Le’Ron McClain says the “sky’s the limit” for Te’o


The Chargers aren’t letting linebacker Manti Te’o talk, but at least the organization isn’t keeping teammates from talking about him.

In an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, McClain praised the rookie second-rounder from Notre Dame.

“The guy came in, and he’s been working since he stepped on the field, stepped in the weight room,” McClain told Alex Marvez and Jim Miller.  “He’s caught everybody’s eye to see that he’s a great player.

“I just think him handling this situation, everything that was down on him, he was still showing faith.  He just wants to play football and be the best player he could be. I don’t even think about the [hoax] no more.”

Most people don’t think about the fake dead girlfriend hoax anymore.  In fact, the fake dead girlfriend hoax became relevant last week because of the team’s misguided decision to shield Te’o from the media.  While they can’t shield him indefinitely, it looks like he’ll be giving folks reason to ask about other topics, like his performance.

“The sky’s the limit for [Te’o],” McClain said. “I’m looking forward to seeing him on Sundays.”

Almost as much as Te’o was looking forward to seeing . . . ah crap, I can’t do it.

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  1. I agree, Te’o is going to be a good one and was drafted way too low. There will be lots of busts that were taken ahead of him. But NFL teams don’t know how to evaluate football talent and character very well.

  2. Ironically, the whole fake girlfriend thing might be helping him focus more intently on being a good football player. Before all of this happened, he might have been focusing on endorsements, rookie hype, etc. As things stand now, Te’o must know that the only way he’s going to get people to fully be cool with him is by proving himself on the field. Also, there has to be considerably less pressure on him in terms of expectations because of him falling in the draft.

  3. I reserve judgement on his pro career, given that he flopped against the most professional team in college in the biggest game of the year.

    Love the last line. Te’o will spend years living this hoax down.

  4. To easy Florio. Like what do you call a bus load of lawyers driving off a cliff to their immediate demise? A good start. To easy.

  5. I have an idea…. how about if we watch him play a few games before he’s crowned Prince of the low draft picks… or anything else.

    The sky is not the limit… until he PROVES on the field of play… that it is.

    I’ll be the first to give him credit if he does well.

    Right now… he is who we thought he was… which is a NEW draft pick who’s never played an NFL snap.

  6. Honestly, I wouldn’t care that much if none of the players talked to the media ever again. I never take away any useful information after one of them speaks to the media. All you ever get out of them is cliches, regurgitated coach-speak, wishful thinking commentary, or crazy talk. They have nothing to say.

  7. Let the past be the past. If Te’o can play he can play.

    Who among us never had an imaginary girlfriend???

  8. I’m still in shock that GM-Tom ‘Terrific’ Telesco traded away a 4th rounder for the LB that got run over 7 times in the ND /AL game. Of course Telesco probably wanted the free media circus that came with him. If he is 1/2 as good as the press clippings, the Chargers have another Ray Lewis.

  9. ddogdaddy says:
    May 27, 2013 6:37 PM
    To easy Florio. Like what do you call a bus load of lawyers driving off a cliff to their immediate demise? A good start. To easy.

    It’s “too easy” not “to easy” ….. Had you done it once, it’s spellcheck, twice….. an SEC education.

  10. He’ll get to the skies fast too because his girlfriend bought him a sweet jet plane to get there…

  11. kd75 says:

    Let the past be the past. If Te’o can play he can play.

    Who among us never had an imaginary girlfriend???

    Jason Collins? Robbie Rogers? Josh Alper? Darin Gantt? MDS?

  12. Before he reaches the sky, shouldn’t he pay to fix the dents his rear made in the turf at the NCG?

  13. Relax, media, it’s not like the Chargers are denying you guys a possible Pulitzer.

    Here’s what you’re missing from Te’o, “I’m here to work, learn from my coaches and veteran teammates, and hopefully put all the controversy in the past and just be known as a football player.”

  14. honestly, I couldnt care less about Teo or the Chargers. I will, on the other hand put some serious thought in to drafting SD defense in the 6th or 7th round. the guy already has more “fantasy” experience then anyone in the league.

  15. I’m not completely sure he’ll be a great LB in the NFL. It should be interesting to see how he holds up, he has a few pretty good rushing teams in his division with Denver and Kansas City so he’ll be tested all season.

  16. It seems that everyone blames Te’o for the Alabama game. What about the NT from Notre Dame that disappeared? What about the other MLB? What about that the two Bama O linemen that went into the draft were both drafted in the first 11 picks in the entire draft? When the ball was hiked, there was no one in front of Te’o except NFL quality Alabama Linemen. there were no Notre Dame players to be seen standing. he at least had the guts to take them on and do the best he could.

  17. The entire team had a poor performance in the NC game. Why does everyone overlook all of the other games? He has played in over 50 games!

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