel. Malcolm Jenkins will move down to corner for dime. When your dime corner is freaking Malcolm Jenkins you are in pretty good shape. Safeties could be the weak spot but will probalby be alright. Vaccarro will give a little more range, Harper can play in the box, Jenkins is good all-around and Quddus is probably the best player nobody has ever heard of.

    Laugh all you want now. Six months from now you will be watching the Saints in the middle of another 13-3 type season with a solid defense and will be like “Holy crap, that guy knew what he was talking about.”

  16. living off the great Cowboys castoffs.

    reason he was “fired”

    ryan brothers EQUALS overrated.


  17. If Jenkins knew that every team Ryan coached finished 24th or worse in run defense I doubt he’d be showing him man love!

  18. If “that guy” thinks the ain’ts will be 13-3 this year, then I got some prime real estate to sell you in the 9th ward!

  19. yikes – here we go again…
    but I have little doubt that the SAINTS will beat borisbulldog’s team should the opportunity present itself…

  20. Thumb me down if I’m wrong here, but if his dad’s name was Buddy, then I think it’s time we call this Jeff Bridges look-alike “Dude Ryan”.

  21. There’s no question the Ryan Brothers know defense. What surprises me is that Rex didn’t bring his brother in to NY to run the defense; unless, of course, Rob didn’t think Rex would be around for more than next season.

  22. “Jenkins says the Saints under Ryan will have a defense that the rest of the league fears.”

    Insert bounty joke here

  23. borisbulldog says: May 25, 2013 11:36 AM

    If “that guy” thinks the ain’ts will be 13-3 this year, then I got some prime real estate to sell you in the 9th ward!


    Yeah, because it’s not like they’ve had multiple 12 and 13 win seasons in recent history…oh wait….

  24. @
    jerrysglassescleaner says: May 25, 2013 11:52 AM

    “Puh leeeese! The great GM Jerry Jones has provided this big mouth turd with great weapons and even brought in which ever assistant he wanted.”
    Part of Ryan’s problem (AND Garret’s problem for that matter) with the Cowboys was having Jerry Jones injecting himself, up to his elbows, in his DC’s and HC’s business.

    JJ’s “open door” policy, where assistant coaching staff and players could by-pass chain of command and whine directly to Jerry, dissolves the authority structure of his organization.

    That’s why the ‘Boys appear undisciplined and unable to consistently win regardless of talent level.

    Try to keep up.

  25. Come on Malcolm, you know these dudes are gonna twist your words around. I’m looking forward to see how the new defense will look. Let’s go Saints!

  26. haterville says:
    May 25, 2013 11:30 AM
    living off the great Cowboys castoffs.

    reason he was “fired”

    ryan brothers EQUALS overrated.


    I’m so happy that Jerry Jones is still running the show.
    Please don’t ever die Jerry! I live the cowboys futility under your General Manager reign!

  27. So many haters lol ya’ll are gonna feel like idiots when they have a 20th ranked D and have 10+ wins. They’ve been to the NFC Championship twice, won a super bowl, and have had 4 double digit winning seasons, without ever having a top 15 defense. If Rob Ryan is just like Gregg Williams, they’ll have a 13-3 season. All this comparing the Saints to the Raiders, Cleveland and Dallas is idiotic. Those teams don’t have top 5 offenses every year like the Saints. The Cowboys needed a great offense combined with Rob Ryan’s defense… they didn’t have it. Jerry Jones isn’t as good as Micky Loomis. Jason Garret isn’t as good as Sean Payton. Tony Romo isn’t as good as Drew Brees.

    There I solved your conundrum for you Dallas fans. That’s why you went 8-8 with Rob Ryan. Now get over it.

  28. look – with the worst defense in the history of the nfl – the SAINTS were 1-2 games away from the whole ball of wax – even if the D is mediocre they’re going to be in the mix EASILY!

  29. Who didn’t see the naysayers coming with the “bounty gate” stuff again. Well let’s just see what happens at the end of this coming season, barring injuries the Saints will make a lot of noise in the playoffs!

  30. Football is not about the coaches it about the players and how aggressive they can play, and learning they system and learning to read offensive plays from the line. Rob Ryan is not a bad coach its just having the right players in the right places, Sean Payton are back and he enough time watch every game from a distance and come back set up his team. One thing about NFL football you want the best in whatever your plans are, owners are looking for a Head Coach that can make good decisions. This is why Sean Payton is the paid coach in the NFL, because the man is a mastermind every team and owners will love to have Sean Payton as they head Coach. With Sean Payton back its going to make Rob Ryan get the job done, because Sean Payton is a leader not a follower. So Rob Ryan must give 100% in practice the players must give a 150% in order to get where they want to, they have the aggressive coaches they just need to give it they all in practice and on the field. Believe it are not every team that faces the Saints has a fear of losing because New Orleans Saints are a dangerous team in the NFL because of Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, they knows how to pick players in the draft. So don’t you haters count the Saints out 2013, everybody get tried of being pushed around like they were in 2012 so they are looking to 2013 to show the world they are still super bowl contenders.

  31. Attention all Dallas fans!!!!! You do realize that this is NOT twitter?
    The hash tags are stupid. Just like y’all.

  32. If he wasn’t Buddy Ryan’s kid, he would have been out of the league 2 or 3 jobs ago. wildly overrated.

  33. Typical sensationalistic garbage used to get people to read these lame article. He didn’t say, “Rob Ryan is like Gregg Williams.” He said that Ryan has a riled up personality like Williams.

    Again, this is yellow journalism at its finest, designed to increase hits to this site.

  34. Cowboy fans think they didn’t win the SB the last two seasons because of Rob Ryans defense. ha ha. That is So funny. The Saints played the Cowboys last year in Cowboys Stadium and beat, yes i said beat, the cowboys. That’s right, the great Tony Romo and his scrub teammates couldn’t even score enough points in their own stadium against the leagues worst defense in history. Now run and tell that. When the Saints win their division with another 13 and 3 record this year and also win the SB AGAIN then i want to hear what the cowboy fans have to say about Rob Ryan. Ha Ha……Geaux Saints!

  35. For all you Dallas Cowboys fans…quit living in the past man.

    You haven’t been America’s team in so long you can’t even spell it anymore.

    Your glory days are long gone, long gone.

    With “choke” Romo, you’re not going to make it to the SB anytime soon.

    Ryan was not the problem, the players who couldn’t seem to keep from getting injured were. Can’t have a good defense without healthy players.

    And all the teams he coached in the past–not a single one of them SB contenders BEFORE he came on board.

    Can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. NO has a top QB, HC and a lot of talented and recognized players…offense is spectacular and defense just needs the right coach to bring out the talent they already have and I think they have that in Rob Ryan.

    And if I hear one more immature, idiotic comment about his weight – think I’ll scream. If you haven’t gotten anything better to say than to say he’s fat…then move on, good grief – you people are supposed to be adults here – ACT LIKE IT!


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