Bob McNair gives $100,000 to tornado relief efforts

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We applauded Colts owner Jim Irsay for contributing up to $25,000 in matching donations to the tornado relied effort in Oklahoma.  So we need to at least mention that Texans owner Bob McNair has pledged $100,000 to the effort, too.

Specifically, McNair and his wife, Janice, made the donation to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund.

“We were very concerned about what’s happened up there,” McNair said, via the Houston Chronicle.  “It’s total devastation.  The group that we’ve dedicated these funds to, they go in and they have mobile kitchens; they go in and provide meals, water, bedding and all kinds of everyday kind of support that you need.

“We just wanted to reach out to them and let them know that we’re concerned about them.”

Two Texans are Oklahoma City natives — defensive end Antonio Smith and safety Deji Karim.  One of Smith’s cousins lost a home in the tornado.

Let us know if other teams or owners have made contributions.  We want to be sure to give the proper credit for those who have showed charity.  Not because they should be doing it for the credit, but because the generosity hopefully will inspire others to do the same.

30 responses to “Bob McNair gives $100,000 to tornado relief efforts

  1. Wow K. Durant gives 1 million or roughly 1% of his net worth and B. Mcnair gives 100,000 thats like you or I dropping a penny in the feed the kids jar at the gas station…

  2. It’s one hundred thousand dollars, people. It will do a lot of good for people who very desperately need it. Bravo.

  3. Can these rich people donate without bragging about it, if they dont donate it the government is gonna take it come tax time anyway,shut up and just donate!!!

  4. I love it when zillionaires talk about giving money….
    It’s like me saying I’m sending my pocket lint.
    100 large? Peanuts to him.

  5. thesteelers says:
    May 26, 2013 8:54 PM
    As a billionaire, I’m sure he could have dished out a little more.

    How much did you give? Nothing is my guess, and I’m positive I’m correct. Awfully big of you to complain about McNair only giving 100 grand, though, kudos.

    Reading these comments makes my stomach turn.

  6. Steeler Nation doesn’t have to worry about things like because of our superior infrastructure.

  7. Good job to both NFL owners. Irsay for leading the way away and McNair for one-upping Jim.

    Either way, those who are effected will benefit from their generosity.

  8. Shame on all of you, for passing judgment on a donation made by someone. True, 100,000 is not much to a billionaire, but how many of us donated $10 of our own money? Go bash an owner who donated zero….

  9. I’m surprised Jurrah Jones hasn’t donated yet. I don’t bash the amounts these owners give because they’re giving. The US is often bashed by international observers because they say we’re stingy in international aid in terms of percent of GNP. However, the US gives more in total amount than any other nation.

  10. And everyone gets a prepaid Visa card for $200 after they just lost everything.

    I know. I’ve been there.

  11. Jerry Jones has no $$$ to give! He barely has money to sign his Draft players! Same with Mr. Mark Davis.

    Now the real question should be…..

    Why ain’t Vince McMahon donating a Million bucks?

  12. It’s sad that you’re bashing a guy for giving to those in need. $100k is a serious donation that should be commended billionaire or not. If Billionaires gave money whenever they were asked they’d be just as broke as you or me. Bob McNair could have done nothing and been spared of your criticism. Instead he gives and feels your wrath. Well done Mr. McNair.

  13. How much is the right amount to give? Either give or don’t give, help or don’t help. Worry about yourself and quit judging what others do. I am certain any and all help is appreciated.

  14. Moore is the municipality between OKC and Norman (home of the University of Oklahoma). I can tell you from experience that it’s Dallas Cowboys territory, whether they’re good, bad, ugly, or just their usual whiny selves.

    There is nothing on the Cowboys site about the team or owner donating, although there is a link for fans to donate. That doesn’t mean that JJ, the team, or both haven’t donated, though.

  15. Money is relative in the eyes of the posters have and have not. For one to give anything is a great gesture, although we believe another should give more. How much is more? When is it enough? I don’t see people writing about families adopting foreign children, when there are plenty of multi-ethnic kids sitting in adoption agencies, group homes, etc….It’s all relative in the eyes of the poster.

  16. Him giving $100,000 is relative to your average NFL fan giving $100.

    Definitely not news worthy, and no real reason to applaud it. It’s basically a slap in the face to whatever the cause is when billionaires give so meagerly.

  17. I donated $150 yesterday to the Red Cross to help, which is a larger chunk of my income than Mr. McNair’s… so I gave more, yet no media outlets have approached me about doing an article. Yet.

  18. 90% of these comments are criticizing a man who made his own money who gave a good amount of that money to people in need. Sadly, I think that sums up the attitude that’s developed in this country pretty well. I’m guessing part of the backlash is that he’s a “rich owner”. I bet P. Manning and other players don’t get this many negative comments when they do all their charity stuff.

  19. As he wrote the check he was probably singing that old Travis Tritt song “Here’s a Quarter”

  20. I can’t believe the people on here whining about a billionaire giving out some of his money. I’m willing to bet those same people didn’t give a dime. You know why? Because people who give, know it’s not about the amount, it’s about the thought. Why say something about bob’s 100k and not irsay’s 25? Just don’t understand haters.

  21. On one hand I can see why people are criticizing McNair for only donating $100k when he worth such a large dollar amount, but you people are seriously deranged.

    That I have seen there have been only 2 NFL owners that have pledged money to the relief efforts.

    Why chastise McNair when there are 30 other owners who have done NOTHING?! Don’t those owners deserve you ire and not McNair….

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