Greg Little: Everything is downfield in Browns offense

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In Monday’s one-liners, we pointed out Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner talking about how the Browns plan to be an attacking offense this season.

The team’s wide receivers have met that approach with wide smiles. Josh Gordon said defenses will be shocked by how aggressive Cleveland will be throwing the ball down the field and Greg Little is also banging the drum for the team’s deep passing game.

“Everything is downfield, and you get taught pretty quickly that you have to be well-conditioned to play fast and play at a high level,” Little said, via the Browns website. “I just like the way Norv thinks. He calls more post and go routes than I’ve ever run before.”

Little took a big step forward as the 2012 season unfolded, catching 42 passes in the final 11 games and cutting down on his drops significantly to lead the team in receptions for the second straight year. Gordon is expected to step into a bigger role in his second season, but it sounds like there are going to be plenty of passes for everyone to catch in Cleveland next season.

The key phrase is “sounds like” since it is only May and plans can change when confronted with defenses charged with stopping your downfield passes, but there’s definitely no shortage of confidence in Cleveland about the future of the offense.

20 responses to “Greg Little: Everything is downfield in Browns offense

  1. I guess that takes Campbell out of the mix.
    He doesn’t own any good downfield passes.

  2. Oh how the optimism always abounds in Cleveland at this time of year. The trouble is, the game is not played verbally. It’s played physically on the field.
    I hope that “this” is the season that the verbosity is backed up by quality play and more wins. However, with the so-called future QB already turning 30 this season I sure am not taking these words and my money to Vegas.
    The Browns are going to have to put their money where their mouth is.

  3. I’ve never understood the mentality of bad teams throwing three-yard patterns to wide receivers. Perhaps part of why they’re bad is that they only throw checkdowns and three-yard patterns.

    The Browns are coming off years of failure. Throw downfield! Take chances! What’s the worst that can happen–you lose? You’re doing that already!

  4. Everything is downfield because they expect to be playing from behind for a considerable portion of their games …… Its a fact of NFL life …no QB on the current roster is a proven winner… serviceable yes..proven winners no…..Every last one is a stop-gap to something better in the future …including last year’s first round pick (ol’ man Weeden) … Even that troll mazblast figured this one out…

  5. Not a browns fan but they posses a great o line an above average d very big fast wr a potentially great run game and now have an offensive coordinator who will work wonders with weeden. There is gonna be a shift in power in that division people had better not sleep on those Ohio teams

  6. I must be crazy, put Cleveland seemed to me like a pretty decent team last year, overall. Their new “downfield” offensive strategy could easily get them two or three additional wins this year, by my humble estimation.

    Bombs away. I hope it works for them.

  7. They will make the playoffs this season. It may be a wildcard birth ,but Browns fans will take it. A legit Coaching staff nice free agent signings, a solid draft, 2nd and third year players coming into their own, will equal huge improvement in 2013

  8. This is the first time in the history of new coaches being hired that they claimed their new offense or defense will “attack”. Give me a break. “Attacking” the air in minicamp is a lot different then when you have real bullets flying in the fall

  9. Enjoy the basement Cleveland! They have a couple of more years before the playoffs are even in sight.

  10. I’m a Chargers fan, where the NFL goes to learn how to pass the ball…

    Whatever you think of Norv Turner as a head coach, as an offensive coordinator he is – in my eyes – pretty damn good. The Chargers have played fantastic offensive football over the last seven years or so (check the stats): fun to watch, scoring at will and predicated around the deep ball – no West Coat dink and dunk.

    It may not always translate into success but it’s entertaining – and Cleveland fans would surely like to be entertained, after all these years…

    Having said that, you have to have an above average pass-blocking offensive scheme to make the system work (see Philip Rivers 2006-2010) or not (see Philip Rivers 2011-12).

  11. As a Raiders fan, I can definitely vouch for Campbell’s downfield throwing accuracy.

    However, Weeden apparently has a big arm himself, so I think this system is a good fit for both QBs.

  12. If any of you people think that the Browns are going to be good this year are totally kidding yourself. They have been soooooooo HORRIBLE FOR SO LONG that statistically, sooner or later they are bound to be good at some point, 1 year, it will happen, numbers will catch up to you. Just like the Steeler’s beating the Browns for years and years and years, sooner or later the Browns will beat us and it happened, then all Browns fans talk ^%^% because they think they won the superbowl. Calm down out there Cleveland!

  13. It would be a relief to see a receiver downfield, beyond the first down marker, when the ball reaches him. It’s time to put an end to bad play calling and poor execution.

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