Jonathan Martin looks “more fluid” at left tackle


The Dolphins spent a lot of money on receivers this offseason as part of an effort to boost their offensive production in 2013.

There were a lot of people who thought they needed to address left tackle as well after Jake Long left for the Rams as a free agent and the Dolphins certainly flirted with possibilities, including a trade for Branden Albert of the Chiefs. They never acquired anyone at the spot, though, and then signed Tyson Clabo to play right tackle after the draft. That means Jonathan Martin will be manning the left side of the line and the early returns on his work in practice are good.

“He’s more fluid over there,” center Mike Pouncey said, via the team’s website. “You can tell when he’s kick sliding that way he’s more comfortable being in a left-handed stance. Obviously, he wanted to play over there last year but he was forced to play the right side and I think he’s going to do a great job.”

Right guard John Jerry and quarterback Ryan Tannehill gave similar reviews of Martin’s performance, although any talk of May practice work must be tempered with the large grain of salt that comes with football played at something less than full speed. The ultimate result of those other big offseason moves will have much to do with Martin’s ability to live up to these early notices because the best receivers in the world won’t help Tannehill if he doesn’t have time to throw.

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  1. Martin will be fine, he won’t ever be a Jake long, but I think he has the talent to me a good LT in this league, maybe make a pro bowl one day. The key to this team is getting this offense to work, if they can, and that defense can play the way they should, this team will be playing for a sb soon.

  2. Martin should have never played RT to begin with, if had a chance to play LT last year full time which was his natural comfortable position at Stanford this would not be an issue. I think it was a mistake to have him at RT. Hindsight is 20/20 but obviously they should have traded Long for picks last year. Similarly, I believe Kansas City is making a mistake by not starting Fisher at LT right away and trading Albert somewhere.

  3. No, the Dolphins should not have kept Jake Long. They should have traded him while he still had trade value, which was last summer.

    Long does not fit the ZBS, and is increasingly becoming injury prone as his years in the league stack up. He’ll still play good when healthy, but he’ll be healthy less often.

  4. I watched a few Dolphin games but Martin was getting destroyed as a pass blocker. Watch him against the Titans if you don’t believe. Now put him against the other teams best pass rusher I don’t care if you look good in practice something is going to give.

  5. They should have Cam Wake line up opposite Martin and let them go at it. That way Martin will have no problems handling opposing premier d/e’s.

  6. Many people had this guy being taken in the top 15 last year. Some even had the Dolphins taking him 8th overall instead of tannehill. This guy was a top tier left tackle prospect last year that fell in the draft. He’ll be fine. people need to relax. He could end up being even better than Jake

  7. This guy blows. Worst starter on the team and he is at left tackle. Not good for a young QB trying to up his game. Dolphins blew it when they didn’t resign Long or land Albert. Martin has to improve on last season, but he still sucks. The running game will suffer as well. Clabo on the right side is also not a good fit. He last played in a zone blocking scheme 7-8 years ago and he wasn’t outstanding then.

  8. Long n Albert had injury issues along with big fat wallets. Long turned down more money from Miami to go to rams. Albert would have cost a 2nd rd n big contract. That’s just dumb. Martins weakness was his lack of strength which he worked on. He played 4 games of LT better than the 12 at RT last yr. we’ll see

  9. Bottom line is the most important position on the offensive line has been downgraded. Period. Not the move a good GM would make if he expected his team to contend this year.

  10. Overreactions abound! I think Martin is going to be just fine at LT. It’s his natural position, he’s bulked up to handle the stronger defenders he’ll go against, and he’s got a full off-season to hone his skills there.

    Any comparison to Long is inappropriate. Yes, Jake was outstanding in his first 2 years. However, he was breaking down more often during the last two. I think Ireland saw this possibly coming, which is why he drafted Martin – to cover the chance that they wouldn’t be able or want to sign Long at an exorbitant price.

    Look at the line – Incognito and Pouncey are excellent, Clabo should be very good, and John Jerry came into camp in shape, for once. Even if he doesn’t pan out, they have suitable rookies that can grab the RG spot. If Martin can play adequately (and I think he can do even better than that, actually), their line could be one of the best in the league.

    Add to all of this the fact that the offense is meant to be up-tempo, with Tannehill getting the ball out quickly, and foresee the offense being more effective than it has been in many years.

  11. Martin is a beast. With the added muscle he’ll do fine at LT (Btw he IS a left tackle) just give him more experience in the position and no doubt he’ll be a top 15 LT in the league. He’s young and has a huge potential for growth. Not worried at all. Fins Up!

  12. Jake Long is cooked. Anyone who has watched him play the last two years knows that he can’t stay healthy long enough to be effective. Martin played well at left tackle last season. He struggled in spots in a couple of games last season, but overall he did a good job.

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