Everett Golson focused on return to Notre Dame, not the NFL


Notre Dame starting quarterback Everett Golson has been kicked out of school for academic reasons, but that doesn’t have him thinking about the 2014 NFL draft.

Instead, Golson says his goal is to be back at Notre Dame in 2014.

“I have been informed by the University of Notre Dame that due to my poor academic judgment that I have been suspended from the University for the 2013 Fall Term,” Golson said in a statement. “I want to thank the University of Notre Dame for the opportunity already granted and also the opportunity going forth to regain my eligibility in the winter of 2014.”

Golson is only two years out of high school, so he wouldn’t be eligible for this year’s supplemental draft even if he wanted to head to the NFL. It’s still possible that he could change his mind and enter the 2014 draft, but Golson has some work to do as a passer before he’d be considered a strong NFL prospect.

So Golson is wise to keep his focus on regaining his college eligibility. If he’s ever ready for the NFL, it won’t be until 2015, at the earliest.

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  1. So ridiculous college football players have to be two years from high school before entering the draft. If you’re good enough to earn a living, a silly arbitrary year limit shouldn’t stop you.

  2. Should have played for Urban “Who cares if you can’t read” Meyers. He would have put a stop to this academics crap from the start.

  3. I have a little bit of respect for ND now. Most colleges would ignore a student that couldn’t pass exp a quarterback.

    More and more schools need to do this.

  4. Tinsk- that’s like complaining that employers make you have a degree. Essentially, saying you need three years of college football to play professionally is no different then requiring a degree for any other job.

  5. Not sure why you people are happy that a kid is failing at college.
    A college’s main purpose is to prepare their students for a career and in this case, his career lies in football.

  6. Yeah, good luck with that. Maybe, just maybe if you wouldn’t have cheated you would still be at ND.

  7. I don’t think some of the previous posters get it. Golson wasn’t just kicked off of the football team. Or benched. He was kicked out of school. Expelled. I think that ANY student who did whatever he did would have gotten the same punishment. Him being a scholarship football player obviously had no bearing whatsoever on his punishment. I don’t think even Urban Myer would have had any impact on the academic decision that had to be made.

  8. I notice he says “academic judgement”, and “poor choices”, not “academic progress”. People usually cite bad judgement when they’ve done something illegal or against the rules.

    Cheating possibly? I think there is more to this story than bad grades.

  9. Brady Quinn is close to a 10 yr. veteran and Clausen is still collecting NFL paychecks. They are doing just fine

  10. There IS much more to this story give it a week or two and we will know more… ND wouldn’t have kicked him off the team for grades alone that much I guarantee.

  11. I agree with other posters who think there is something untoward, untold and underground afoot. “Kicked out,” “poor academic judgment,” are terms not usually associated with academic probation or academic ineligibility, and “poor academic judgement” also does NOT refer to guessing incorrectly on multiple choice exam questions such as, “When given the opportunity to hire someone to author a research report, the correct choice is…” I also think it is premature to affix moral backbone to ND at this point, because the violation could easily have been serious enough to allow no choice in the matter regarding punishment. Perhaps more investigation will lead to the inevitable conclusion that the QB should not have been admitted in the first place given previous academic / behavioral deficiencies, which, sadly detracts from the lofty and rigorous academic standards proclaimed on high by ND. Wouldn’t it be something to find out that folks in South Bend can rationalize and cut corners in the admissions office JUST like other institutes of higher learning within the NCAA?!

  12. He can always go to UNC….. They will make up classes for him not to attend and give him an A+ for it and he can graduate with honors….

  13. If Notre Dame ever wants to win a national championship they will have to get and keep the best players. This is no way to run a college football program.

  14. How many semesters was he on academic probation.. i wouldthink that one bad semester may make him ineligable to play but not kicked out of school. Perhaps he should attend the Andy Katzenmoyer school of class selection….

  15. Brady Quinn is close to a 10 yr. veteran and Clausen is still collecting NFL paychecks. They are doing just fine

    HaHa, They Suck. 2nd and 3rd string QB’s in the NFL isn’t doing just fine. Sure they are collecting a pay check but somehow I don’t think that’s what He has in mind, just collecting a pay check.

  16. Rumor has it that he was caught cheating on a test. ND had no choice but to enforce the same set of rules across the entire student body.

    I am not defending ND here but Teo was a whole different kettle of fish. They had little control over that story as it unfolded.

  17. In the SEC, they would have been amazed he actually attended the classes to cheat on. Schools like LSU, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas don’t worry about kids not attending classes. They’ll just fix the grades and punish the “tutors” for not getting a good enough grade for the professional players, er “student” athletes.

  18. jdh1016j says:
    May 26, 2013 6:20 PM
    Should have played for Urban “Who cares if you can’t read” Meyers. He would have put a stop to this academics crap from the start.

    yes, that is obvious when considering that Urban Meyer made sure that Cam Newton stayed on the Gators when he ran into some trouble buying a stolen laptop. Oh wait a minute…

    Can you imagine having Tebow followed by Cam Newton? Could have been a dynasty.

  19. Cam didn’t buy a stolen laptop. He stole the laptop and then sold it.

  20. You will work hard to get back to ND, only to never get another shot at the qb spot . Go somewhere else that doesn’t thank you hosed them. They will let you back only to languish your eligibility down the drain on the bench. Good luck though!

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