Harper deal frees up $3.49 million for Saints in 2013


Call it the Kenny Vaccaro effect.

With a rookie first-round safety in the fold, veteran safety Roman Harper has opted to re-do his deal in a way that creates major cap savings for the team.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Harper’s cap number for 2013 has plunged from $7.15 million to $3.66 million.  That equates to a cap savings of $3.49 million.

Harper’s base salary was converted from $5.25 million to a guaranteed salary of $840,000, and $2.91 million of the salary has been shifted to a signing bonus.  Previously, only $2.6 million of Harper’s salary for 2013 was guaranteed; he emerges with $3.75 million guaranteed for the year.  However, his total cash for 2013 has dropped from $5.35 million to $3.85 million.

Harper’s cap number for 2014 also has dropped from $7.9 million to $5.87 million, via a reduction in the money he’s due to earn from $6.15 million to $3.15 million.

The new deal extends Harper’s contract by one more year, via a base salary of $2.7 million, a roster bonus of $650,000, and a workout bonus of $150,000 in 2015.

If Harper is cut next year with a pre-June 1 designation, the Saints would carry $2.72 million in dead money in 2014 and $970,000 in 2015.

6 responses to “Harper deal frees up $3.49 million for Saints in 2013

  1. And after all that talk about how the Saints were in salary cap hell and this and that, here they sit with over $5 million in cap space. C’mon haters, time to admit you know nothing.

  2. Good move by Roman and he can still be an effective part of this defense. He and Malcolm were horrid last year but part of that was Spags’ scheme.Roman had 7 1/2 sacks a couple seasons ago and he’s got two Pro Bowls so he can be effective in a more aggressive kind of unit.

    Cap will still be rough the next few years but if more players(hopefully Brees) make moves like this then things will be fine.

  3. The saints aren’t going to cut him barring some injury. He still is the active leader of sacks. Yes he is a terrible cover man.

  4. Thank you, Roman. Proves he’s a team player. Understands that it’s better to win another superbowl than to make more money on a losing team. For those who could afford it, they’d willingly pay 4 million dollars to experience winning the superbowl. Having lots of money doesn’t make you feel better. It’s what you can buy with it.

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