Josh Gordon talks up Browns’ new downfield passing game


With coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner installing a new system in Cleveland, Browns receiver Josh Gordon is excited.

Gordon, a speedy receiver who averaged 16.1 yards a catch as a rookie, says he expects to make even more big plays in his second season because the Browns’ offense will be perfectly suited for his talents.

“Defenses will be shocked to say the least with how much we’re running down field,” Gordon told the Akron Beacon Journal. “I’ve never ran this much as a wide receiver ever in my life, and that’s a good thing. And not just me, everyone from the slot guys to running backs, everyone’s got passing plays in the system.”

Last year Gordon didn’t have much time to get ready for the NFL after arriving in July in the supplemental draft, but he still managed to play in all 16 games, starting 13, and catch 50 passes while leading the Browns with 805 receiving yards and five touchdown catches. This year, being with the team from Day One and participating in Organized Team Activities, Gordon believes he’s going to be even better.

“You’re a head up on the game,” he said. “For guys, veterans and rookies, to have all this leading up until [the fall], I was way behind the 8-ball coming into last year. Now it’s a huge advantage for me to learn the offense, get in shape, get in more of a rhythm with whatever you’re doing out there, so you don’t feel as stressed or as new to everything. It’s definitely slowed down a lot.”

Last year, Gordon had a good year despite missing most of the offseason and playing in a bad offense that wasn’t well suited to his skills. This year, Gordon has every reason to believe he’ll be even better.

24 responses to “Josh Gordon talks up Browns’ new downfield passing game

  1. Shurmur offense did not fit Weeden’s skills. This offense will be a better fit. More shotgun and downfield action. If Weeden doesn’t improve in this offense, he is the problem. Josh Gordon is going to be an elite receiver in time. Best pick by Heckert during his tenure in Cleveland.

  2. Gordon is a nice quick receiver. The question is will either Weeden, Hoyer or Campbell can get him the ball accurately or not. I was surprised that the Browns did not draft a quarterback and also traded draft picks from this year for next year. We shall see.

  3. I may have drunk too much of the Browns Kool Aid but I believe the Browns offense is going to surprise everybody this year. The receiving corps is far better with Davone Bess added and Little and Gordon will have a better system to work in. They are trying all the O line guys at the opposite sides and other positions to both cross train and see if they perform better where. My money believes the ChudTurner offense is going to rock in a major way…it’s going to be exciting to watch Browns games…finally!

  4. The Browns are in camp, the warm and fuzzy feelings return and fans are hoping these predictions come true. But so many questions. Richardson is on the sidelines nursing an injury. Will the Browns have a solid running game? Do the guards have the speed and ability to pull and get out and block?
    And the defense? Who will fill the holes in the secondary?
    Was it smart to trade draft picks into next year instead of drafting the best corner/safety available?

  5. More power to him for positive thinking…

    But until the Browns perform up to typical fan preseason hopes… it’s all wait and see

  6. Gordon’s okay, but the passing game isn’t going to impress anybody until the team gets a decent QB. Maybe in next year’s draft?

  7. Norv’s offense was described as “predictable” by a couple of opponents last year. Good luck with that.

  8. If the Browns could get a QB that is legit they could be very good, as a Bengal fan I have watched them build a top 10 Defense that can play with anybody, T.Rich is a beast whos best days are still ahead of him. The problem is no real QB to make those huge plays.The tide is turning in the AFC North and the Steelers are going to be in the basement soon enough! And yeah I know about their six rings…

  9. As a Browns fan, I certainly agree it’s easy to drink the OTA and training camp kool-aid. Vegas still has the over/under at 6 wins for this team and while they set their odds more on what they think will get the most action, they also seriously consider talent, coaching, etc. of each team.

    I remember this time last year when everyone marveled at Weeden’s arm and how good he looked in OTAs – then they played the games and that kool-aid turned sour quick. While Shurmur deserves criticism, it’s easy to pile on him now that he’s gone.

    I remember Trent Dilfer saying that Turner’s offense included the most difficult passing routes for QBs to throw to in the entire league. If true, it won’t be easy for Weeden to make the transition.

    Finally, the 3-4 is a complicated system to learn. Making this transition won’t be easy either. Mingo has a lot to learn and others will be playing different positions than they’ve played before.

    In my mind, it adds up to a year of transition. Some good games and maybe some surprises. This team does have more talent than it has had since I can remember, but it’ll still be an upset if they don’t finish in the basement of the division.

  10. Glad to see Josh excited and confident. The questions surrounding him coming in have been laid to rest imo. I was concerned of issues during the offseason but he seems to understand he has a golden opportunity.

  11. Gonna be tough for any offense in this division.

    They are changing defense again lol. So they will drop some. And they are counting on weeden instead of Richardson. Not sure how that’s gonna go in the Afcn

  12. Having watched the Browns since 1962, the team that is coming together in Cleveland this year is very impressive. If they continue to develop the many, many talented young guys they have, they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC North. I agree that the Steelers are (FINALLY) starting to head into a downward cycle (long overdue) and I think that the Ravens may have some troubles this year, too. Watch the Bengals in 2013. They’ve been quietly building a solid team for a few years now. The AFC games are shaping up to be very interesting for 2013 and I think it may end up a tight, four-team race by December. Good for the game, good for the fans, and good for the Browns and Bengals.

  13. For once my team has an offensive coordinator worth a damn. We had Bruce Arians before he became…well, good. But other than that we haven’t had much offense to speak of since the return. I can’t wait to see what we can do.

    As someone said we are crosstraining the o-line and everything. I can look forward to games this year without KNOWING they are going to lose or that they have no shot. We still need a safety because I am unsure of Johnson Bademosi, but even behind him we have no depth.

    Either way, I can’t wait.

  14. Here’s a harsh reality check for the Browns fans.

    When you start seeing third and short situations, I can already tell you that you’re going to try to run a fullback up the middle.

    There is no genius to Norv Turner. You will realize in one or two seasons that EVERYBODY including yourself will expect to know the next play is that Norv is going to call.

    Mark my words, you will know Norv’s offense so well, you’re going to have to realize so does the other team. Norv calls the same plays over and over, and the other team will know what to expect.

  15. The Browns have a great Oline and so Turner will look good for a few years. I’m hoping the Browns can shake up that division a bit. Bit of competition for the two good teams that went to the playoffs.

  16. I don’t know how many people pay attention to these things but the Browns management have basically just rebuilt the last team Cleveland fielded that was successful just with upgrades in skill. Weeden is more accurate than Derek Anderson, Richardson is younger than Jamal Lewis, Gordon is more reliable than Braylon Edwards the O line is completely upgraded and Travis Benjamin is faster than Cribbs. You’ve even got that 07 teams offensive coordinator back as head coach.

    Don’t know why some Cleveland fans have dumped on Joe Banner as at this point the idea seems brilliant. I think it’s safe to say that the Ohio teams will own that division this upcoming season as unlike that 07 team, the Browns actually have a functioning defense that can hold a team under 20 points a game thanks to Tom Heckart.

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