Mike Wallace loves the Dolphins’ “college mentality”


New Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace says arriving in Miami has been like going back to school.

Wallace said the Dolphins have a lot of young guys in the locker room who are enthusiastic and spirited, and that reminds him more of his college days at Ole Miss than his four seasons with the Steelers.

Everybody has a college mentality around here,” Wallace told the Miami Herald. “It’s a lot different than where I came from. Everybody’s hungry. Everybody wants to get better, get to where we need to be — that’s a winning record.”

The Dolphins are obviously enjoying themselves this offseason, with Wallace sounding excited, Ryan Tannehill saying Wallace is the fastest player he’s ever thrown to, and Brian Hartline saying the Dolphins have the best receivers in the division. What remains to be seen is whether that college atmosphere translates to winning NFL games.

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  1. LOL, a winning record. Now wonder why the Steelers kicked your ass out the door. The Steelers go 8-8, .500 and have a whole off-season worth of changes. Why? Because they want a SUPER BOWL TROPHY. Have your winning record, Mike and prove once and for all 60million is WAY, WAY overpaying for ones such as yourself.

  2. The college mentality is wonderful–until you have to play real games against real professionals. Then your rah-rah enthusiasm gets its butt kicked.

    As for Wallace’s “It’s a lot different than where I came from”, well, he’s right. His old team knows how to win a Super Bowl and hasn’t gone 39 years without winning one.

  3. Not really a fan of either team, but given the Steelers’ record of success, I’m not sure Dolphins fans are going like hearing that the difference between their locker room and Pittsburghs is that Miami’s feels like “college”

  4. So will they wear their letter jackets to Foxboro when they play the Patriots?

  5. Love how all the trolls are making fun of what Wallace said about the college atmosphere, yet all their favorite teams are bringing in high prices college coaches and bringing their college offense to the nfl and getting excited about how the option is going to change the game, yet no run first, option qb has or ever will win the sb….but don’t make fun of the trolls team because they get their feelings hurt.

  6. Que disgruntled steeler fan, who has to do a negative comment on every Wallace story. Truth… if his leaving didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t be commenting… pitiful.

    Enthusiam and optimism is the best attitude to have entering the season. Like in all things, it is the first step to achieving high goals, and it sounds like it’s widespread in the locker.

  7. I guess the whole approach of doing your job and winning every season was too hard for poor little Mike in Pittsburgh. Good luck, this team has bust written all over it.

  8. I am SO glad this clown isn’t on the Steelers anymore.

    Here is the difference Mike. In Pittsburgh, we are all grown up, and take this job seriously, because it is just that, A JOB!

    A college atmosphere is fine when you are in college. You are either playing against lesser competition, in which case, you are more loose knowing you are the better team. Or you are the lesser team, and you know it, so that takes the pressure off as well.

    The sad thing is, Mike Wallace now has a goal of a winning record in Miami, while the worst he did in Pittsburgh was a single 8-8 season, and an appearance in the Super Bowl.

    If I was the Dolphins, or a Dolphin fan, I would be FURIOUS at this kind of comment. He basically said that the Steelers are a business, with a singular goal in mind, winning the Super Bowl, and he is gunning for a winning record instead of a goal of 2,000 yards, like he did in Pittsburgh.

    Lower your goals, and you can reach them easier. Great job Mike. SO glad the Steelers didn’t keep you.

  9. I am a Phins fan. Mike Wallace, please stop talking and focus. You are reminding me of Chad Ocho Stinko. Where is he now? He gets his ass thrown out on hard knocks and is now potentially going to jail. Philbin isn’t stupid. Just do your job and the respect you think you have will increase if you help produce wins and TD’s. Get it genius?!!

  10. Not a fan of either team but coming from a locker room a couple years removed from a SB to a locker room that is inexperienced and rebuilding that is not a very smart thing to say. I would take a locker room from a winning organization any day.

    Dolphin fans are sounding like Jets fans two years removed, you don’t win Lombardi’s in May !

  11. The Dolphins are methodically building a pretty good team. You haters will be eating your words in the near future.

  12. There is a lot of talk on this forum about the past. Let’s throw out one past incident. Pittsburgh was willing to pay Wallace $50 mill…and he turned them down. Obviously, they must have liked him. Also, Pittsburgh had a dink and dink offense last year that Big Rapist even said he hated. Not the optimal use of your speedy WR but hey Pittsburgh has won a lot of games lately haven’t they….

  13. Tom Brady is working on his mechanics and Walllace is digging the college atmosphere. What does that tell you about the AFC East?

  14. Honestly, as a Dolphins fan, what makes me feel good about Mike Wallace is that every single article this website writes about Mike Wallace results in a bevy of Steelers fans writing about how much better off they would be without him. Frankly I doubt any team is better off without their #1 and all the whining manifests how much they really will miss him. For the first time in years fans in So Fla. have something to be excited about. I say bring on the hate because you only receive hate when you are relevant. No one hates the Browns…

  15. I’m not a Steeler fan, but man, I found these comments to be weird.

    You go from one of the steadiest, professional, and winning franchises in football to one that’s had issues in the past decade…and you talk about the “college mentality” and “winning”?

    Well, okay…

  16. No one actually called him out by name, but several Steelers players certainly seemed to imply that Wallace was a locker room cancer last year-more concerned with his numbers in a contract year, than wins for the team. Now the guy everyone was pointing at as the as the source of the Steelers locker room division, is talking about how much better things are in Miami? If that’s true, it’s cause he hasn’t started his BS there yet.

  17. Steelers didn’t make the playoffs last year. Maybe they can make it this year.

  18. Tom’s working on his mechanics. I heard he was gambling at the Kentucky Derby.

  19. and all of you idiots that are saying ” thats not a good thing to say”, wallace is just saying that the dolphins are young and hungry, thats all. he didnt say they were dumb or inexperienced, he said they were excited to win. He left a mess of a locker room in pittsburgh, mainly because that piece of garbage big ben isnt trusted by the players. I heard he goes all over town acting like an ass, asking everybody ” dont you know who i am”. pathetic. rapist. loser

  20. Lets put it this way. Miami had a strong defense last year, and by any estimation, it didn’t get worse during the off season. The offense should certainly be a little bit better.

    Last year, they were 2 missed FG’s from 9-7.

    They will be in the post season this year.

  21. Some of you knowalls on here have no clue about the Dolphins, so post your messages somewhere else.
    Talk about reading a lot of rubbish. The Dolphins may end up the best in the AFC East, then you can all move on.

  22. Don’t confuse a team’s togetherness and ability to get along with immature behavior and a party mentality. So far this off season the Dolphins have done everything right and I for one am glad they all seem to get along. Will this translate to a few extra wins this season, only time will tell. In the meantime we can all breathe a sigh of relief that at least for now, things are looking good. At least we’re not the Jets…

  23. That is because they field a College level team! Dolphins wouldn’t go undefeated in the SEC

  24. “Everybody’s hungry.” Translation: Steelers are old, broken down, unmotivated, and just don’t care anymore as evidenced by their pathetic 8-8 season. Hahahaha. I’ve been saying that for years. Now, someone with inside information is saying the exact same thing.

  25. I can’t wait to shut up all the haters. Miami has a such a young team with so much talent it’s going to be great to be a Fin’s fan over the next 10 years .

  26. Miami won’t amount to a 3 day old crusty sun baked dog turd this year. It’s been proven in the NFL you win championships by developing your team through the draft, not go out and throw money at countless free agents.

  27. I project the Dolphins and the Raiders as the next up and coming AFC franchises. Lots of haters right now, but look for them to surprise some folks in a couple years.

  28. getweird4u says:
    May 26, 2013 8:32 PM
    That is because they field a College level team! Dolphins wouldn’t go undefeated in the SEC”

    That’s because, unlike the NFL, the SEC doesn’t have a salary cap and can and does pay players whatever they demand.

  29. gotgamenj says:
    May 26, 2013 8:36 PM
    I can’t wait to shut up all the haters. Miami has a such a young team with so much talent it’s going to be great to be a Fin’s fan over the next 10 years .

    Just like you said last year. Remember? Go back and read your posts in August of 2012. You commented they would win the division. How’d that work out for ya?

  30. ampats says:

    “Dolphin fans are sounding like Jets fans two years removed, you don’t win Lombardi’s in May !”

    You mean the same Jets that went to the AFC conference game while the Patriots watched from the couch (2010 after beating the Patriots in the playoffs)?

    No, Lombardi’s aren’t won in the offseason, but steps are made to defeat those who stand in your way.

    The Pats haven’t won any Lombardi’s in May or any other month for 9 years now, and I doubt it’s going to get any easier.

  31. Why do Patriots fans insist they have the better team when head to head the Dolphins have the better record? Wasn’t it a Patriots coach that said “You are what your record says you are.”

  32. That is a shot at the Steelers. Didn’t he have some really good years there??

    “It’s a lot different than where I came from. Everybody’s hungry. Everybody wants to get better…”

  33. The NFL changes cyclicly.
    Good luck wuth THAT fact Steelers fans.
    My money is on the Fins and I’m NOT a PhinPhan.

  34. I think its great him and the young guys have so much enthusiasim. I like seeing young teams build and all the excitment they bring to the NFL. Its what part of football is about. But, not once did i ever say when wallace was with us that he was great. He always has been and will be a one trick pony. He isnt going to take over a game like a megatron or fitz. The difference between him and desean jackson is even from time to time jackson will cross the middle and go for the catch. Wallace has alligator arms. Hes afraid. And dont disrespect the team that made you. What is he talking about? A winning mentality? Are you kidding? Even ravens fans who wish our team to the pits of hell know that we bring our “A” game every season. And its always about winning. This guy is stupid. Im glad we got rid of him. Good luck fins fans. I dont like wallace but you guys got a good future ahead of you.

  35. If Wallace had stayed. Steelers’ fans would be bragging about having the best receiver in the NFL. Now they’re trashing him like there’s no tomorrow. Wallace just chose a better team. Face it. You’ll see when he smokes the Steelers’ weak secondary this year. Between the Cincinnati games (Harrison) and Miami (Wallace), these ex-Steelers are going to have a field day trampling over these tired old ragamuffins.

  36. The Patriots will pound the rock this year behind the best line in the AFC East and multiple tight-ends. They will pressure every part of the football field with runners and receivers that are play-makers: Gronkowski, Fernandez, Ballard, Ridley, Vereen, Washington, Blount, Amendola, Edelman, Dobson, Bryce, Jones, and others. Their depth will replace any loss, absent Brady. Belichick can take away guys like Wallace (or most #1 threats) on any given game day. Philbin is a smart man and an excellent coach but he is not Belichick and he does not have the Patriots’ depth. The football field is a chess board and Belichick attacks the whole board by using each of his pieces.

  37. Realistically most Miami fans don’t see this team winning more than 8 games bc of a real tough schedule. If they win 9 they have done the best they could. If they spent 60 mill on the offensive line I’d think otherwise. Although jake long needed to go. He was useless the last 3 yrs here with the injuries.

  38. the amount of ignorance that goes into some of the posts on here, its astonishing really at how 1 track minded people are when it comes to football. i am a huge dolphin fan, probably more passionate than most, now im not going to sit here and say with our additions we are now the number 1 contenders and we are going straight to the super bowl, but i will say we are far younger and more talented then we have been in years and its something to be excited about, its not my money so i honestly dont care where they spend it. As for the topic and the lack of intelligence and in-depth thought processes goes “college mentality” in a locker is a great thing to have why, well there is a reason college football is better than pro ball, its simply passion and drive to get to the next level, so for a pro team to have a “college team mentality” is great bc that raises the drive of the players and they are selling out for the team, has nothing to do with beer pong and flip cup, and also has nothing to do with talent level, just bc they have a “college mentality” doesnt mean there skill level decreases to a college level on sundays when playing a “pro team”…some of you should be banned for your dumbass comments. As for steelers fans saying that the steelers “kicked” wallace out or they didnt try to keep him, you cant be serious, wallace turned down a 5 year deal from them last off season…u guys must have forgot. Steelers fans have fun finishing 3rd in your division and missing the playoffs, but you guys do have a lot of talent at WR, so you could afford to lose wallace, im sure Plax and brown are taking you to the bowl!!! As for my dolphins, im expecting some good things(not great) but atleast a step in the right direction, i think we will be in the mix for a wild card, but we will see when it all comes together, we have to survive the first 5 weeks of the season, 3-2 and we are on our way, the pats, are always going to be good as long as Mr. Brady is Qbing for them, hes a great player..but i would like to see him without WRs and Gronk, we will see how far his talent can carry them with a bunch of no name players(rookies cant be considered stars already, so boyce and dobson are nobodys until they become somebody) dola…well he will be hurt before we play them the first time…good luck all, hope your teams stay healthy. FINS UP!!!

  39. For all the Steelers fans claiming Pittsburgh wouldn’t pay Wallace this kind of money is just wrong. They offered him 50+ million and he wanted 60, and I believe he’s worth every penny personally. So Pitt would spend that money and tried.

  40. I go what Mike Wallace was saying, he is young and on a younger team. Have to admit when I read it, I knew the media, including social, would attack his statement relentlessly. He probably should not have referenced his “old” team. LOL

  41. During the time Mike Wallace was with the Steelers I supported him and never had a bad word to say about him. I wasn’t happy with him holding out last season, and like most of Steeler Nation, we all knew he’d be gone after the season. Now that he’s gone, I’ll say it. He not only held out, he turned down a 5-year deal, didn’t learn the play book (regardless that he said he did), and then he pretty much played half-@$$ed most of the season while admitting that he at times lost focus because he wasn’t getting the ball enough. Whine, whine, whine. What a prima donna. If he had had a stellar season last year, I’m sure events would’ve played out differently. He put himself above the team. He possesses an inflated ego and is truly all about the money. (If not, he would’ve accepted the Steelers deal last year. C’mon, everyone on the planet knows how the Steelers FO works!) I don’t wish Mike any ill will, but for him to imply that the Steelers weren’t hungry, well, he can lay that at his own feet. I believe he was a cancer in the locker room. If one person on a team isn’t on board, isn’t all in, isn’t playing as a TEAMMATE, then the whole team suffers. Many factors, not the least of which were injuries, played a roll in the Steelers 8-8 season but Mike Wallace did little to help. Steeler fans are spoiled. We expect far more than 8-8 any season. We expect the playoffs and a Super Bowl every season, however unrealistic that seems. Mike Wallace’s words, to me, hold no weight. He is no longer a Steeler. I wish the Dolphins all the best in their upcoming season, but expect a good old fashioned ass-whooping on December 8. And here’s to Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen intercepting a Wallace pass, and may Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu knock Wallace on his ass. It will be well-deserved.

  42. As a Ravens fan I have no love for the Steelers. But everyone respects them, and the Ravens organization has been successful by trying to emulate their style:

    The three most important things about building a championship team:
    1) The draft
    2) Last year’s draft
    3) Two year’s ago’s draft.

    The fourth most important thing:
    4) Repeat 1-3 above over and over.

    The Steelers (and Ravens) also know that the WORST way to obtain talent is to jump into the first wave of free agency and sign big money guys. They stop producing at that point.

    Free agents are important two-three weeks after the big guys are gone. See the Elvis Dumervil signing.

    Don’t believe me? Name a Raven or a Steeler that has been a big star after signing a FA contract with another team.

    I’ll help you. The last Steeler to go elsewhere and be really good was probably Rod Woodson. The last Raven was Priest Holmes (we had Jamal Lewis.)

    Have fun in May and June! We’ll wave to you from the playoffs in January, as always.

  43. There is a reason you don’t unpack in Pittsburgh. You act a certain way or you do not produce, you will be traded. Culture? Miami still holds parties for being undefeated, not winning a super bowl. As long as the Steelers, Tom Brady, Payton Manning are around, the Dolphins will not be Super Bowl bound….

  44. Most of you are to stupid to understand that the Dolphins have something big going… Though Tannehill was not a Luck, or RGIII, or Wilson, he threw for more yards then RGIII AND Wilson, and went a respectable rookie 7-9 with no receivers, and a horrible line. Not to mention 5 of their 9 loses where by 6 or less…. This all with mediocre talent. I hated Philbin when I first saw him on Hard knocks..but the guy is a the truth. He’s a really good coach.

  45. Sorry…actually only the players who were on that undefeated team pop champagne when the last undefeated is beaten. You should do your research before speaking. And your right, I wouldn’t unpack if I were in Pittsburgh either. Not to many clubs and fans will support you after you rape a woman. Stay Classy Pittsburgh….. O and Payton Manning you say? The greatest REGULAR SEASON QB of all time…whos only Superbowl win came IN MIAMI IN A FREAKING HURRICANE…yea he should thank Miami as well. Your steelers are finished..they had a nice run…you forget that the Ravens and Bengals are the up and comers and you are on a free fall down. Thanks for playing…

  46. tigerlilac says:
    May 27, 2013 8:36 AM
    The Patriots will pound the rock this year behind the best line in the AFC East and multiple tight-ends. They will pressure every part of the football field with runners and receivers that are play-makers: Gronkowski, Fernandez, Ballard, Ridley, Vereen, Washington, Blount, Amendola, Edelman, Dobson, Bryce, Jones,


    Half the guys you mentioned are coming off of injuries and who is Fernandez?

  47. All y’all broken down steelers jets and pats fans go mind UR business and play in your field n don’t bother sniffing our dog shi… Sniff UR own and y’all will make our job easier to cleaning up the mess when we piss all over y’all this year !!! LOL hahahaha

  48. Stupid Conversation to begin with… Steeler fans hate the fact Wallace left Pittsburg to come to a team that’s much younger and frankly has more talent. Dolphins had a great offseason & seems like they are having fun again & meshing as a group. Dolphins are going to be tuff this year! Also to all you Pat’s fans hat all you want Suckers! See you on the field!

  49. Rvnmaniak as a Steeler fan you couldn’t have said it any better, Ravens winning the bowl this year cemented ravens-steelers as the best rivalry in football.

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