Settlement of Favre texting suit leaked at perfect time

The pre-three-day weekend news dump strikes again.

On a handful of days every year, bad news safely can be slipped through the nation’s collective five hole.  The Friday before Memorial Day weekend is one of them.

And so Friday’s late-afternoon disclosure that a settlement has been reached the lawsuit filed by a pair of massage therapists against the Jets and quarterback Brett Favre was timed perfectly, from the perspective of the Jets and Favre.

While lawyer David Jaroslawicz has said only that the lawsuit was “resolved and discontinued,” it’s very common in any case where money changes hands for the party (or parties) writing the check insist on confidentiality.  Many settlement documents state that the only thing that can be said about the case is that it has been resolved.

And so the comments from the lawyer and the circumstances of the disclosure of the settlement invite speculation regarding what the plaintiffs received.  Often, the speculated amount is way too high.  Regardless, anyone who settles a case — for any amount of money — and insists on a confidentiality provision risks creating the perception that far more money changed hands that the settlement otherwise would indicate.

Still, the timing quite possibly was specifically engineered to ensure that fewer people will notice that the case was settled, and that those who do will be less likely to consider what it all potentially means.

13 responses to “Settlement of Favre texting suit leaked at perfect time

  1. Don’t understand where people – regardless of fame – will think it’s okay to send suggestive comments or pictures of their junk – to ANYONE.
    Hell – if you are famous – and someone ASKS for a picture of your junk – you are an IDIOT for sending it – as it will be EVERYWHERE.
    Even with today’s ability to send everything everywhere – we just can’t do that. No different than sending an e-mail – don’t send it unless you want everyone to read it – there is NO privacy.

  2. Not a perfect time for instigators too I imagine.
    Favre screwed up be it a Jet, a Packer, or a Viking.

    It does work out because it involves the “dreaded” Jets, and we know it’s only fun to knock the Jets for your Kool-Aid followers whose anonymity is perfect for these threads.

  3. The irony is that Favre, who set the NFL record for INT’s, had one of his text messages intercepted by an irate husband that lead to this sorry situation.

    Karmatic justice is that the embarrassment of this behavior only affecting one team’s performance on the field, the Vikings. The one team that saw him as their true savior got, in the end, the true Brett Favre, sexual predator, choke artist, and one of his many season ending INT’s.

  4. Regardless of the Memorial Day announcement, how many others had forgotten about this completely?

  5. After Favre threw the cross body game losing interception then sucked the next year despite asking for a pay raise, the Vikings fans received a settlement of Christian Ponder. We should’ve held out for more.

  6. The jealousy heaped on Brett is so ridiculous. If anyone has a right to be upset, it’s his wife. All the haters are unimportant.

    I loved watching Brett Favre play football for the Packers, Jets & Vikings. He was a must watch for a longer period of time than any other athlete I can think of. I hope Brett is enjoying his post-football life. I miss him!

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