Chiefs take advantage of minimum-salary benefit with Demps

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As the free-agency carousel slows to a crawl, more and more veteran players are signing one-year deals that result in a reduced salary-cap charge.

Last night, we mentioned that receiver Ramses Barden returned to the Giants on a one-year deal that pays $780,000 with a cap charge of $620,000.  Safety Quintin Demps made a similar move in Kansas City.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Demps will receive a one-year salary of $715,000, which will cost only $555,000 under the cap.

The difference between Barden and Demps comes from the signing bonus.  The minimum-salary benefit permits up to $65,000 in bonus money, but the payment counts against the cap along with the reduced salary charge.

Demps entered the NFL with the Eagles, where Chiefs coach Andy Reid ran the show for 14 years.

14 responses to “Chiefs take advantage of minimum-salary benefit with Demps

  1. Demps was the first in an increasingly long line of safeties who couldn’t come close to filling Brian Dawkins’s shoes and has floundered since entering the league.

    Demps is a waste of a roster spot and his addition to the Chiefs roster is more evidence that Andy drinks his own Kool-aid.

    Hey Chiefs fans, mark my words. You have each of the following to look forward to for the next few years:

    – Andy will call an excess of pass plays per game while Jamaal Charles looks on.

    – Andy will burn timeouts in the third quarter of close games.

    – Andy will mismanage the clock in crunch time

    – Andy will fail to make any significant half time adjustments.

    – Andy will turn your team into a finesse operation with undersized, overrated players.

    – Andy will tell your media your team is “fine there” at the position everybody on the planet knows is its weakest.

    – He will also tell your media he’s “got to do a better job there” after every single loss he snatched from the jaws of victory.

    They may win more games this year than they did last year, and you can have lots of fun listening to hte national media tell you how the Chiefs are poised to be competitors thanks to Andy, but in the end, it sure will suck to be you until you get a new coach.

  2. wow. troll much?

    -andy will call an excess of pass plays as Charles looks on—-what seems to be missed is that westbrook easily hit his 230 mark. Charles rushes at 5.5-6 ypc. he will have no issues with yardage at that number, and in fact will see the SAME or MORE touches due to being involved in the pass game ala brian westbrook.

    -andy will burn timeouts- how do you know? andy ran a 4-3 for what? 14 years? hes running a 3-4 in KC. didn’t see that one coming did you?

    -andy will turn your team into a finesse operation blah blah blah….and yet, KC’s draft has them taking Fisher, the nastiest of the 3 tackles available, Kelce, a vicious inline blocker at TE, Davis a powerful 230 pound HB, and going after multiple FB’s, including bruiser Anthony Sherman, giving up 5’9 arenas replaced by physical corners dunta robinson and S.Smith

    -andy will tell you “its fine here”-dude, its coach speak, they all tell us a bunch of BS. who cares.

    new coach? I hate to break it to you man, but andy is a ridiculous upgrade over brian daboll calling plays. Coach Toub is one of the best in the business on special teams. Don’t know about Sutton but he has a lot of experience.

    andy reid, the huge problem you speak of who won’t listen to others due to his ego, also hired childress AND ault simply to get their opinions, as consultants.

    Nice try though.

  3. dear afcdomination:

    Trolling is when we simply call names with no substance to our posts. so, no, I’m not trolling (and I don’t much, either, thanks).

    You ask, at one point “how I know” the things I say above.

    Answer: I watched every single game Andy coached for fourteen years. I should add, that I watched him stubbornly hang on to the very habits I cite for the entirety of his 14 years. There they were in game 1, 1999, and there they were in game 16, 2012.

    Moreover, I watched his influence over the Eagles increase as he gained more power, and as the players he inherited from the previous regime slowly left to be replaced by his acquisitions and draftees.

    And I watched the team take a corresponding nosedive to the laughable “dream team” depths it achieved last year.

    Sorry, dude, I really do feel sorry for you if you have to hang your hopes on coach Andy.

    You make a valiant attempt to make it all better in your post above, but I promise you, time will prove me right.

    All you need to do is look at the disaster he left behind in Philly to see the future of your own team.

    “AFC domination” indeed. You’ll be dominated, for sure.

  4. how do we know? Try 14 years of burning timeouts game in and game out. What does that have to do with what defense he runs? I have watched every minute of every one of Andy Reid’s games in his 14 years, so dont speak on issues you clearly have no idea about. Reid was a good coach for 6 years and he has been terrible for the last 5. That’s fact, not opinion. And this is coming from a guy who liked Andy. He has some major flaws…get used to it.

  5. Brian Dawkins was undoubtedly the most loved player in Eagles history. When he opted to go to Denver (because of contract bungling in the Eagles’ FO), Philly nearly held a day of citywide mourning. Its only natural then that any guy attempting to play in his wake, is going to be thought less of, no matter his actual field performance.

    The Eagles’ faithful are desperate to a fault for a Lombardi, despite the league championships the team won in pre-SB days. Andy failed to win one for them, even though he had good QB’s and decent teams. Not getting the ultimate football prize for Philly, will condemn him in their eyes no matter where he goes or what he does.

    The food purveyors of Philly, will miss him too.

  6. I always liked Reid, here in South Philly.

    but truth is . . In post-2008,
    after Jim had to step-down , Andy was lost and the team wasn’t the same.

  7. @therealtrenches,

    Dude, get counseling, Andy is gone. That much hate is not good for you.
    The fact is you have no clue how Andy will function in KC anymore than you know how Chip will work out in Philly. If you did you would be making tons of money pronosticating on some network or running the numbers in Vegas.

  8. What’s Demps getting paid to do? Bring Eric Berry his pads?

    Demps blows. Not opinion. Fact.

    He could’ve replaced C.C. Brown and he’d be viewed as a bust

  9. Andy’s fault is keeping Marty around honestly, yeah he had some errors in clock management here and there but it wasn’t an every game thing. The real problem is that these so called Philly fans are front runners and they need an outlet to complain about about something, so pick the teams using hate colored glasses.

    Andy had more positive than bad, his bad did get annoying but that’s the nature of the game. The bad is always annoying yet people like therealtrenches blow it out of proportion. They’re exaggerations simply for the sake of doing it because that’s become the culture of those who are vocal in the city.

    We’re talking about the same group of people that said Mike Richards (Hockey, flyers) doesn’t have any heart because he had one off season where he primarily had the flue yet they forget to mention that he stilled played in the games and did the dirty work. Or how they would make sure to take note that Jeff Carter missed a shot even though he was the team’s leading goal scorer having 30+ three straight seasons. A front running vocal minority who actually complained about McNabb smiling too much. And the most hilarious being the “Fire Charlie/Word Series Winner!” Jekyll & Hyde personality they have every time the Phillies win & lose.

    From 2000 to 2010, the majority of the seasons had AT LEAST ten wins, only three times didn’t have ten wins and only twice didn’t make the playoffs. Didn’t win the big one but not every successful team does and that’s a fact, it was a good run.

    I don’t use absolutes but the Chief’s should be in fine hands. Having frustrations on certain things players & coaches do is part of the game for every fan. There’s truth in what is said about Reid in a sea of hyperbole.

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