Theismann wants to make LeBron a quarterback

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Joe Theismann’s prostate gives him fits.  He thinks LeBron James could do the same to NFL defenses.

According to Chris Thomasson of, Theismann believes LeBron could play quarterback in the NFL.

Not now, but when LeBron is done with playing basketball.  After all, most franchise quarterbacks are on the wrong side of 30, with more than a few north of 35.

“I would love to work him out and also serve as his agent,” Theismann said.  “I’ll go wherever he wants this summer.  He could play another four years in the NBA before seriously trying the NFL. . . .  There are not a lot of 38- or 39-year-old basketball players, but there are 38- and 39-year-old quarterbacks, so there’s always time for him.”

The comments flow from LeBron’s recent musings about whether he could have played quarterback.

“I wouldn’t count him out,” Theismann said.  “He’s the most tremendous physical specimen in all of sports.  I think he’s certainly talented enough.  He’s intelligent.  He’s like the quarterback on the Miami Heat, but there are so many things [to being an NFL quarterback].

“There’s reading defenses. There’s throwing the ball with touch. There’s throwing a spiral in the wind.  Maybe his hands are too big.  The football is a different shape, and a basketball is obviously a lot bigger than a football.”

So why is Theismann willing to help James?  “I need a job,” Theismann said.

Apparently, hawking prostate pills doesn’t pay as much as you’d think.

88 responses to “Theismann wants to make LeBron a quarterback

  1. One of the best passers the NBA has ever seen, but I don’t see him as a QB…Could’ve been an elite WR though.

  2. Theismann is pathetic. Any excuse to get his ego, I mean name out in public.

  3. WR or TE/HB would probably work better…

    Or Ball-Hawking FS, don’t know if he can hit though

  4. Joe, Joe Joe, man I loved your passion for the game. I think you might be talking out o your prostate on this one. Is he RGIIIs future backup?

  5. Dumbest idea I have heard in months

    Lebron whines and cries to the officials when there is the slightest of contact. I can’t imagine him maning up and playing football. He does not have the stones.

  6. I really think LeBron could play football. Don’t think he’d be a starter or anything, but I’d bet he could make a roster if he worked hard at it.

  7. “He’s the most tremendous physical specimen in all of sports.”

    Have to agree here.

    No man who stands 6’8″ 265 lbs should be able to move like that. LeBron looks like he was engineered in a lab.

  8. Maybe Gretzky can be a QB too … he was the best puck passer in hockey.
    What is Joe saying … anyone can play QB?

  9. Joe, shut up. You say so many dumb things, but this is just nuts. The guy is a basketball player, no way he can just walk in and be an NFL QB. Even with your suspect tutelage.

    I think someone sent you some of my Alabama moonshine by mistake.

  10. “Let’s see, make $20 million a year in the NBA or about a million, at most, as NFL quarterback, IF I make the team.”

    Gosh, LeBron sure has a difficult decision on his hands.

  11. There are many NBA players who could play in the NFL. They are great athletes with GREAT size. But why would they want to play football?

  12. Always enjoyed Theismann. One-third (w/ Mike Patrick and Paul Maguire) of the second best broadcast team of all time. Only behind the Gifford, Michaels and Dierdorff MNF gang.

  13. LeBron is a modern day gladiator pampered though by officials and crying for fouls because he is fouled on nearly every drive. If he wanted to play qb he could’ve or golf or tennis, it wouldn’t matter, he is built like no other.

  14. See Lebron take that lil bump from Nate Robinson in the playoffs and fall flat on his back like a drunken prom date? If he can’t take a the physicality of the NBA against a guy who is 5’9″ and a buck eighty, have fun with a d-lineman. Yeah, good luck making him into anything in the NFL.

  15. Well the Skins tried to make a running back a qb last year. Slapped a number 10 on his jersey and said go for it. I mean that plan will fall through this year but sure gibe LeBron a try too.

  16. Fantastic basketball player? Sure. But in order to be a QB in the NFL you gotta have some smarts and believe you me, this guy can barely count to two.

  17. It’s nice to see that the prostate drugs haven’t dulled Joe’s sense of humor. And did he say he needs a job? Are the residuals from those prostate commercials running low?

  18. Did he say that while drunk and trying to kiss Suzy Kolber? Oops, wrong Joe! My bad…

    Still it’s a stupid idea and another way to somehow get his name in the news. If you need a job then go find one!

  19. Now I realize why his prostate is giving him fits…It’s because his head is next to his prostate

  20. Is Theismann trying to show there’s someone in the world with a bigger mancrush on Lebron than Colin Cowherd?

  21. So someone explain this to me… Why did anyone ever listen to this guy anyway???

  22. i don’t know about QB but lebron could dominate at TE. he played HS football and is obviously capable of learning the game based on his basketball acumen.

  23. Go Joe go!! Great qb having a good time, all y’all relax… He didn’t try to kiss Suzy, or text his privates, he’s just talkin’ silly…. Like when you posters call plays on Sundays

  24. thesteelers says:
    May 26, 2013 8:52 PM
    You couldn’t make yourself a QB, why would this idea work?


    Joe T. won a Super Bowl at QB. I guess other than that, he “couldn’t make it.”


  25. “He’s the most tremendous physical specimen in all of sports.”


    I would argue Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson.

  26. Who’s next Joe? The best Madden player?

    As Bugs Bunny would say . . . what a maroon.

  27. zimaman says:
    May 26, 2013 9:00 PM
    Dumbest idea I have heard in months

    Lebron whines and cries to the officials when there is the slightest of contact. I can’t imagine him maning up and playing football. He does not have the stones.


    So you’re saying he could be Tom Brady?

  28. I mean, the idea of it at first glance seems stupid but lets indulge the idea for a second.

    Lebron IS the most tremendous physical specimen in sports, but when he’s in his late 30s he won’t be. He’ll be on the downside of physical peak and who really knows what that will look like.

    Now he just has to learn how to:

    1. Read defenses
    2. Consistently hike and hold on to the football (should be easy right?)
    3. Learn the footwork to be on balance when he throws the ball.
    4. Learn how to properly throw the ball.
    5. Learn how to throw with touch
    6. Wait? Does he even have a decent arm?
    7. Learn what everyone is doing on offense.
    8. Learn his progressions

    …man forget this list. This is just a stupid idea.

  29. Well the Skins tried to make a running back a qb last year. Slapped a number 10 on his jersey and said go for it. I mean that plan will fall through this year but sure gibe LeBron a try too.

    2 1
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    Yeah, the running back just had horrible passing numbers…moron

  30. Easy everyone. Joe has always had a sense of humor. He wasn’t being serious. He does a ton of interviews on local radio, and he always jokes around. He also offers very insightful information on the league, which is what most of you miss. You just hate because his is an ex redskin who led his team to 2 consecutive SB’s. He was a great competitor, and leader during those playoff, and superbowl runs. Like to see him replace Sonny on the redskin broadcasts, and have Doc Walker replace Sam. It’s time for a new team.

  31. If he whines and cries that the Chicago Bulls are too physical, wait until he plays the Chicago Bears. Someone like Lance Briggs would take his head off.

  32. Yeah. Guys like Peyton and Brady have been studying the game their entire lives in order to become an NFL Quarterback, but LeBron could learn it in a weekend in his late 30s. After that he’ll read the dictionary and fly his jet pack to Mars.

  33. I don’t think the Onion could have made it better if this was fake. The original story was that hard to believe.

  34. The first time I ever saw/read a copy of Dr. Strange, I found myself wondering…..”what was Stan Lee smoking before he came up w/this idea?”
    I find myself wondering now….”What was Joe Thiesman smoking, when he came up w/this idea?”

  35. I am so tired of these old qbs. Him joe Namath. Look you were good. But just because you were good doesn’t mean anybody gives a crap about your opinion. And media quit playing into it. !!!!!

  36. Met and talked to Joe several years ago in Miami – told me his dream job would be QB coach. I had the feeling Notre Dame would be his first choice. Gave him my business card and told him I would sell my business and come work for him (free) if he ever got a head coaching job. Still wait for a call!

  37. hitman02000 says:
    May 27, 2013 5:32 AM
    he doesn’t like contact and you can’t flop your way through the NFL…they’ll just hit you harder

     Brady does!

  38. yep, and in this fantasy all star team of Drunkin Joes, Bryce Harper will be the starting tail back and Renaldo will be set out wide.

    Go home Joe. Send LT a thank you card for making you famous, and pour another drink.

  39. When LeBron returns to the Cavs in 2014 the Browns should give him a look at TE. He could wrap up a title with the Cavs then get a late start with the Browns. Imagine bringing titles to the city of Cleveland in two sports. He would be Legendary beyond his dreams.

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