Titus Young now charged with 11 crimes

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Lost in Friday’s decision by former Lions receiver Titus Young to exercise his right to remain silent literally is the fact that the list of charges against him has expanded to 11.

When a guy gets charged with 12 crimes, does the judge add a 13th for free?

Per multiple reports, Young picked up a felony charge of residential burglary, a misdemeanor charge of resisting and obstructing an officer, and a misdemeanor charge of vandalism under $400.

Police apparently learned during the investigation of Young’s May 11 arrest that he had attempted to break into a second home, that he fought with police, and that he damaged a fence.

Young won’t be able to expand to his rap sheet, unless he finds a way to commit crimes while in custody.  A judge has increased his bail to $50,000, and Young’s family has declined to post bond.

Family members and friends have said Young has mental health issues.  Here’s hoping that someone finally will persuade him to seek and obtain the help he needs.

I was going to add “before it’s too late,” but I’ve got a feeling it already may be.

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  1. Can’t the prosecution petition the court for a psychiatric evaluation? And if they do, shouldn’t the defense agree to it?

    The defense’s tactic may be to play the “unable to assist in his own defense” card. The problem with that is that it could cause the court to mandate a psych evaluation.

    Mike, we need some legal-eagle advice on this.

  2. Boise St needs looked into how did this delinquent ever make it thru college without a lot of help

  3. this really does seem like someone with serious mental health issues. i have to think the judge and prosecutors will try to help him, even if they also have to protect the public from him until he gets better.

  4. I blame Seattle and Brandon Browner. Played too soft on man to man coverage and Young got his second, and game winning TD last year. This was before Wilson got the playbook opened up, but after Youngs only two TD game of his career, he sped downhill quickly.

  5. Can someone please commit this man to a mental health facility. It might be tho only place he will be safe goodness knows his nfl career is done. I just hope that wherever all of these charges are coming from do not have a 3 strike law

  6. Good ol’ college athletic programs. I’m pretty sure Boise State knew something was up but what does that matter he’s making them money. I’m really curious if anybody there tried to help him or if they just enabled him.

  7. I would love to see the “background file” done by the Lion’s personnel department before they drafted this kid.

    Typical Lions, bring in an unstable kid into a franchise that is near the top of the NFL in a single category, arrests. What could possibly go wrong?

  8. Mental health or not, this guy is a true menace to society at large, and needs to be incarcerated.

    This has passed way beyond being funny, or sad. He’s committing REAL crimes here. Matter of time before he seriously hurts someone.

  9. I like the idea of court-mandated psychiatric help, since he has thus far refused to seek help himself.

  10. His defense team petitioned the court for a psych evaluation, which the judge okay’d. This happened at the pre-trial hearing, where Young refused to speak at all.

    Because these are all pretty minor offenses, this is more likely going to be handled as court ordered time in a psychiatric facility. Think Silver Linings Playbook without the dance competition.

    Once he’s on the right treatment plan, his story could change dramatically.

  11. I will apologize if someone mentioned this already. I did not have chance to read all posts. However, has anyone one else noticed how many players make it all the way through High school and College to the pros without getting arrested. Then, Wham! They aren’t even into rookie camp or finished their rookie year and they are headed for jail or suspension or end up dead? Then someone says oh that person has some minor mental issues!

    Mental issues do not come on all at once people. The only way you get by with mental issues is if people around you help you hide them or protect you. I just find it interesting that, This kid can play the game! I know he has some issues. We can keep those under wraps with local officials if we win a State Championship or a National title. Let’s Cover up his flaws and issues so he can help us win. When he graduates then he is someone else’s problem. We denie any knowledge of any problems.

    Just like with abusive coaches. No one knew about until the coaches get caught. Right!

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