Eagles’ offensive line coach: No changes from college to the NFL


Much like his boss, Chip Kelly, Jeff Stoutland had absolutely no NFL experience before he was hired as the Eagles’ offensive line coach. But Stoutland says that’s no problem.

Stoutland was Alabama’s offensive line coach the last two seasons and has also coached at Miami, Michigan State, Syracuse, Cornell and Southern Connecticut. In all those years in college, Stoutland says, he had a philosophy of coaching physical football, and he thinks his approach will translate well to the next level.

I don’t think you have to change anything,” Stoutland said, via Philly.com. “I think the reason Chip brought me here, Chip likes physical football. I think the perception of this type of offense is that it’s not physical. Even my former players were joking about it. But this stuff is no different than what I was teaching at Alabama. Football is a game of angles. It’s all angles. I don’t care if you’re run-blocking or you’re pass-setting. You’ve got to calculate your angle based on what’s in front of you. And you gotta hit it 100 mph. I haven’t changed one bit.”

When a reporter asked whether it was really true that Stoutland hadn’t changed a thing from the way he coached in a more prototypical offense at Alabama to coaching in Kelly’s faster-paced offense, Stoutland insisted that he has changed nothing.

“I haven’t. I swear to you,” Stoutland said. “That’s the perception, but it’s not true. We run a lot of the same plays here that we ran there.”

And Stoutland will coach the same way in Philadelphia as he did at Alabama. Where he coached the best offensive line in college football.

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  1. For more information about the theory that there are no adjustments needed in transitioning between college and the NFL, please read the article on Spurrier, Steve O.

  2. Do the Eagles play the Chargers this year? If so, I would love to see the expression on Manti’s face when he finds out he has to face another line coached by Stoutland.

  3. This is going to lead a lot of people to say that the Kelly regime will fail, that they are naïve if they think they can run the same things in the college that they ran in the pros.

    But this is an 0-line coach who sees his job as no different than it was when he was working for Saban in college, or Kelly in college, or Kelly in the pros. That’s three different playbooks that all require the same thing of their o-lines: strong, but agile blocking based on the fundamentals and a knowledge of the playbook.

    This is actually what you *want* to hear from an 0-line coach.

  4. Yep. No difference between college ball and the NFL.

    Which also stands for “Not For Long”…

  5. Wasn’t everyone screaming how the Alabama O-Line was better than a bunch of NFL lines this past year? And how thats why ND got throttled? Because their O-Line was NFL ready?

    Of course he’s not gonna change much. Theres not much to change in O-Line philosophy. Its a scheme. The difference between college and NFL is that the players are (in theory) much bigger, much better and much faster.

  6. logicailvoicesays says:
    May 26, 2013 8:04 PM
    Eagles 42 Redskins 0

    Monday night opener.
    Is the core I got playing Madden against no one!
    Redskins 31
    Eagles. 13

  7. @commonsensedude

    Spurrier actually did a decent job his first year considering the crap quality players he brought in. Example: Danny Wuerffel.

  8. Lol at you eagle fans trying to make it sound like this is a good thing. Knowing dang well if it were any other team you’d be laughing like we are!

  9. Anyone who thinks they have the tried and true answer in the NFL is asking for a short career.

    Soon we will see how well he can make in game adjustments and scheme changes against the best the game has to offer and where he no longer has the better personnel.

    In my book when you have little to say, say there will be no changes.

  10. The eagles headlines don’t even deserve to be headlines. A comment like this makes a whole article? I think every journalist is reaching way too far to create a story on the Eagles this offseason.

  11. on sep 9th the birds play the deadskins. to all of you troll’s. this is one of 2 easy wins for the birds. first of all, the skins will not score more than 3pt’s due to the fact that your qb will go down in the first series with acl tear #3. than with our explosive offense they will be down by 31 pts. by the time the 4th. qtr starts and birds are running play #75 and the skins are sucking wind you can go home and wipe your tears and thank your caoch ( shanny ) for keeping rg the terd in a playoff loss, . in my book, thats 2 verry simple and easy wins. by the way, cousins is not as good as you think.

  12. When you have the high quality players Alabama recruits, naturally you are content to just line up and out physical everyone. Heck you can. You are bigger, stronger and faster than everyone.

    I think the biggest adjustment for these college coaches is that they will have very little if any physical advantage against NFL competition. Then what?

    I don’t get the feeling Chip Kelly is a “plan B” kind of guy.

    Just sayin’.




    time for the skins fans to put those jerseys back in the closet for another 10 years as they fade to obscurity.

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