Norv says Browns will attack


Browns players like Josh Gordon and Greg Little have said in recent days that the team’s new offense will push the ball down the field.

Now, the man who’ll be running the offense has made it clear that the modus operandi will be to take the ball to opposing defenses.

“We’re trying to create a mindset, from an offensive standpoint, that we’re going to go attack,” offensive coordinator Norv Turner recently told the team’s website.  “Coach Chudzinski stood up in front of our team and if he said it once, he said it 25 times in the last seven weeks, ‘We are going to be an attacking team.  We’re going to attack on defense; we’re going to attack on offense; we’re going to attack in the kicking game.’  I want to attack and I want to go, but we’ve got to get good.”

Turner sees the youth of the team’s roster as a benefit.

“We are real young, so that’s a plus,” Turner said.  “When you take a bunch of young guys, you have a chance to improve and improve at a faster rate than when you take over a team with a lot of veteran guys.”

Of course, their quarterback isn’t young, but he’s not experienced.  And while there’s plenty of speculation that the Browns would like to move on sooner than later from 2012 first-rounder Brandon Weeden, Turner gushed about the second-year player.

“I’m excited about Brandon,” Turner said. “When I put on tape, I watch what a guy does real well and then, project it into what we’re going to do.  I see a lot of things that project awfully well.  It’s hard being a young quarterback in this league.  It’s hard being with an inexperienced guy when everyone around you is inexperienced, but I think everything Brandon went through last year will make him better.”

If it doesn’t, they’ll find someone else.  Or they’ll go with one of the guys they already have.

Either way, there’s reason for long-suffering Browns fans to have some hope.  Though the Browns may still keep losing, they’ll at least go down swinging.

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  1. Turner later added “I’m just glad to still have an NFL coaching job, even if it is Cleveland.”

  2. Going down the field often in an aggressive offense can pay some big dividends

    It’s also a high risk offense that results in a lot of INTs

  3. I don’t doubt for one second that they will attack and be aggressive. The only problem is that the majority of possessions will result in interceptions due to poor qb play.

  4. Now this is news! When can any of you remember a Browns coach or coaches making positive statements about the team? Forget Haslam and his woeful handling of his business. I’d bet that Cleveland wouldn’t care if their Dawgs were playing in hand-me-down high school threads, IF they were playing winning football.

    Forget knocking Norv. He proved it in DC, and SD, that he’s no great shakes running the whole team. But I’d bet on him to do a bang-up ,job getting the Brown’s O into shape.

  5. He said it 25 times in seven weeks? Wow. That’s a lot. That’s just over three times a week.

  6. …”there’s reason for long-suffering Browns fans to have some hope. Though the Browns may still keep losing, they’ll at least go down swinging.”

    You nailed it Mike. It’s going to be fun watching this team playing to win rather than playing not to lose. They probably won’t be a playoff team this year, but if our owner can stay out of jail, we’ve got a good start on being there every year after for a long time!

  7. Oh whatever.

    For the past 5 years I’ve watched Norv run cowardly plays. 3rd and 2 at midfield with 4 mins to play? Run up the middle.

    Everybody knows Norv plays not to lose, he doesn’t play to win.

  8. “Now, the man who’ll be running the offense has made it clear that the modus operandi will be to take the ball to opposing defenses.”
    Unfortunately, those opposing defenses will be there waiting to take the ball away.

  9. “Norv says Browns will attack!!”

    “Horton said defense will attack!!”

    Should be an interesting season coming for the Browns. Wishing them all the best!

  10. This is how Norvee will attack run to the left side 1 yds and a run up the middle for 1 yds, 3rd down a pass for 50 yds to know where that why he is called 3 and out Norvee.

  11. The Browns host Miami’s new beefed up pass rush week one. I wonder what Norv will say after the game when someone actually attacks back.

  12. As a Browns fan, I wish these guys would just shut up. It’s just springtime blowhard chatter. It means nothing until they actually play the games. You can be aggressive all you want, but if your QB blows, none of this will matter. I’m sure guys like Babe Laufenberg and Bobby Douglass with cannon arms could chuck it all over the field. Too bad their brains were as dense as cannons, too.

  13. God help me, this is my team. Attacking starts with not dropping the football, a line that opens wholes and Richarson hitting them…c’mon team, don’t embarrass us anymore.

  14. This is like a home owner putting up a “Beware of cat” sign, nobody is afraid

  15. What a refreshing change!

    Anyone who followed the Browns the last few years knows their offensive strategy was to *not* push the ball down the field.

    Norv may have hit on something new and unique here!

    At least for the Browns.

  16. “I want to attack and want to go, but we’ve got to get good”, Coach Chud.

    Haha….great quote. Yeah kinda of have to be good in the NFL.

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